The 50 Best Europe Coworking

The 50 Best Co-Working Spots In Europe

The entire culture of work has begin to change in the last decade, sped up by the arrival of mobile, faster internet connections and a more flexible attitude from employers.

Throw in the huge level of migration to major cities by young people – with the additional demand leading to increased rents – and coworking quickly become a great way for companies to scale up and accelerate growth.

We wanted to recognise the best of the best spaces for coworking across Europe  and announced the 50 best coworking spots in 2019. Some of the criteria we were looking for included…

Judging Criteria

  • Finalists were selected from across Europe
  • Each country in the European Union has at least one entrant
  • Votes were cast in poll of Big 7 readers, across our 1.5million community on social media and by our panel of judges
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • The final list is subjective – if we’ve missed out on any CoWorking spots in Europe please do let us know in the comments

50th. 42workspace – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

42workspace is Rotterdam’s only curated community for tech and digital entrepreneurs, located in the beating heart of the city. They offer a mixture of hot desks, shared offices or your own offices depending on how you are scaling up.

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49th. The Office – Luxembourg

Right in the heart of the business district and close to all the action in Luxembourg. They have seven rooms, which you can rent out, as well as a range of seating options in their huge open space rooms. The place has a real buzz about it.

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48th. Puzl CowOrKing – Bulgaria

Puzl is an IT-only coworking space uniting the key players in the IT industry (startups, investors, service providers, freelancers) in an efficient and supportive community. Enjoy blazingly fast Internet and games rooms.

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Puzl CowOrKing In Europe

47th. The Ministry – London, UK

Where else would you find a tequila bar in the ladies toilets and an on-site recording studio? The Ministry was opened by the Ministry of Sound and is geared towards those in the music and media industries.

Business support, access to the private members club and incredibly cool surroundings are what you’ll find here.

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The Ministry In Europe

46th. Republikken – Denmark

Around since 2005, Rebublikken’s coworking space consists of two open office areas with shared and fixed desks, as well as private offices, a drop-in work café, a laser cutter workshop and meeting rooms in the centre of Copenhagen. Super flexible.

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Republikken Co-Working In Europe

45th. Jungle.Space – Cyprus

At you’ll find an open space office and a rooftop lounge with sea view. Basically, it’s the coworking dream. Members also get free access to all activities like sunset yoga, running club and their informative workshops.

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Jungle.Space  Co-Working In Europe

44th. Tzaferi 16 – Greece

Considered one of the most stylish and organised coworking spaces in Athens, this managed office allows you to pick and choose exactly what package you want. Plus, you get free use of their bicycles. Handy.

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Tzaferi 16 Co-Working

43rd. Spring Hub – Estonia

Spring Hub is the biggest and best coworking space in Estonia. They also offer free 1-1 consulting services for Spring Hub members by their partners in law, digital marketing, design, innovation, communication, finance and fundraising fields.

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Spring Hub Co-Working

42nd. Impact Hub – Zagreb, Croatia

Impact Hub brings together a wide range of “value-based organisations”, from social enterprises to foundations, freelancers, designers to startups. Every member gets one hour of mentoring a month.

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Impact Hub Co-Working In Europe

41st. Stockwerk – Austria

With the option of flexible memberships or a fixed desk space, Stockwerk has it all – seriously fast Wi-Fi and a diverse coworking community. There’s a nice coffee bar onsite and you can chill out with a game of table tennis or two.

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Stockwerk In Europe

40th. Loffice – Budapest, Hungary

Loffice offer flexible and friendly coworking memberships in five locations across the city, so you’re sure to find your ideal space. They do pay-per-use desks, are open 24/7 and have an extensive partner network for start ups.

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Loffice Co-Working In Europe

39th. Le 10h10 – Paris, France

Le 10h10 are coworking spaces where you can come much as you want, whenever you want, with whom you want. With two locations in the city, think of it is a super productive cafe.

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38th. IN-SPIRO- Prague, Czech Republic

More of a “family” community than a strictly coworking space, you’ll get a hug if you need one here as well as finding expert advice on your company. Coworking memberships come in lots of different options, with some including a business coach.

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IN-SPIRO Co-Working In Europe

37th. Ahoy – Berlin, Germany

This bright and airy 4,500 sqm coworking space is a great space to get work done and you can rent desks flexibly by the day for €15.

