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7 Bucket List Foods To Eat In Dallas

This Texas city has one of the most diverse and exciting culinary scenes in the USA today, so we wanted to share the ultimate Dallas bucket list for foodies. The dishes that are so good you simply have to try every single one of them when you visit.

They may not be the best for the diet or the gym routine, but sometimes you just have to let your hair down.

So grab a couple of friends and start working your way through the Dallas bucket list for foodies. Prepare to drool…

Best Things to Eat in Dallas

1. Ribs at Baby Back Shak

At Baby Back Shak, they smoke up some great BBQ in general but their ribs are on a whole new level. And, they’re served with tangy potato salad, fresh coleslaw or the Shak’s very own Memphis style BBQ baked beans.

One thing is certain and that is you won’t be leaving here feeling hungry anyway. They say the secret is their rub, in which they marinate all their meat. It’s been in the family for years, so you know they’ve had time to perfect it.

2. Doughnuts at Jarams Donuts

The donuts at Jarams are so well-crafted that they almost taste as if they belong in a fine dining establishment as part of the dessert menu. Enjoy artisanal donuts here that are all handcrafted to preserve quality and taste.

Their menu is quite varied, as they offer the regular Average Joe donuts and Special Donuts such as creme brulee and maple bacon. However, their croissant donuts are a must if you’ve got the room for them.

3. Pizza at Cane Rosso

Cane Rosso serves the most authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas in Texas and now has three locations across Dallas.

The key is the quality of the ingredients handmade dough rolled daily, mozzarella made in-house and toppings that are to die for. Once you taste their pizzas you might not ever be able to have any other slice again and be truly happy.

4. Steak at Al Biernat’s

From world class cocktails to steaks served with panache and flair, this is the sort of restaurant that makes you leave feeling good about life. As the saying goes, everything is bigger and better in Texas and these tasty steaks are no exception.

5. Burger at Good Friend Beer Garden And Burger House

The perfect place to hit up after work or on the weekend to hang out with friends. You’ll come for the burgers which are seriously delicious, but their vast selection of craft beers and a lovely atmosphere might keep you here a little longer…

6. Breakfast Enchiladas at Lucky’s Cafe

The menu redefines traditional diner food by including locally sourced, farm fresh ingredients. They serve their breakfast all day long which is a big attraction to their many loyal and happy customers.

One dish that you simply have to try are their breakfast enchiladas, which are the best way you could ever dream of starting the day. Superb.

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7. Rolled Ice Cream at Wonders Ice Cream

One for those of you who love the creativity and excitement of having your ice cream rolled and made in front of you.

Maximum theatre when it comes to how its made, but also massive on the flavour side of things too.

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