Most Dog Friendly Restaurants in the UL

The 25 Most Dog-Friendly Restaurants In The UK

Dog-friendly restaurants in the UK are becoming so popular that it’s a little weird to enter a pub or tavern now and not be able to bring your furry friend along with you. Fido deserves a seat at the table too, which is why so many restaurants in the UK are beginning to design dining experiences around four-legged friends.

From restaurants that allow dogs to join you on the patio to full-on experiences that showcase dog-specific menus and puppy treats, the most dog-friendly restaurants in the UK are truly going all out for your pups.

Get ready to treat your dog to a day out. They’re going to enjoy dining at these places so much they’ll be begging you to go back. There’s no guarantee that their puppy-dog eyes aren’t going to earn them more than a few nibbles at any one of the 25 most dog-friendly restaurants in the UK.

Most Dog-Friendly Restaurants In The UKHow do these rankings work?

1. The Dirty Onion – Belfast

Head to one of the most historic buildings in Belfast to enjoy a delightful afternoon with your dog. Not only is The Dirty Onion a hotspot for humans, but they cater incredibly well to pups as well. Enjoy a cosy, inviting beer garden, quality craft beer, and lots of cuddles with your dog – they’re welcome outside in the garden or snuggled up inside the bar area, too.

Most Dog Friendly Restaurants in Belfast

2. Singl-end – Glasgow

As any dog owner where to go with their four-legged friend in Glasgow and they’ll point you towards Singl-end, one of the most dog-friendly restaurants in the UK. Browse this place’s Instagram to get an idea of just how much they love welcoming dogs. Then, head here with your best friend to enjoy a relaxing visit as you chow down on baked treats. Nobody will judge if you slip Fido a crumb or two.

Most Dog Friendly Restaurants in Glasgow

3. Maggie Jones’s – London

Maggie Jones’s is perhaps one of the most enchanting restaurants in London, and now your four-legged friend can enjoy it with you. Treat your dog to a lovely candlelit dinner or late lunch at this hotspot. They’ll be welcomed with a fresh bowl of water upon arrival, which they can enjoy while you pop open a bottle of one of the restaurant’s fine bottles of wine. What did your dog do to deserve a life of such luxury?

Most Dog Friendly Restaurants in London

4. Rick Stein, Fistral – Newquay, Cornwall

Head to the shores of Newquay to pop in for a visit to one of the most dog-friendly restaurants in the UK. At Rick Stein, they’re pretty proud of how dog-friendly they are, and it’s something that locals and visitors alike have grown to love about the place. Outdoor seating is available for pups who want some fresh air, but they’re very welcome inside as well. After lunch, head over to any of the many dog-friendly shops beside the restaurant.

Most Dog Friendly Restaurants in the UL

5. The Fountain – Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a pretty dog-friendly city, but when you’re ready to sit down and enjoy a meal with your dog by your side, head into The Fountain. Here, they’ll be treated like pup royalty. Upon arriving, the folks at The Fountain will offer them water, treats and lots of attention. This is a great spot to head after walking your dog along the Union Canal as well, as it’s the perfect place to refuel after a long walk.

UK Dog Friendly Restaurants

6. Hall & Woodhouse – Bath, Somerset

After a long, relaxing walk around some of the most scenic areas of Bath, treat your furry friend to a tranquil time at Hall & Woodhouse, one of the most dog-friendly restaurants in the UK. A grand glass ceiling, spiral staircase, and a roof terrace await you here where you can indulge in delicious dishes that are perfect for you and are sure to tantalise your four-legged best friend.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Bath UK

7. The Ferry Inn – Saint Dogmaels, Cardigan

Take advantage of riverside views in Cardigan by paying a visit to The Ferry Inn. This dog-friendly restaurant offers some of the friendliest staff, especially for those who bring their pups along. Everybody here loves dogs, and the restaurant itself is a great spot to enjoy a glassed-in patio after letting your dog romp around in the river for a while.

8. Outsider Tart – London

Want to induce some serious puppy-dog eyes? Take your dog to Outsider Tart in London. However, they won’t have puppy-dog eyes for long, as this place truly caters to pups and their tastebuds. This trendy London bakery is home to a special barkery for your fluffy companion. That’s right, they bake special dog-friendly treats that are safe for them to eat and bursting full of flavours they’ll love.

Dog Friendly Cafes in London

9. The Laundrette – Manchester, Lancashire

Cocktails and creative pizzas might be what draw humans to The Laundrette in Manchester. But, it’s the dog-friendly atmosphere that keeps the pooches coming back for more. Outside of the restaurant, you’ll find comfy sofas for you and your pup to enjoy. And, if you ask the friendly wait-staff, they’ll bring a special water bowl so your dog can indulge in something refreshing, too.

10. Mews of Mayfair – London

What makes Mews of Mayfair in London so dog-friendly is the fact that it’s tucked away in a quiet, quaint little courtyard. Offering four different floors to choose from and enjoy, there’s plenty of space here to spread out and let your pup hang out right next to you. This also means that there’s a lot of quiet little corners if you and your dog truly want to relax and indulge in an after-work cocktail or quiet dinner.

11. Bijou of Lytham – Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

Bijou is a family-run cafe where your dog can expect to enjoy endless cuddles and attention. Here, they welcome all members of your family, including your dogs. And, they love catering to furry friends so much that they’ve even crafted a special dog menu. Stop by for a friendly visit and enjoy the fresh, locally-sourced human food. Then, let your dog indulge and order whatever he wants from his menu.

