The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Cape Town

From casual beach bars to trendy pubs, Cape Town is no stranger to cool places where you can kick back and enjoy a few cold ones. However, this South African city is beginning to boom as more and more craft beer bars fill the streets.

Planning on visiting South Africa’s trendiest city? You’ll definitely want to make sure you plan on hitting up at least one of the best craft beer bars in Cape Town. At these trendy spots, craft beer from all over the world flows from the taps, offering a range of flavours to suit any taste.

From the hoppiest of hops straight through to the dark, creamy stouts, here’s where to find the seven best craft beer bars in Cape Town. Cheers to a great evening.

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1. Banana Jam Cafe

At what was easily voted as one of the trendiest little bars in all of Cape Town, Banana Jam Cafe is likely the most vibrant craft beer bar we’ve ever come across. Home to its very own little rum shack, this Caribbean restaurant also specialises in quality craft beer. While famous for serving the tasty Afro Caribbean brand, you’ll find that their list of craft beers extends to include IPAs, ales, lagers, and even specialty beers with names like Cocoa Psycho.

Best Craft Beer Bars in Cape Town

2. Jack Black’s Brewing Co.

Jack Black’s Brewing Company was founded in 2007 by a couple looking to revolutionise the craft beer scene in Cape Town and that’s exactly what they’ve done. In their taproom, they serve their own award-winning craft beer and delicious food while also running brewery tours and beer tastings. Their focus is on flavour, and it truly shows. Try their famous Pre-Prohibition style lager for a unique taste you won’t find anywhere else.

Craft Beer Breweries Cape Town

3. Beerhouse

Fancy visiting the home of the biggest mix of beers on the African continent? Head to Beerhouse, easily one of the best craft beer bars in Cape Town (although you’ll find locations in Johannesburg and Pretoria as well). Serving over 25 craft beers on tap and 99 different varieties of imported and local beers in bottles, you’ll never be strapped for choice here. Their menu is expertly organised to allow guests to focus on flavour, but honestly, you’re going to want to try every single beer on the menu at least once.

Where to Get Craft Beer in Cape Town

4. Devil’s Peak Taproom

Long at the forefront of South Africa’s craft beer scene, Devil’s Peak is located at the famous Devil’s Peak mountain. Serving up stellar views and tasty brews, the entire experience at Devil’s Peak is superb from beginning to end. If you’re looking to sample some of the finest local craft brews, then there’s no better place in Cape Town than Devil’s Peak. It’s a cultural experience full of flavour, fun, and tasty food. Best put this on your 2020 travel bucket list now.

Cape Town Craft Beer

5. Urban Brewing Co.

Craft in a different class is the motto here, and boy does Urban Brewing Co. deliver on that promise. This boutique, independent brewery and taproom serves up scrumptious craft brews with an attitude. Here, you can sample such tasty craft beers as the famous “Judas Peak,” South Africa’s first Kölsch style Ale. Or, go for the darker, creamier “Dungeons, Imperial Stout Ale and UrbanFest.”

6. Jerry’s Burger Bar

Okay, so we know this one isn’t technically a craft beer bar. But, they serve some of the best craft beer in Cape Town. So, naturally, they deserve a spot on any list about craft brews. On top of serving some of the most delicious craft burgers in Cape Town, you’ll find at least nine different craft beers on tap. Ranging from a smoked porter to the famous CBC Amber Weiss, there’s something here for every taste.

7. Brewer’s Co-Op

The bright, vibrant exterior of Brewer’s Co-Op is sure to attract many thirsty travellers. Upon entering Brewer’s Co-Op, you’ll be welcomed into a trendy, inviting space where you’ll find 16 craft beers on tap, all from multiple craft breweries. With 16 different shareholders working together under one roof, the communal concept of this craft beer bar and brewery is something intriguing and delightful.

Breweries Craft Beer Cape Town

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