Best Cat Cafes in Tokyo

The 7 Cutest Cat Cafes In Tokyo

If being surrounded by furry, fluffy, adorable little creatures sounds like a wonderful time to you, then you can’t miss out on the chance to visit some of the best cat cafes in Tokyo. You’ll be able to enjoy delicious drinks as cute cats warm your hands and your heart.

Not sure where to go in order to check out the best cat cafes in Tokyo? We’ve got you covered. The cat cafes on this list all feature tasty drinks, quality vibes, and some of the cutest cats you’ll ever meet…at least in Japan.

Stretch your fingers and warm up your baby voice as you’re able to pet, cuddle with, and love on hundreds of cute cats. Follow along with us as we explore the seven best cat cafes in Tokyo.

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1. Temari No Ouchi

Temari No Ouchi is one of the most creative, unique cat cafes in Tokyo. This trendy cat village resembles Hobbiton, which adds to the unique charm of the cafe in general. Uniformed staff walks around and wiggles toys for the cats to get them to interact with guests, but it’s rarely needed. Best of all, the cats here are fairly friendly.

Cutest Cat Cafes in Tokyo

2. Cat Cafe Mocha Lounge

Similar to Temari No Ouchi, Cat Cafe Mocha Lounge is designed to feel a bit like a green forest, with numerous different little alcoves to enjoy playing with one of their furry friends. Along with offering one of the cleanest facilities, Mocha Lounge is home to quite a few cats. So, if you happen to visit during nap time, there’ll surely be one or two eager to play with you in return for pets.

Best Cat Cafes in Tokyo

3. Cat Cafe Cateriam

Numerous travellers have noted just how friendly and playful the cats at the Cateriam are. The locale itself is more home-like than anything else, offering guests space to get down on the floor and actually interact with the cats. Grab a cosy blanket and entice one to sit in your lap. Just be careful, because as soon as a cat chooses you, you’re never going to want to leave.

4. Cat Cafe Calico

The well-crafted coffee drinks at Cat Cafe Calico in Shinjuku are nothing to balk at, but it’s hard to deny the fact that guests visit time and time again for the quality of the fluffy friends that call this place home. This two-floor cafe is filled with over 50 different cats to cuddle and play with, meaning that there’s definitely at least one who’ll be interested in your vibes. However, if they’re not feeling you (as cats usually aren’t), simply buy treats from the front counter.

Image: Bucket List Journey

5. Neko JaLaLa

Head over to the eccentric Akihabara district to experience one of the cutest cat cafes in Tokyo. While it’s not one of the largest cat cafes in the city, it’s home to one of the most unique varieties of breeds in Tokyo. Here, you’ll get the chance to play with breeds such as the majestic Main Coons or even Abyssinians.

6. Cafe 299

The actual name for this cafe is Neko no Iru Kyukeijo 299, which translates to “rest spot where there are cats.” And, that’s exactly what you’ll find in this manga-filled cat cafe in Tokyo. It’s perhaps one of the largest and most relaxing cat cafes in the city, filled with countless little spots to relax in an oversized armchair as you “psh-psh” numerous cats to come sit with you.

Image: Tokyoing

7. Curl Up Cafe

Curly haired cats are just the cutest, and if you don’t agree then you’ll want to spend the afternoon loving on the dozen of cats that call this cafe home. The cats here are mostly part of the LaPerm breed, which means they’ve got adorable cute fur. Seats are comfy and just the right size to curl up into a with a cat or two…or three.

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