best restaurants in tallinn

7 Of The Best Restaurants In Tallinn

Tallinn is quickly making a name for itself in Europe’s foodie scene and its no wonder why. The cosy medieval town is chockfull of everything from cosy Estonian eateries to swanky fine-dining restaurants. The chefs at these restaurants dedicate their craft to providing delicious, creative and authentic bites to suit every taste. If you are looking for a great spot to eat in Tallinn, start with these. Here are the seven best restaurants in Tallinn.

Best Restaurants In Tallinn

1. Kaks Kokka

Kaks Kokka or ‘Two Chefs’ in English, is a Rotermann Quarter gem. This modern Estonian restaurant is the place to be to enjoy traditional Estonian food with a contemporary twist. Order the salted elk and be sure to ask for extra bread. The rye is some of the softest and most delicious in the city.

best restaurants in tallinn

2. Juur

Housed in an old factory in √úlemiste City you’ll find one of the best eateries in Tallinn – Juur. At Juur they are all about sustainable Nordic cuisine made from quality local ingredients. Serving some of the freshest fish in the city, you can’t go wrong with any of their seafood dishes. We recommend the cured whitefish with horseradish.

best restaurants in tallinn

3. Rae Meierei

Rae Meierei is an Old Town fave known for its creative menu items such as deer stroganoff, duck pate and smoked rabbit dishes. Be sure to start with one of their halloumi appetizers for a cheesy treat and don’t skimp on their beer. In addition to an excellent menu lineup, the atmosphere can’t be beat.

best restaurants in tallinn

4. Rataskaevu 16

Feast on old school Estonian classics like fried herring, elk roasts and wild boar at this Tallinn jewel. At Rataskaevu 16, they are all about traditional recipes, five-star service and a warm, homey atmosphere. We recommend starting with the Baltic herring fillets followed by their creamy carrot soup and elk roast. Follow that up with a blue-cheese cake made with sea buckthorn for dessert.

best restaurants in tallinn

5. One Sixty

If it’s deliciously tender smoked meats and hoppy brews that you’re after, this is the place to be. At One Sixty, they pull out all the stops on authentic saucy barbecue, making it the perfect place for a meat feast. Treat yourself to their fall off the bone ribs and order a few pints.

best restaurants in tallinn

6. Tchaikovsky

This incredible eatery named for the late and great composer has won multiple Silver Spoon Awards and is constantly topping lists for best restaurants in Tallinn. Tchaikovsky is 100% worth the splurge with its incredible fusions of French and Russian cuisines. Curious eaters will love the delicacies such as venison tartar and sturgeon with oxtail confit.

best restaurants in tallinn

7. Von Krahli Aed

Ideally located next to Von Krahli Theatre, Von Krahl Aed is the perfect spot for an indulgent dinner before a show. Take your pick from their classic Estonian dishes like comforting venison stew with loads of dense rye bread. While you’re at it, order some pints of their local draft beer, too.

best restaurants in tallinn

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