Czech Dishes

7 Czech Dishes You Have To Try

With rustic and wholesome cooking that relies on great produce, these Czech dishes will have you absolutely drooling. You might not be able to travel there right now, but you can experience some culinary treats from this Eastern European country in the comfort of you own home.

The recipes are from the world’s top food bloggers. They’ve taken some of the classics and put their own unique stamp on the dishes! Make sure you bookmark the blogs and check out their other recipes as they are all superb.

Time to invite some friends or family over and to get busy in the kitchen cooking up a feast…

The Best Czech Dishes

1. Sweet and Sour One-Pot Green Lentils

This one-pot dish is delicious, easy to make and highly nutritious. The sweet and sour flavor of the green lentils is perfectly balanced thanks to vinegar, onion, salt and black pepper.

Recipe created by Michal.

2. Bábovka

Bàbovka is a traditional Czech vanilla and chocolate cake baked in a bundt pan. This cake is enriched with eggs making a beautifully tender coffee cake.

Recipe created by Jenny.

3. Czech Apple Strudel

Apple strudel is a traditional Czech pastry that dates back to the late 15th century in Czech and Austrian archives. It’s a very popular dessert in Czech cuisine.

Recipe created by Jennifer.

4. Cottage Cheese Kolaches

These Czech pastries featuring a sweet yeast dough, creamy filling and crumb topping are one of the tastiest and most delicious treats imaginable.

Recipe created by Alison.

5. Pork Knuckle With Dark Beer

This is a perfect recipe for the winter months, as it is wholesome and will feed a group of family or friends. The meat will fall off the bone once cooked.

Recipe created by Red Number ONE

Czech Dishes

6. Kulajda – Sour Dill Soup

Just like the dill sauce in the region, although this soup has none of that sweetness – made without sugar it’s just a little tart. An acquired but wonderful taste.

Recipe created by Pussycat.

Czech Dishes

7. Pernik – Czech Spice Cake

This simple traditional spice cake is baked almost in all Czech families. It uses a special mixture of spices which can remind you of Christmas as this mixture contains coriander, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, mace, pimento, anise, fennel and orange zest.

Recipe created by Irena.

Czech Dishes

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