deer park heights lord of the rings

Legendary Lord of the Rings Location Reopens after 11 Years

Listen up Lord of the Rings fans: one of the most scenic locations in New Zealand from the series is finally reopening to the public after 11 years. Deer Park Heights in South Island – seen in all three Lord of the Rings films – is a must-visit. It is a farm on top of a hill in Queenstown with 360 mountain views.

Stuff reports that scenes including the refugees escape from Rohan and the attack of the wargs were filmed on the site, as well as Legolas jumping from his horse and Gimli being thrown off his.

The 800 hectare farm first opened as a tourist attraction in 1966, closing in 2009 to continue as a private deer farm. Now, owner Mike Mee will re-open it to the public from October 20th.

Deer Park Heights is a Famous Lord of the Rings Location

The significant film locations for the Lord of the Rings were mostly for the second film, ‘The Two Towers’. The eastern summit area was the set location for the River Anduin in the Lord of the Rings movies.

There are plenty of other spots to have a picnic which offer splendid views of the unique landscape.

deer park heights lord of the rings

Visiting Deer Park Heights in Queenstown

You can book tickets to visit this amazing LOTR location. The cost is $55 per vehicle with a maximum of 7 passengers. Simply enjoy the self-drive tour and scenery! How long it takes is up to you… Take as long as you want, spend an hour or a whole day enjoy this spectacular location.

Scenes from all over the Queenstown Region were used in The Lord of the Rings movies. You can have a great time touring around linking them all together, while the adventure capital will offer an amazing array of activities to distract you along the way.

You might also recognise Deer Park Heights from scenes in ‘Wolverine’, Walt Disney movie’s ‘The Rescue’ and more recently ‘Pete’s Dragon’.

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