12. Bistro Guy – Gillygate, York

Quality, home-cooked meals are standard at Bistro Guy in York. However, what makes this place one of the most dog-friendly restaurants in the UK is the fact that they cater so much to dogs just as they do humans. Dogs are welcome in the garden here, which is where all the best seats in the house are anyway. And, they’ll even supply refreshments for them, on the house.

13. The Hillside Hillsborough – Hillsborough, Lisburn

Fancy visiting the oldest pub in Hillsborough? Just a short 15-minute drive outside of Belfast you’ll find this charming old pub, open since 1752. While we’re not sure if they’ve been welcoming dogs for that long, they sure do welcome them now. Bring them inside with you to let them enjoy a quiet nap by the fire while you indulge in some of the best beers in Belfast. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Belfast Dog Friendly Restaurants

14. Bluebird – London

This long-standing Chelsea haunt is famous for being one of the most dog-friendly places in London. Bluebird acts as a quiet retreat away from Kings Road and the perfect spot to enjoy a lazy afternoon coffee with your furry best friend. Staff will welcome you both with open arms, and a few treats. Dogs are spoiled with a bowl of water and a goody bag of tasty treats. Get stuck in as you’re both going to want to stay for a while.

15. Cube Bar Kitchen – Poulton le Fylde, Lancashire

Offering up a whole garden to lounge around in, it’s no wonder why Cube Bar Kitchen in Lancashire is one of the most dog-friendly restaurants in the UK. While you’ll certainly enjoy the food and attention you receive as a guest, the staff here treat pups like royalty, too. The entire place is dog-friendly and they’ll even provide your dog with treats and a water bowl upon request. Talk about spoiled.

16. The Marlborough Tavern – Bath, Somerset

If you’re visiting Bath’s Royal Crescent then it’s an absolute must that you pay a visit to The Marlborough Tavern. Home to one of Bath’s finest pub gardens, this place serves up the perfect atmosphere for you and your four-legged friend to relax in and enjoy. The walled-in courtyard space is the perfect spot for your fluffy friend to roam around in and enjoy while you relax knowing they’re safe.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Bath Somerset

17. Gaucho – London

While this upscale Argentinian steak restaurant might not seem like one of the most dog-friendly restaurants on the outside, it’s perhaps the most dog-friendly restaurant in London by far. They’ve recently launched a  doggy menu called The Muttropolitan. However, it’s their famous Doggy Sundays that are truly enticing for a pup. You’ll be asked to book a table under your dog’s name. Then, when you arrive, they’ll be waited on, showered with attention, and given a doggy bag of treats to take home.

Gaucho Dog Friendly London Restaurant

18. Sunflower Public House – Belfast

Pooches are always welcome at Sunflower Public House in Belfast. This pub and live music venue has long been trendy amongst humans, but now Fido can head out to enjoy some live tunes as well. Take them out for a treat and let them meet other cool dogs. The restaurant will provide water bowls and special, tasty treats upon request just in case they work up an appetite from all the quality music they’re enjoying.

19. The Perch – Oxford, Oxfordshire

The Perch is a 17th-century inn tucked away in the countryside of Oxfordshire. If that sounds like the perfect spot for a dog to roam around and enjoy then that’s because it is. With ample space to run around in, The Perch is an ideal spot for an active pup. After running off their energy, they’re welcomed into the inn and pub where they’ll be able to relax and nap by the warm fire.

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Oxford

20. Coach & Horses – Deal, Kent

A rural country pub in the heart of Kent, Coach & Horses is definitely one of the most dog-friendly places in the UK. The smell of their Sunday Roast alone is enough to draw dogs in from near and far away. While you enjoy their delectable roast, your precious pooch can relax at your feet as this restaurant welcomes dogs on leads both inside and out.

Kent Dog Friendly Restaurants United Kingdom

21. Horse and Groom – Wilmington, Kent

Heading to the Cotswolds for a getaway? Take your pup with you and plan on visiting Horse and Groom. Off-lead frolics are a must at this place’s large and luxurious garden. After a day of enjoying some play, head in for a quiet meal by the fire. Dogs are welcome inside and out, even in the bar. However, their garden area is great for an evening of al fresco dining with your best friend.

22. The Polgooth Inn – Polgooth, Saint Austell

Excellent food and a great dog-friendly atmosphere are two of the most popular comments you’ll see about The Polgooth Inn. Whether you’re cosying up to the fire or enjoying stunning garden views, there’s something for both you and your pooch here. Well-behaved dogs are welcome any time, but if you’re going to book a stay with a dog, be sure to let the staff know.

23. The Real Food Cafe – Tyndrum, Perthshire

This Scottish cafe is pretty famous for its award-winning chips, and it would be a shame if Fido couldn’t stop by to enjoy them with you. Stop by The Real Food Cafe with your precious pup after walking along one of the most scenic walking routes in Scotland to enjoy fine food and quality vibes. They’ve got a special dog-washing station outside to clean off any muddy paws before entering. They’ve thought of everything!

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Scotland

24. The Bunch of Grapes – Pontypridd, RCF

Welsh-influenced dishes and laidback vibes welcome human guests to the inviting space that is The Bunch of Grapes in Pontypridd. However, you’ll find the staff to be very dog-friendly as well. Friendly locals love to love on furry dogs, and the outside beer garden is the perfect place for a relaxing drink or two with your pup at your feet.

25. The Egerton House Hotel – London

We’ve saved one of the bests for last, as The Egerton House Hotel offers perhaps one of the most creative, indulgent experiences for dogs in the UK. At this trendy London hotel, dogs are welcomed to enjoy an elegant Doggy Afternoon Tea. It’s served in the same style as traditional tea and even features three delectable courses: meatloaf, biscuits, and ice cream. There’s no way you’ll be able to get your dog to leave this place.

Doggy Afternoon Tea

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