The 7 Best Wine Bars In Berlin

Berlin might be one of the beer capitals of Germany, but it’s also a hotspot for some of the country’s best wine bars. And, seeing as Germany is home to some of the world’s most coveted wines, it makes sense that the capital city is brimming with delightful places to sample the famous fare.

While any wine connoisseur will recommend that you absolutely sample a Reisling while you’re in Germany, the best wine bars in Berlin offer a wide variety of other options ranging from earthy, oaky reds to sweet whites. Simply put, the city has it all, even if you’re new to the vino scene in Berlin.

German wine is delightful and unique, and if you’re visiting the country, then make plans to stop off at any one of the seven best wine bars in Berlin. You won’t regret it, but you may go home with a couple of extra bottles in your suitcase.

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Back before wine bars were really a thing in Berlin, CORDO entered the scene and started to really change the way Germans view wein bars. This trendy hotspot has crafted the perfect ambience, fusing quality German and Austrian wines with some of the tastiest elevated bar food you’ll ever try. If you’re interested in sampling some of the finest wines in the country, this is the place to do so.

Best Wine Bars in Berlin

2. Weinbar Rutz

Weinbar Rutz was once voted as having the most impressive wine list in the entire country. And, with over 900 bottles to choose from, it’s easy to see why. Not only does this quaint, cosy bar offer quite the variety, but the chef once earned a Michelin star. So, expect fantastic wine paired with absolutely delectable food. We suggest going all in and making a reservation for their 10-course tasting menu in order to enjoy the full food and wine combo experience.

Berlin Wine Bars

3. Facciola

While it’s definitely recommended to indulge in German wine while you’re visiting Berlin, Facciola is one of the city’s top Italian wine bars. The owner is incredibly knowledgeable and has worked to create a truly inclusive environment for guests. Sample some fine Italian wine as you munch on charcuterie and scrumptious cheeses. You’ll love it all so much that you’ll surely stay for more than just a glass or two.

Berlin's Best Wine Bars

4. Vin Aqua Vin

Vin Aqua Vin exudes true wine cave vibes typical of other wine bars you might find in areas of Western Europe. And, honestly, it’s so cosy that it’s easy to see why locals and travellers alike think it’s one of the best wine bars in Berlin. From the mouthwatering bistro food to the unique wine offered, you’ll undoubtedly find something you like here. Make sure to check out the local schnapps while you’re here. It’s well worth a sample.

5. Baden im Wein

Baden im Wein is perhaps one of the trendiest wine bars in Berlin, offering up a unique and totally Instagrammable space in which to sip on some of Germany’s most delectable wines. On top of a super trendy space, numerous visitors have noted that the staff here is extremely helpful. Walk up to the bar, tell them what kind of flavours you’re into and they’ll recommend something you’re likely to enjoy.

Where to Drink German Wine in Berlin

6. Sorsi e Morsi

The decor of Sorsi e Morsi is the perfect mix of vintage charm and new world elegance. This wine bar feels as though it was a 1930s gentleman’s club but without all of the stuffiness. On the weekends, the bar can get quite busy as it fills up with locals looking to sample a taste of what they’ve got on rotation. Expect nothing but the finest, all served with little nibbles that’ll keep you full enough to keep ordering more.

7. Noble Rot

On Noble Rot’s website, they describe themselves as a wine chamber and that somehow seems to suit this place perfectly. It’s equal parts mystical and cosy while also feeling warm, inviting, and trendy. Come here with friends or on a romantic date and enjoy sampling any of the wines from their impressive near six-page wine list. If you’re not sure what to order just ask the staff and they’ll be happy to make a delicious suggestion.

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