The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is known by travellers and backpackers all over the world as a tranquil hub full of mountainous landscapes, elaborate Buddhist temples, and quality meditation retreats. However, you’ll also find that some of the best craft beer bars in Thailand are in Chiang Mai.

This Northern Thailand town is home to plenty of things to do, but at the end of a long day exploring all of the wonderful temples and tucked away treasures the city has to offer, we suggest sampling some of the best craft beer bars in Chiang Mai.

Not sure where to go? Here are seven of the best craft beer bars in Chiang Mai to get you started. Cheers!

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1. Namton’s House

At what’s perhaps one of the trendiest craft beer bars in Chiang Mai, Namton’s House is home to a wonderful array of quality craft beers and super laidback vibes. What stands out about Namton’s House is their wonderful craft beer list, which includes plenty of international and Thai craft beers to choose from. If you can’t decide on just one, try ordering the flight. It comes with four different craft beers of varying styles and tastes.

Best Craft Beer Bars Chiang Mai

2. Beer Lab

If choice is what you’re after, then you can’t beat the craft beer selection at Beer Lab, which sometimes reaches over 200 different kinds of beers. Here, they pour from a nice rotating selection of 15 different craft beers on tap. And, they offer a variety of bottles, hundreds of them in fact. The bar itself is trendy and a bit upscale, at least for a craft beer bar in Chiang Mai. However, you’re paying for quality, and quality is certainly what you get.

Chiang Mai Craft Beer

3. My Beer Friend

You’ll find My Beer Friend tucked away on Soi 9 in Nimman, a super trendy area of Chiang Mai. Despite being located under a hostel, the bar is chic, serving up super moody vibes that totally fit the atmosphere. This is the place to go if you’re looking to try local craft beer from Chiang Mai, as they serve their own house-brewed crafts to thirsty travellers all over the world.

Best Craft Beer Bars Chiang Mai

4. Beer Terminals

While the location might be a little unassuming, this craft beer bar is inside of the Central Festival shopping mall, the quality is second to none. Beer Terminals is by far one of the best craft beer bars in Chiang Mai, both in terms of tasty beers and truly superb vibes. The beers here are heavily Belgian fare, but they all pair nicely with the bar snacks, which include delicious smoked sausages.

5. Beer Walk In

If you find yourself exploring Chiang Mai’s Old Town, make sure you pencil in enough time to stop off at Beer Walk In, one of the coolest craft beer bars in the city. On Saturdays, they host bands who play live music for eager visitors looking to sample some of the 35 different craft beers they’ve got. Their menu is equally as impressive as their beer list, with dishes from both Thailand and Western cuisines.

7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Chiang Mai

6. Renegade Craft Beers & Billiards

New to Chiang Mai? You’ll want to familiarise yourself with Renegade Craft Beer & Billiards, one of the coolest sports bars in the city. From American, Australian, and European beers to Japanese and Thai crafts, they’ve got something here for every taste. This place is home to ten draft ales and IPAs on top of 300 different bottles to choose from, including a tasty, creamy coconut ale. You’ll definitely be heading back to sample more and more bottles here.

7. Craffity

While this craft beer bar in Chiang Mai might only be home to six taps, their strong point lies in their impressive bottle offerings. You’ll find that the craft beer bottles at Craffity cater mostly to local Thai beers. That alone makes this place a great choice for those looking to explore the Thai craft beer scene.

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