The 7 Best Pizzas In Columbus

The 7 Best Pizzas In Columbus

Ah, Ohio, you feed us well. The Columbus pizza scene ranges from greasy-yet-gourmet slices to authentic wood-fired pies that you would happily eat every weekend.

This is one city where carb lovers will be safe and sound. To make sure you’re spending less time researching and more time feasting, we’ve rounded up the very best Columbus pizzas.

Dig into these delicious pies…

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1. Yellow Brick Pizza

Yellow Brick Pizza does hand-tossed, overflowing pies that always hit the spot.

Build your own if you’re feeling creative or try their special Chicago Stuffed Pizza. That’s mountains of mozzarella & provolone melted between two layers of delicious pizza dough and topped with chunky red sauce, romano, parmesan & oregano.

Yellow Brick Pizza in Columbus

2. Harvest Bar + Kitchen

Harvest Bar does deliciously gourmet wood-fired pizzas, working with local farms to source the best local and all-natural ingredients available. You can get super creative with your pizza here. Choose a chipotle spiked tomato base or truffled mushroom as a topping.

Not only is their pizza droolworthy, we really rate their burger as well.

Harvest Bar + Kitchen Pizzeria

3. Adriatico’s

This old school NYC-style pizza is a campus staple of Ohio State, and has been a classic pizzeria for university students for almost 40 years. The deep dish is pretty magical – it can feed even the hungriest of appetites.

Mix ‘n’ match the toppings and don’t forget the side of ranch.

Adriatico’s in Columbus

4. Figlio

Figlio are pioneers in the wood-fired pizza game in Ohio, making their pies from scratch with delicious ingredients and traditional dough. The crusts are perfectly chewy with just the right amount of charring.

Can’t choose? Get the Pistachios with Vermont Goat Cheese: goat cheese, asparagus, red pepper, pistachios and local honey.

Figlio Pizzeria in Columbus

5. JT’s Pizza & Pub

JT’s Pizza & Pub is a laid-back sports bar that also happens to have a keen focus on tasty food made with great ingredients. Feast on hefty calzones or a regular pizza, which you can choose your own crust. Go for garlic crust, parmesan or sesame seed – they’re all delicious.

JT’s Pizza & Pub

6. Mikey’s Late Night Slice

This cult pizza joint is known for its huuuge foldable slices and cheesy pies.

Chow down on breadsticks, specialty pizzas, and a Build-Your-Own option. Quirky names include the PMS (pepperoni, mushroom and sausage) and One Charming MotherF-ing Pig (extra pepperoni and extra bacon).

Mikey’s Late Night Slice Pizzeria

7. Rubino’s Pizza

Rubino’s Pizza is about as old school as it can get – their Brooklyn-style pies are big, square and have a deliciously thick crust. Pies are smothered in cheese with speciality toppings including artichoke hearts and feta cheese.

And don’t worry if you’re trying to be healthy – there’s a cauliflower base option.

Rubino's Pizza in Colunbus

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