Covid-19 Supply Chain Issues on Restaurants

How Covid-19 Supply Chain Issues Will Affect Restaurant Menus

This is an excerpt from Big 7 Media‘s 100-page report on The Future of the Restaurant Industry in 2020. 

This detailed report provides current operational guidance and insight into emerging hospitality trends for 2020-21. We investigate the trends that are impacting the industry, both currently and in the future. You will learn: how to increase sales, current and future trends, supply chain issues and more.

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The Future of the Restaurant Industry in 2020

Impact of Covid-19 Supply Chain Issues on Restaurants

For the restaurant industry, the Covid-19 food supply trends highlight an opportunity to connect with local suppliers for food produce. As many restaurants swerve to a pop-up grocery store or plan for actual reopening, it would be beneficial to do so with a ‘local goods’ focus. We’re also seeing producers and restaurants join together to provide meals for frontline workers and vulnerable communities. In many cases, they are backed by government funding that allows some rehiring of staff and finance to purchase produce. 

Blacksheep Restaurants recommend that this is the time to leverage good relationships with vendors.

The restaurant group committed to a year of purchasing with their vendors to try and ensure consistent supply. If you are a smaller operator, it is important to have an open dialogue with your suppliers. Keep in touch with them to help stay on top of ingredient availability and to communicate the quantities you need or substitutes that can be offered. 

Secondly, plan ahead. Demanding ingredients on short notice is no longer feasible, says Blacksheep; many vendors may need time to source or allot the necessary produce. Finally, remain flexible with the ingredients in your dishes, and think about substitutes in case you run low or they are unavailable for an order cycle.

When menu planning, restaurants also need to be aware of the financial impact of Covid-19, not only with their own finances but also of their customers. Nearly half of US consumers say that money is tighter due to the pandemic. When it comes to saving money, they will buy restaurant food less often (38%), choose fewer expensive restaurants (22%) and select a smaller amount of expensive menu items (19%). Over half of customers say they will have a set budget when visiting a restaurant after Covid-19, so plan your order supplies cleverly, with a focus on good value menu items……

Big 7 Media Report: The Future of the Restaurant Industry in 2020 – Download Here

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Restaurant Industry Overview
  • Covid-19: Steps & Barriers to Reopening
  • Produce Supply Chain: Impact on Menu Model
  • Key Trends & Developments in Restaurant Sectors
  • Food Delivery Trends & Technology
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Beverage Trends within the Restaurant Industry
  • Looking to 2021 – The Future
  • Endnotes
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