Chicken Wings In Georgia

The 25 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Georgia

Chicken wings are one of the simplest culinary treats, especially in America. What is a delightful dish often found at bars or even served as an appetizer can be one of the tastiest things you’ll ever eat if you’re travelling through somewhere like Georgia.

You’ll find that although the state’s famous for everything from ribs and BBQ straight through to grits and some great pizzas, the chicken wings here are second to none.

Fried to perfection and smothered in some great sauces, you’re going to crave Georgia chicken wings long after the last bite. Here’s where to find the best wings in the entire state.

Best Chicken Wings In GeorgiaHow do these rankings work?

1. Rudyboo’s Buffalo Café – Covington

Rudyboo’s is no stranger to accolades for their world-famous wings. They’ve won numerous awards for Best Wings in the area and they also have daily-changing wing specials featuring a variety of sauces. As they put it, “there’s nothing more satisfying than delicious, freshly made buffalo wings.” Their rich, zesty sauces are absolutely mindblowing.

2. 520 Wings – Savannah

Sure, 520 Wings offers more on their menu than just wonderful wings. However, their wings are where it’s at, and we’re not the only ones who think so. They were voted as the best chicken wing restaurant in Savannah. They’re cooked to perfection, perfectly crispy and juicy. Then, they’re smothered in your sauce of choice. Sweet Bourbon, Honey Mustard, Hot Garlic Parmesan, and so many more flavours await you here.

3. Wing Factory – Atlanta

There are four Wing Factory spots to choose from in the state and that can only be a good thing because as soon as you sink your teeth into these beauties your taste buds are going to absolutely explode.  Their sauces are especially wholesome and tasty. From simple house-made buffalo sauces to some creative mash-ups, any wings lover is going to fall even deeper in love with chicken wings here.

4. Blazers Hot Wings – Commerce

You’d be hard-pressed to find a customer here who doesn’t rave about the quality of service and the flavour of the delectable wings. This is easily one of the best spots in the state for mouthwatering Georgia chicken wings. And, they serve them in quite a variety of flavours. From Lemon Pepper and Sweet & Sour straight through to hotter varieties like Rajin Cajun and TNT, you’ll definitely find something you love.

5. Rutledge Wings – Rutledge

Southern-style wings are the specialty at this Rutledge chicken wing joint. What’s so special about the wings here is that the sauces for the are made by each family member. It’s about as hometown as it gets, and that’s part of what makes them all so wonderfully flavourful. Try the classic BBQ sauce as it’s one of the favourites. But then again, they’re all pretty great.

6. G Town Wings & Fish – Atlanta

Not in the mood for little bar wings? Head to G Town Wings & Fish to treat yourself to tasty whole wings. Mix and match with some tasty, sauce-covered wings that you can devour in a few bites as you enjoy grazing your way through whole chicken wings that have enough flavour and meat to leave you dreaming about them long after the last bite.

7. Prime Wings – Norcross

Prime Wings is famous for its multiple flavours of chicken wings, meaning that if you’re a fan of choice and lots of it, this is definitely the Georgia chicken wings spot for you. Expect all of the traditional flavours you know and love. But, it’s truly the juicy chicken that really seals the deal here. The balance between juicy and crispy yet still loaded with full flavour.

8. Bone Lick Southern Kitchen – Atlanta

Bone Lick Southern Kitchen has been described as a “funky” spot with a laidback vibe where you can order everything from smoked pork to BBQ classic and definitely chicken wings. Stop by for brunch to indulge in some of the city’s best shrimp cocktails and grits. Then, treat yourself to their smoked out wings. They’re smoked then double dipped in some fantastic sauces.

9. Georgia South Barbeque – Barnesville

Guests have called the wings here “finger-lickin’ delicious,” and that sounds about right. They’re full of country flavours specific to Georgia. In short, you can’t find wings like this anywhere else in the Southern United States. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays they serve wings for just 50 cents apiece. When they’re this tasty, that’s a real steal.

10. A Town Wings – Atlanta

The wings here are always cooked fresh to order, meaning that they come out piping hot and packed with flavour. Whether they’re tossed in sauce or are simply fried to perfection, these are, without a doubt, some of the best wings in Atlanta. The Lemon Pepper wings, for example, are to die for.

11. Whoa Wings – McDonough

Whoa Wings is your go-to stop for everything fast and flavourful. From Philly steaks and gyros to burgers and some of the world’s finest wings, you’ll find it all here. With over 20 flavours to choose from, you’ve definitely got lots of choices, too. The Powder Ranch is creative and full of unique flavours while the Honey BBQ and Honey Hot are a definite must-try while you’re there.

12. Hotlanta Wings – Riverdale

Guests can’t stop raving about the Lemon Pepper wings at Hotlanta Wings. They love ’em served along with some crinkle-cut fries and delicious buttermilk ranch sauce. Dip ’em, smother ’em, or create a full-on combo of flavours in your mouth. It doesn’t matter how you eat the wings here, they’re absolutely some of the best Georgia chicken wings you’ll ever sink your teeth into.

