The 7 Best Wine Bars in Bucharest

The 7 Best Wine Bars In Bucharest

While Italy is home to Tuscan vineyards and California might be famous for its Napa Valley, Romania is actually one of the world’s leading wine-producing countries. The geographical layout of the country ensures that the land is primed for producing wine. And, you’ll find a variety of delicious local grapes here too.

So, when you’re looking for the best wine bars in Bucharest, it means that you’ll find more than a few. And, they’ll all be stocked with some impressive, high-quality local wines that rival any wine you’d taste in Tuscany or Napa Valley.

Ready to indulge in the wine culture of Romania? Check out our picks for the seven best wine bars in Bucharest. Order wine by the glass or opt for a whole bottle as you’re definitely going to want to take some back home with you.

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1. Abel’s Wine Bar

Abel’s offers a delightful selection of wine in a super cosy atmosphere. Enjoy quiet, candlelit tables as you sip from a variety of different wines, ranging from local Romanian bottles to delectable imported labels from places like Italy and Chile.

Best Wine Bars in Bucharest

2. Industry Wine Bar

At Industry Wine Bar, you’ll get the chance to sample some of the finest Romanian wine. And, while they serve international bottles as well, we suggest you stick with the delightful Romanian options. Ask the owners for recommendations and they’ll be happy to help you find something to suit your tastes.

Bucharest Wine Bars

3. 15A

Boasting perhaps one of the most impressive menus of Romanian wine in the city, it’s easy to see why even the locals view 15A as one of the best wine bars in Bucharest. Along with serving a high-quality selection of wines, the locale itself is super cosy and eclectic. This is the kind of place that makes it easy to spend the entire evening sipping on sumptuous glasses of wine as you enjoy the company of friends.

4. 1000 de Chipuri

If variety and an evening of elegance are what you’re after, then 1000 de Chipuri is the absolute best place for you. Currently, you’ll find nearly 500 bottles from over 20 different countries all over the world, all stacked high along the walls and tucked away in secret alcoves. Pair your wine with some of their finest cheeses and relax in the quiet, tranquil atmosphere.

5. Marvin Wine Shop

At Marvin Wine Shop, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best wine bars in Bucharest. Upon entering, you’ll find a delightful fusion of passion, soul, art, and friendship, all through the vessel of wine. The staff work to create a truly inviting atmosphere in which to showcase a seemingly endless list of quality Romanian wines.

6. Dianei 4

Dianei 4 is actually one of the best cafes in Bucharest. And, it’s also one of the most Instagrammable spots in the city. While it’s not technically a full-on wine bar, they serve some of the finest wine you’ll find roaming around Bucharest. Head here to enjoy specialty wine by the bottle, or stick with glasses from places like Spain, France, and of course, Romania. They frequently hold wine tasting events, which is a great way to explore the local culture.

7. Corks Cozy Bar

We’ve saved one of the bests for last, as Corks Crazy Bar is by far one of the best wine bars in Bucharest. It’s modern, trendy, and cosy. Strung fairy lights hang above the lush green terrace. It’s there where locals and travellers alike gather to enjoy wines from all over the world. Their food menu is scrumptious and worth a look. And, while their wine list is Romanin-heavy, you’ll find bottles from places like Moldova, Greece, and even Austria.

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