The best craft beer in manchester pubs

The 7 Best Bars For Craft Beer In Manchester

When it comes to craft beer in Manchester, the good news is that you are seriously spoilt for choice. Whether you’re after a big night out on the town or just a quiet drink on the way home, there’s something on this list for everybody.

We took to the streets and scoured the best bars in Manchester to find the best places for craft beer. You’ll be delighted to learn that the craft revolution has been taking the city by storm.

So, grab a couple of friends, make your plans for the evening and get stuck into some of the best craft beer in Manchester

1. Port Street Beer House

It’s a place where local beer enthusiasts gather to meet and enjoy a few rounds of some of the best craft beer in the city.

They offer a selection of hand-pulled ales from some of the UK’s most forward-thinking brewers but also serve lots of quality crafts on tap. Once you discover the place you will quickly become a regular.

Craft beer in Manchester

2. The Pilcrow Pub

A contemporary pub that pours fantastic modern and seasonal beers, amongst many other drinks from crafted cocktails to wine.

With 17 rotating beers on tap, there’s more than enough flavours to choose from. From fresh IPAs to a tasty blueberry cheesecake stout, they are known for really pushing the boat out and helping you discover new flavours.

The best craft beer in manchester

3. Seven Brothers Brewery

More than just a mere pub, Seven Brothers Brewery serves as one of the most world-class breweries in Manchester.  From a blood orange puree IPA straight through to a sweet Wolf Alice lager, there’s not much that they don’t serve here. If you’re looking for quite the variety on top of quality taste, then definitely check out this craft beer brewery.

4. Café Beermoth

This award-winning craft beer bar is situated in the relaxing Spring Gardens. There, you’ll find an array of incredible beers in a wide variety of styles, ranging from the hoppiest of ales straight through to the dark and sour Jolly Pumpkin specials. Their beer list is almost too extensive to make sense of, so it’s best you head there yourself and start to sample all of their delicious craft beers.

The best craft beer in manchester pubs

5. The Marble Arch

Hazy IPAs practically rain from the rafters at The Marble Arch, by far one of the best places for craft beer in Manchester. They serve up guest beers on top of their own craft beers. But, locals love the place for the relaxing atmosphere. Head here to enjoy some of the most finely-crafted drinks in the city.

6. Pie & Ale

You’ll find that Pie & Ale is spread over two spacious rooms and a large outdoor area, meaning that there’s more than enough space to spread out and relax while enjoying a tasty craft beer. Make sure to order your perfectly-crafted specialty beer with one of their pies. They pair together perfectly.

7. The Smithfield Market Tavern

From a great craft beer selection to wonderfully laidback and hometown vibes, The Smithfield Market Tavern is exactly where you want to be on a Friday night. The lads over at Blackjack Brewery run the place. So, the tavern plays host to their own range of Blackjack beers while also rolling specials from far and wide.

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