7 of the Most Beautiful Castles to Visit in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s incredible gothic architecture and rich, medieval history has lent it a brilliant landscape of castles, fortresses and citadels just dying to be explored. Whether you’re a nature lover or history buff, these beauties have it all. From the ruined to the pristine, these are the most beautiful castles to visit in the Czech Republic.


7 of the Most Beautiful Castles to Visit in the Czech Republic


1. Kost Castle

Nestled in the thick woods of the Cesky Raj region you’ll find the Kost Castle. The first stone was laid in the 14th century and in the 700 years since then, it has managed to retain pretty much all of its original charm. Not only that, but it’s also the best-preserved Gothic castle in the country. Be sure to carve out some time to explore the White Tower and medieval torture chamber.

beautiful castles czech republic

2. Hluboka Castle

Dating to around the 13th century and listed as a National Cultural Monument, Hluboka Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic and it isn’t hard to see why. Modelled after the English Castle of Windsor and loaded with neo-gothic flare, the castle is complete with 140 ornate rooms and 11 towers and bastions, all of which are framed by a perfectly manicured garden.

3. Karlstejn Castle

Just 30 kilometres from Prague you’ll find the ever-enchanting Karlstejn Castle. Built in 1348 as a hiding place for the crown jewels of Charles IV, this place is the epitome of a Czech gothic masterpiece. Whether you scope out the ancient well plunging more than 100 metres deep or stroll the dazzling halls, it’s easy to see why Karlstejn Castle is one of Czech’s best.

4. Krivoklat Castle

Tucked away in the dense forests of Krivoklatsko you’ll find a castle entirely in a world of its own, the Krivoklat Castle. Dating all the way back to the 12th century, it’s been reinvented by various royals since then to make for a unique hodgepodge of style within. In fact, in the nearly 900 years, it’s gone from a temporary prison to now a museum and tourist destination. From the elaborate Gothic chapel to the endless array of rare paintings and breathtaking interior, there’s certainly a lot to love.

5. Rabi Castle

Built over 600 years ago and holding the title for the largest ruins in Bohemia, Rabi Castle has seen a lot. This beautifully dishevelled castle is perched on a massive hill in the foothills of Sumava just off the River Otava. In its nearly 650 years, it has witnessed some of Bohemia’s most turbulent eras in history. Despite it being in ruins, it is still one of the Czech Republic’s most beautiful castle destinations and is worth carving out some time for.

beautiful castles czech republic

6. Lednice Castle

Lednice Castle is located on the outskirts of the Czech Republic’s second-largest park in a village of the same name. Dating to the 13th century and refurbished in neo-gothic style, the castle grounds are simply marvellous. Onsite you’ll find a Venetian fountain, Chinese pavilion, Roman aqueduct and even a minaret. You could easily spend a day solely exploring the manicured gardens dotted with sculptures and fountains.


7. Bezdez Castle

Perched high on a hill in Northern Bohemia’s Liberec, Bezdez Castle is simply breathtaking. Not only that, but it has served as one of the most important Czech castles for hundreds of years. It’s famous for its early gothic style, which, unlike so many others, has never been altered. Thanks to this, Bezdez provides a window into what medieval life really was like for the noble-folk of the region. From its hilltop location surrounded by breathtaking vistas to the incredible history within, you really can’t go wrong.

beautiful castles czech republic

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