7 Places To Go For A Chinese New Year Getaway In Asia

With the Lunar New Year soon approaching (January 25th), it’s the perfect time to escape for a relaxing Chinese New Year getaway. It’s a four-day weekend, so it’s a great chance to visit somewhere and ring in the new year in style.

Whether you need a break from celebrating with relatives or are an expat in Asia looking to get out of the city (everywhere will be closed!), these places are just a short flight away… Sun, sea and sand await.

Where To Go For A Chinese New Year Getaway

1. Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

Koh Rong Samloem is a small tropical island in the Gulf of Siam, with picture perfect white sand beaches fringed by palm and casaurina trees. It’s still a peaceful destination that has a laidback vibe and is relatively untouched.

A highlight here is the amazing bio-luminescent plankton that makes the warm waters glow and sparkle at night.

best islands in Asia

2. Palawan, Philippines

El Nido is a cluster of 45 islands just off the tip of Palawan, which is famous for its Secret Lagoon. Swim through a hole in the limestone rocks to enter a hidden bay with crystal clear water and soft sand.

It feels untouched, with white sandy beaches and tropical jungle. As soon as you step foot onto here you’ll instantly agree it’s one of the best places for a Chinese New Year getaway.

3. Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is a stunning island that attracts tourists from all over the world with its warm weather, pristine beaches and friendly locals. One trip here and you’ll easily fall in love with the place. Whether you’re after some party vibes or simply want to spend a week chilling on a private beach, you’ll find it here.

4. Kyoto, Japan

While beaches aren’t the first thing that spring to mind when you think of Japan, but go to Amanohashidate, a beautiful pine-covered sandbar is a little jewel in northern Kyoto. Its name roughly translates to “bridge in heaven”.


5. Côn So’n, Vietnam

Côn Sơn, also known as Côn Lôn, is the largest island on a 16-island archipelago. Visitors can stay at the luxurious Six Senses Resort: it’s just a 45-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City but a world away from the everyday.

The golden sand and blue sapphire sea makes it one of the best islands in Vietnam for a relaxing break.

best islands in Asia

6. Rawa Island, Malaysia

There’s very few places quite as beautiful as Rawa Island in Malaysia. Take a dip in the warm waters of the South China Sea. Enjoy the green scenery. Snorkel along the natural coral reef just metres from the shore.

It’s an easy drive and boat trip from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, with a stay at the private island resort on the island essential for visiting. Rawa island boasts 100% coral cover and its house reef is naturally shallow, so it’s perfect for easy dives.

7. Hoi An, Vietnam

The captivating lanterns in Hoi An and its UNESCO old town and rich yellow walls will make for a memorable few days during your travels, while local markets and fishing boats add even more magic. Just outside the town you’ll find rice fields, sandy beaches and organic herb and vegetable farms, so you can really enjoy a countryside escape.

hoi an vietnam

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