Columbus ribs

The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Columbus

Allow us to guess: you’re famished, and your stomach is crying out – in fact, aching – for the kind of perfectly-cooked, tender-to-the-touch ribs that can only be found in Columbus. You know the kind – too good to look at and as tempting as sin.

You know what to do, of course: read through our list of some of the best places for the finest ribs in Columbus, grab your besties, and run over to the BBQ joints before they close!


The Best Ribs in Columbus, OhioHow do these rankings work?

1. Smoked On High BBQ

Smoked On High has been bringing world-class barbecue to the central Ohio region for half a decade, and has built up a loyal following. You can always expect the same taste each time you visit – downright delicious and perfectly tender. Their pork ribs are a must-order,  with a rich charring and meat that falls off the bone.

Columbus ribs

2. Hickory House Restaurant

The Hickory House is a one-stop spot for incredible steak and some of the best ribs you’ll find in Ohio. Starting with tender and juicy two-pound baby back ribs, they add on a seven-spice rib rub, slow cook them until falling off the bone and then slather on their original Bar-B-Que sauce, made from scratch.

3. Ray Ray’s Hog Pit Clintonville

The ribs here have the juiciest, most succulent meat you could ever imagine, which when combined with their special homemade sauces is just an absolute delight. You only think you’ve eaten good BBQ until you step through the doors here.

Traditional and original sauces — sweet and savory, jalapeño to habanero — are always on the side, letting the authentic smokey flavour shine through as it should.

Columbus ribs

4. Smokehouse Brewing Company

Smokehouse Brewing Company brings people together over warm flavours of slow-smoked meats, delicious sides made from scratch, and a bustling craft beer bar. They serve up plenty of creative barbecue dishes, with both baby back ribs and St. Louis-style spare ribs on the menu.

The meat is super succulent and literally will drop off the bone as you pick them up.

Columbus ribs

5. City Barbeque and Catering

City Barbecue wins countless awards for its competition-level barbecue, slow smoking their meat on-site over hickory wood for a subtle flavour. They serve up St. Louis–cut pork ribs, referring to them as “bite off the bone,” rather than “fall off the bone.” This is the high standard that you’ll see in bbq competitions. So, it makes sense to come here for the real deal.

Columbus ribs

6. B & K Smoke House

They truly know how to cook their meat to perfection at this small-but-mighty bbq joint. Their quality service just makes the BBQ-eating experience all the more enjoyable. Try their ribs smothered in the house special sweet sauce with a side of collard greens, green beans, and freshly baked cornbread – you won’t be disappointed!

Columbus ribs

7. Hoggy’s Restaurant

Hoggy’s Restaurant is known for its outstanding slow-smoked barbecue meats, homemade side dishes and uncompromising commitment to service. The perfect BBQ combo!

You will feel at home as soon as you walk in the door and quickly be planning your next visit for yet another order of their ribs. An epic feast awaits.

Columbus ribs

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