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Chicago Restaurant is Serving a $350 PB&J Sandwich

Would you pay $350 for a PB&J sandwich? That’s how much a restaurant in Chicago is charging for their deluxe ‘Golden Goose’ sandwich. PB&J — which stands for Pizza, Beer, and Jukebox – the West Loop region made headlines with their swanky sandwich.

Let’s be very clear that this is not the standard peanut butter and jelly sandwich you remember as a kid.

PB&J in Chicago is Offering an Eye-Watering $350 PB&J Sandwich

You have to order the sandwich at least one day in advance (and probably alert your bank). As we said, this is no ordinary loaf o’ bread… The pricey peanut butter creation is entire loaf of toasted bread made with edible gold leaf and layered with Maison Dutriez Red Currant Jam; the most expensive jam in the world, de-seeded by hand with goose quills. It’s about $25 per 100gm jar.

It’s then slathered with Adams All-Natural peanut butter (a bargain at just $5 a jar) and to finish, a drizzle of Manuka Honey, an ingredient native to New Zealand. And as much as we hate to admit it, it looks delicious…

How could you resist this?

PB&J Chicago

PB&J also has plenty of affordable options on the menu, so don’t worry.

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