Chicken Wings In Tennessee

The 25 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Tennessee

Famous for its Nashville fried chicken, Memphis BBQ and overall deliciously Southern eats, you can be sure that the chicken wings in Tennessee blow all others out of the water. From rustic bars, lively sports pubs and barbecue shacks to trendy bistros, here’s our picks of best wings in the state.

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1. Germantown Pub – Nashville

This pub’s got it all. Wings, burgers, and shots! Located on Monroe Street, the pub’s the place to be at if you’re hitting up with your old pals and just wanna have a good time. Unlike your workplace, Monday’s a special day here. From game day beer pitchers to shot specials, this pub will make you miss Mondays rather than hate them.

Germantown Pub Chicken Wings In USA

2. Cozy Corner BBQ – Memphis

If you’re looking for some good old American steaks and ribs, Cozy Corner, Memphis is your place. The meat is served with all the hot sauces you’d want with your steaks. Spaghetti, sandwiches, wings, and fries – the list goes on. These guys know their steaks and cook ‘em well-done! Order the wings on the side for a proper feast.

Memphis Chicken Wings

3. Wings Xpress – Knoxville

These guys are known for their delicious chicken wings all over Knoxville. Their wings are crisped for your delight and served with a sauce of your choice. They have all the chicken wing deals you can think of. Served with hushpuppies, fries, and coleslaw, Wings Xpress makes sure you have a blast with your friends at their joint.

4. Knock Out Wings – Nashville

These folks give you one of the best deals on chicken wings in the entire city. Bacon, chicken tenders, all served with cheese made with Knock Out’s special recipe. These guys take their wings seriously. You have to try Lewis, Tyson and the mighty Ali. Your tastebuds will be knocked out with their delicious taste.

5. Big Kahuna Wings – Knoxville

Maybe size does matter? Big Kahuna Wings will serve you very large chicken wings – the sight of which alone shall diminish your hunger. And if that wasn’t enough, their sauce is one of the spiciest in all of Knoxville. So if you’re looking to have a meal full of chicken-wing delight, Big Kahuna Wings is your place.

6. Mr. P’s Buffalo Wings Hacks Cross – Memphis

Mr. P’s are all the talk over here in Memphis. These folks will cook you the crunchiest of wings and serve them to your table in a platter. The sight of those crispy wings placed neatly on a big china will make all chicken lovers drool. Cooked with their special sauce, the wings taste a whole lot better.

7. Martin’s BBQ Joint – Nashville

Martin’s BBQ Joint will serve you the whole hog. Located all over the country, these people will cook the meanest burgers, steaks and the crispiest wings to make your lunch worthwhile. Martin’s also takes pre-orders so you can just call them up and tell ‘em to cook up a hog so you waste no time in having a delicious BBQ.

8. Hillbilly’s Wing Shack – Adamsville

Wings, wings and more wings! If you like your wings made with different sauces at the same time, the folks here at Hillbilly’s will take care of just that. Making chicken wings with different sauces is kind of their specialty. Served with dip-sauce, these wings will make you full in just a couple of bites.

9. Slow Burn Hot Chicken – Madison

As the name suggests, the wings are slowly heated just up to the point where they taste just like a chicken wing should! The wings at Slow Burn Hot Chicken make sure their customers get a unique taste with every bite. These people cook their wings at different heats so you don’t get bored when you’re halfway through your order.

10. Smokin Thighs – Nashville

The chicken is so good here. Smokin Thighs’ specials include “Thighs in a Pile”, “Loaded Chicken Nachos” and the “Flying Hawaiian”. These people aren’t just good at naming their orders, they are pretty good making sure you keep coming back to have more of their wings. If you’re looking to have a fun time having wings and drinks, Smokin Thighs’ got your back.

11. Chattanooga Wing Factory – Chattanooga

The Chattanooga Wing Factory is a special place. These high-fi folks know their way around your tastebuds and make the meanest wings and burgers. The factory is famous for serving wings with just the right amount of dipping sauce that leaves you wanting more. They also serve desserts and side orders that are just as good.

12. Ghot Wingz – Nashville

There are some of us who can’t get enough of chicken wings. That’s where Ghot Wingz comes in. They have all the order sizes of delicious chicken wings you can possibly think of. From single person servings to deals for the entire family – Ghot Wingz can get your wings, pork chops and fried fish – all served fresh and hot.

