Digital Nomads In 2021

7 City Bases For Digital Nomads In 2021

Plans for digital nomads in 2021 have been turned upside down, with borders closed and lockdowns in place. Trying to plan a life living abroad is tough with all the uncertainty of now. So while the work-from-home movement has grown massively in 2020, the idea of being a digital nomad who travels around has become way more difficult. If you’re considering it though, these seven city bases are the perfect places to base yourself.

Digital nomads face a whole host of issues to take into account, from increased insurance costs and flight restrictions to possible quarantine on arrival. It’s just not as simple (or as cheap) to move around the world as it was in early 2020. Many digital nomads have now found themselves stuck in one location.

With more people eager to plan their ‘new’ working futures, it looks like digital nomads will be more likely to pick one location from which to base themselves for a longer period of time…

City Bases for Digital Nomads

1. Da Nang – Vietnam

Vietnam has had spectacular early success with tackling the virus, and is a well-regarded example of fast reactions. Because of this, it plans to gradually open up sooner than other countries.

While many will head either south to Ho Chi Minh City or be drawn north to Hanoi, we’ve picked out Da Nang on the central coast for the pure quality of living. You are never far from the water with amazing beaches and plenty of activities to take your mind off work.

The cost of living is seriously cheap. The wifi is superb across the city and you have a great mix of Western and local food options.

2. Berlin – Germany

The German response to the virus has been hailed as among the best in the world, with people getting back to work quickly, sports resuming and economic aid for companies.

Although the prices are slightly higher as they’re on a European level, this is an ideal base to start a business for 3-6 months. There are some great office shares, a huge range of co-working cafes to choose from. Add in a vibrant start-up scene with lots of meet ups and you will quickly build a network.

Berlin is also an ideal base to not only explore the rest of Germany, but Europe too.

3. Bangalore – India

Also known as Bengaluru, this is the ideal place to come and work on a tech-focused start-up. The city is often touted as ‘India’s Silicon Valley’, with a wealth of technology business and talent in the area.

The city is also super affordable to live in and has a huge range of both local and Western-style restaurants. With 10 million people living here, there are endless opportunities to network and meet people with a similar outlook.

4. Canggu – Bali

If you are going to become a digital nomad, then a great place to start is in Bali. It attracts people from all over the world for that very reason. Canggu is the ideal place to base yourself as it is affordable, has great beaches and plenty of cafes to work from.

You will find it easy meeting people who are doing the same as yourself as well as having a wonderful base from which to explore this paradise island. Read our guide to what it’s really like being a digital nomad in Bali here.

5. Cape Town – South Africa

Few places in the world as pretty to spend time in for digital nomads In 2021 as Cape Town. This truly is one of the most spectacular cities in the world. You will have great nightlife, food and outdoor living, all on your doorstep.

What makes this an ideal place to stay for a couple of months is all the amazing things to see within a short distance. You can visit vineyards, go diving and explore stunning scenery. Although South Africa has said it won’t allow international visitors until early 2021, it’s a great place for digital digital nomads in the later half 2021 to spend some time.

Digital Nomads In 2021

6. Lisbon – Portugal

Lisbon has quickly become one of the coolest cities in Europe over the last couple of years. It has a great food scene, inexpensive nightlife and a general buzz about the place. Add in terrific weather for most of the year and this is a city that ticks pretty much every single box.

Compared to other European countries, the cost of living is cheap here, which makes it an affordable base for any digital nomad.

Digital Nomads In 2021

7. Chiang Mai – Thailand

Thailand ticks so many boxes for working while on the move. Not only is there great internet and superb food, but the country is seriously affordable. Add in friendly locals and you will instantly feel at home here.

The entire country has attracted digital nomads, but Chiang Mai is a major hub for this type of work. It is also the perfect place from which to explore this stunning country on a budget. You will quickly enjoy working from paradise.

Digital Nomads In 2021

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