Manchester Chicken wings

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Manchester

Manchester chicken wings are one of the best things to eat in the city, with more tha  several great restaurants set up by enterprising foodie entrepreneurs.

With so many wings to choose from though, we want to narrow it down to the very best. The ones that you simply cannot afford to miss when visiting this great city.

All that remains for you to do is to grab a few friends and pair these Manchester chicken wings with some cold beers…

Best Chicken Wings in ManchesterHow do these rankings work?

1. Yard & Coop

This restaurant focused on taking the fried chicken experience to a whole new level with their inventiveness and super creative menu.

Great tunes, super cocktails and some quality craft beers make this a place where you will quickly become a regular. The chicken itself is the real star of the show – your only problem will be deciding which tasty option to go for.

2. Cane & Grain

The rib joint and tap room on the ground floor is a relaxed hangout and a nod towards the 80s skate scene. While they might shout loudest about their amazing ribs, it is the chicken wings that should command your attention. Full of flavour and perfectly crisp they are a great meal in and of themselves.

The bar serves a large selection of bourbon, craft beer and cocktails that will keep you here long into the night.

3. El Capo

Every Wednesday El Capo offers up their 50p chicken wings, slathered with in a lime & tequila sauce and it really draws the crowds in.

The marinade is what makes them so succulent and juicy. The perfect place for a couple of beers with your friends over wings after work to help get through hump day.

4. Solita NQ

Solita NQ are known for their absolutely over the top cheat meals and big burgers, but the wings are every bit as good.

Coated with a dry rub, they are huge on flavour and have lots of juicy meat on the bone that you will be picking at to ensure you get ever single ounce.

5. Bunny Jacksons

They call themselves the “home of the 10p wing”, which is when they have them on as a special. We suggest you keep an eye out and head straight down here as soon as you see the offer!

Lots of great sauces and rubs to choose, from along with some superb craft beers. Pretty much everything you want in life.

6. Mowgli Street Food

They are best known for their wonderfully colourful and tasty Indian Street food. While there are so many wonderful dishes to choose from, their sticky wings are beyond good.

Be warned: you will need plenty of napkins and a nice cold beer is mandatory to go along with these wings. An absolute world-class experience.

Manchester Chicken wings

7. Red’s True Barbecue

This is one of the best known restaurants in the city, and while most people think about their burgers or ribs the chicken wings are not to be sniffed at.

They have a seriously spicy edge to them so the blue cheese and celery is the perfect match. An absolute taste sensation.

Manchester Chicken wings

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