13. Mr P J’s Buffalo Wings – Douglasville

At Mr P J’s Buffalo Wings, expect nothing short of fantastic flavours and lots of great vibes. This hometown tavern is a great place to go and meet some locals during your travels. While you’re there, treat yourself to an array of chicken wings tasty chicken wings. They’ve got both boneless and buffalo wings, all in some pretty tantalising flavours.

14, Jack’s Pizza & Wings – Atlanta

Jacks’s is Atlanta’s best spot for pizza, wings, and other fast dishes. However, don’t let the term “fast” fool you. They might serve up dishes at rapid speed, but they never compromise on quality. Wings are always delightfully juicy and dripping with both sauce and flavour.

15. Crave Burgers and Wings – Woodstock

You’ll be craving anything you order from Crave long after the last bite. Both the burgers and the wings here are absolutely dripping with flavour. Build your own burger or stick with the wings. We suggest visiting once for each culinary treat. Make sure to get the wings with the special Carolina Crave sauce. We couldn’t find it on any other menu on this list.

16. Tailgate Sports Bar & Grill – Savannah

As the name suggests, this is a sports-centric neighbourhood bar serving up lots of great bar bites and fantastic food choices. This is great news for those who simply can’t devour some tasty chicken wings without washing it all down with one of the tastiest ice-cold beers in the region. They serve their chicken wings naked or breaded, dry and wet.

17. K & J Wings & More – Locust Grove

A combo meal here can come with som delectable sides, fresh, zesty wings and a nice huge glass of Southern sweet tea. It doesn’t get much better than this. Fried rice is a huge hit here, so if you’re feeling extra hungry, be sure to indulge in some fried rice on the side with your wings. It’s the perfect mixture of flavours for any hungry traveller.

Chicken Wings In Georgia

18. Atlanta’s Best Wings – Atlanta

It’s all in the name here. Atlanta’s Best Wings serves up, well, some of Atlanta’s best wings. Their Mild Lemon Pepper wings are a big hit amongst the locals, but truly anything you order here is going to blow your mind and tantalise your taste buds. You’re absolutely going to want seconds of anything you order.

Chicken Wings In Georgia

19. Buffalo House Cafe – Lilburn

On top of serving some of the best chicken wings in Georgia, you’ll find that Buffalo House Cafe is home to quite the tasty variety of beers. From IPAs all the way through to a traditional Dos Equis, you’ll be able to wash your mouthwatering wings down with something cold. Order the boneless wings or get them with the bones in,  then choose your choice of sauce. They’re all pretty fantastic.

Chicken Wings In Georgia

20. Savannah Taphouse – Savannah

Savannah Taphouse offers hungry guests a huge selection of beer, an upscale sports bar atmosphere, and a menu that will blow you away. The highlight of their menu? Easily the chicken wings, which come both wet and dry. Their dry rubs are especially tantalising, with flavours such as Old Bay, Lemon Pepper, or Jerk. Jerk chicken in the heart of Georgia? It tastes as if it’s just come straight from Jamaica.

21. The Original J.R. Crickets – Atlanta

As this place likes to put it, “chicken is chicken but wings are the thing.” And, they’re totally right. This spot has been voted as having the best wings in Georgia numerous times. It’s all about the buffalo wings here, but you can get them truly any way you want.

Chicken Wings In Georgia

22. Malson’s Barbeque – Kingsland

Down-home Southern barbecue is the specialty at Malson’s Barbeque. Expect nothing short of full Southern flavours, from their ribs to their brisket and absolutely their chicken wings. This no-frills spot serves up some full chicken wings. You know, the big ones full of juicy, tender meat and tons of flavour. There’s no way you’re leaving this place hungry.

Chicken Wings In Georgia

23. Southern Soul Barbeque – St. Simons

Oak-smoked meats ensure that you can smell the deliciousness of this former gas station from miles away. Here, they know how to do BBQ the right way, and it’s so delightfully Southern that you simply can’t pass up the chance to taste. Wings are smoked just like their other meats, yielding a unique flavour that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Chicken Wings In Georgia

24. Wings in a Basket – Scottsdale

Take your tastebuds on an unforgettable journey at Wings in a Basket. They serve, well, wings in a basket. But, that’s not all. They’re well-known across the entire state of Georgia for offering a variety of exotic flavours, such as Cajun, Ranch Dance, Honey BBQ and the ever-classic Lemon Pepper. Our expert advice? Try them all at least once.

Chicken Wings In Georgia

25. The Wing Bar – Atlanta

The Wing Bar is a mecca of flavour for anybody who absolutely loves wings. Saucy wings get served here by the dozen, and they offer numerous mouthwatering sauces to choose from. Old Bay, Cayenne, Hot Honey, BBQ, and Agave BBQ are only the beginning of a long list of flavours. You’re going to want to try them all.

Chicken Wings In Georgia

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