Tex Mex restaurants San Antonio

7 Of The Best Tex-Mex Restaurants In San Antonio

Whether you’re a local or a tourist heading the capital of Tex-Mex, be sure to check out these seven Tex-Mex restaurants in San Antonio.

San Antonio is the beating heart of Tex-Mex cuisine. For centuries San Antonio has perfectly blended authentic Mexican and Texan influences to create a genre of its own. And we are so grateful for it! Where would we be without burritos, flour tortillas and loads of yellow cheese? All of which are distinctive traits of Tex-Mex food.

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1. Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia

For 75 years Mi Tierra has been serving up some of the best Tex-Mex dishes in the state. Get your fill of fajitas, margaritas and so much more at this downtown San Antonio favourite.

2. Panchito’s

This local tex-max joint is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Take your pick from any of their delicious breakfast tacos, deliciously saucy enchiladas or perfectly sizzled fajitas. Or do like us and order all three. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy. delicious meal at Panchito’s.

3. Tito’s

When most Texans hear ‘Tito’s’ they immediately think of Austin’s vodka. However, Tito’s is also a killer Tex-Mex restaurant in San Antonio. Clink a few margaritas and chow down on some unforgettable enchiladas at this Alamo St. staple.

4. Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine

At Paloma Blanca, they get Tex-Mex and Mexican food right. They offer a variety of dishes ranging from authentic Mexican plates along with their Tex-Mex counterparts. You can’t leave with trying their legendary chile xiqueno and nachos.

5. La Fonda On Main

Just outside downtown, you’ll find a favourite among tourists and locals alike. La Fonda on Main is the cities oldest Mexican restaurant which means they’ve had ample time to perfect all the best dishes. You can’t go wrong with anything on their menu, and the atmosphere is perfect. Don’t forget to enjoy a few margaritas on their shaded patio.

Tex Mex restaurants San Antonio

6. Casa Rio

In addition to legendary enchiladas and regular mariachi performers, Casa Rio was the very first business to open on the River. You simply can’t beat the location and atmosphere that’s found here. Don’t miss a chance to chow down on some of the cities most delicious Tex-Mex food in a historic location.
Tex Mex restaurants San Antonio

7. Mya’s Tex Mex Cafe

Cosy, understated and authentic are just a few words to describe Mya’s Tex Mex Cafe. Take your pick from their famous huevos rancheros or enchilada taco. (it’s a thing!) At Mya’s you’ll never leave hungry or disappointed.

Tex Mex restaurants San Antonio

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