13. West Alley BBQ and Smokehouse – Jackson

The Smokehouse – as they call it – is a place for wings, steak, and beer. These West Alley guys can cook up the meanest steak and crisp up some hot wings for you to enjoy with your pals. Their cold beer and a variety of sauces will make you feel right where you belong if you’re hungry for some BBQ and wings.

14. 55 South – Franklin

The chefs at Franklin don’t just cook meals, they design an entire meal experience. From serving you with the best appetisers, they make sure that you’re just the right amount of hungry to appreciate the delicacy of their wings and delicious sandwiches. Order their desserts to finish the meal off to pure perfection..

15. 18 Wayz Wingz & Thingz – Memphis

Don’t waste your money, taste your money! That’s what these folks are all about. If you’re the kind of person that understands that spicy is the new delicious, then 18 Wayz Wingz and Thingz is your place. Turkey legs, chicken wings, burgers, and shakes – you can pretty much get any fried bird here.

16. Pepperfire Hot Chicken – Nashville

Pepperfire Hot Chicken really knows how to fry chicken! These folks serve chicken in all sizes – quarter breasts, 6 wings, 12 wings, and even whole chickens! Order their chicken with side-orders like red-potato salad, baked beans, and fried okra to make your lunch a meal to remember.

17. Blue Moose Burgers & Wings – Pigeon Forge

The people at Blue Moose aren’t your average chicken wing joint. They have chefs that make wings, burgers and fries served with beer and dipping sauce that compliments everything. They have chicken wings and burger platters on their menu for your entire group of friends so you can enjoy a bit of everything.

18. Edz Wings – Fayetteville

Edz Wings really know how to entertain a chicken wing lover… These folks fry up some mean wings. They have a special technique in which the wings are crisped in spice that makes each bite spicier than the last. Take our advice and don’t forget to order a cold beer to wash all the spicy chicken down with.

Chicken Wings In Tennessee

19. Wings Town – Chattanooga

For tasty wings in Chattanooga, this place will never, ever let you down. They’ve got deals for almost everything chicken. Served with their special sauce, the wings here at Wings Town know they’ve been cooked the very best. Every bite is its own story and every finger-lick its own delight.

Chicken Wings In Tennessee

20. Brother Z’s Wang Shack – Nashville

Brother Z’s chicken wings have a chicken wing specialty. Their chicken wing shack was designed to understand what makes chicken wings so delicious. Served with their own hot and dipping sauces, the joint is the place to go if you’re looking for something unique and delicious.

Chicken Wings In Tennessee

21. Craven Wings – Seymour

Crispy, crunchy and spicy – that’s all the words needed to describe the deliciousness that is their chicken wings. If you’re a chicken-wing lover, the place is no less than heaven because they’ve got wings in every spice.

Chicken Wings In Tennessee

22. Bosses – Memphis

The folks here at Bosses serve wings just as good as they make them. Wrapped in clean napkins, the wings are served with a surrounding aroma of spice and deliciousness. Fries, coleslaw and several BBQ specials are their main game.

Chicken Wings In Tennessee

23. The Flaming Rooster – Chattanooga

The chicken here is really a‘flmain. The chefs here are famous for cooking one of the hottest chicken wings in all of Chattanooga. They serve chicken-lovers of all types of hunger with their one-person and family chicken wing deals. If you’re looking for some hot wings with just the right amount of spice, then the Framing Rooster is your place.

Chicken Wings In Tennessee

24. Firecracker Hot Chicken – Old Hickory

The joint knows how to cook chicken. If you’re a spice-lover, this joint has your back. The chicken is served hot and spicy with their special sauce and dippings. Order their chicken with beer, and you’ll have yourself a meal to remember. Best wings in Tennessee? They’re up there!

Chicken Wings In Tennessee

25. Helen’s Hot Chicken – Murfreesboro

If spice is somebody’s game – they’re it. They serve chicken lovers with varying degrees of choice for spice. The flavors include Plain, Mild, Hot and Hella Hot. You’d love their chicken served with fries, potato salads, and pickles. If you’re down with chicken that is both spicy and tender, go on down to Helen’s and have a blast.

Chicken Wings In Tennessee

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