You’ll get connected to possible collaborators and investors via Tech Berlin sister companies Openers and Tech Open Air. Ahoy also has additional services like event management and legal advice.

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Ahoy Co-Working In Europe

36th. CIC – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Whether you’re a one person team or a fast-growing 20+ person company, CIC is an innovative coworking space that will provide your business with all the help it needs to grow. The office is bright and funky, and it’s in an ideal location.

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CIC Co-Working In Europe

35th. HubHub – Warsaw, Poland

The HubHub Warsaw is located in an A-Class building in the heart of the second largest business district of the city. Their networking events foster chemistry between the very best potential partners, collaborators, VCs and investors, and they pride themselves on their support.

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HubHub Co-Working  In Europe

34th. – Porto, Portugal

As well as standard amenities like free coffee, fruits, drinking water, wifi and so on, members also have access to the other Porto i/o coworking spaces, allowing you to switch and book meetings in different locations. Plus, it’s dog friendly!

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32nd. Hubsy – Paris, France

Hubsy is right beside the iconic Canal Saint Martin, in a former authentic grocery shop that has been completely revamped for coworking as an English-style cafe. You only pay for the hours you are there, but long term workers can get Hubsy Nomad discount card.

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Hubsy Co-Working In Europe

31st. The Distillery – Glasgow, Scotland

The Distillery is a dedicated coworking space for freelancers, start-ups and creatives, and there’s a thriving network of artists, designers and photographers. The office space is large and loft-like, and very slickly designed.

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The Distillery Co-Working In Europe

30th. Soho – Malta

SOHO Office provides flexible office solutions, such as short term leases and a range of plans, including virtual offices, hot desking or even private office space. The community is social and always willing to lend a hand to any idea.

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Soho Co-Working In Europe

29th. Teikums – Riga, Latvia

Teikums is a stylish space geared towards freelancers, established small-team businesses and digital nomads. Cosy desk hubs are great for team brainstorming and there’s plenty of space. You can rent desks by the day, week or month.

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Teikums Co-Working In Europe

28th. The Mug – Belgium

You’ll find this spot in a typical Brussels house, in the heart of the European quarter. The price is €25 for a day pass with increased value for staying longer periods of time. It’s an absolutely ideal place to get work done.

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The Mug Co-Working In Europe

27th. Commons Romana – Bucharest, Romania

Commons is made for millennials – their wifi is the highest speed, the meeting rooms are fully equipped and their South American coffee beans are hand roasted right round the corner. As well as educational workshops, there’s always great social events.

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Commons Romana Co-Working In Europe

26th. The Thinking Hut – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is the best Amsterdam coworking spot for the creatively minded, as you’ll find a mixture of writers, web developers and branding folk here. They run plenty of creative collaboration sessions too.

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The Thinking Hut Co-Working In Europe

25th. Connect – Slovakia

Connect is located in old industrial building and is a beautiful place to get sh*t done. A motivated community will inspire you and you’ll benefit from their serviced office and mentorship.

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Connect Co-Working In Europe

24th. Motion Lab – Berlin, Germany

So much more than an office, Motion Lab has both coworking and Makerspace facilities. It offers offices, Maker-garages, a cosy coworking area and a wide variety of machines including a 3d-Printer, CNC-millinmachine and Lasercutters. Ideal for creatives.

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Motion Lab Co-Working In Europe

23rd. Innovation House – Espoo, Finland

It’s all about creativity here -a deal-bell is used when members strike a good deal which brings everyone together to celebrate, and there’s a bed to rest in. Innovation House also has a slick Sales Innovation showroom for their members and offers ‘match making’ for startups and corporations.

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Innovation House Co-Working  In Europe

22nd. Work’inn – Vilnius, Lithuania

Work’inn is co-working space for those who feel uncomfortable to work at home and need an inspiring environment, yet still want those home comforts. There’s a chill-out room, free drinks and friendly faces.

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Work'inn Co-Working In Europe

21st. Mindspace – Berlin, Germany 

Mindspace has outposts worldwide, with three in Berlin. Their classy design is a direct contrast to some of the edgier coworking spaces in the city, so this is ideal if you like things a little glam. Memberships start from €50; desks from €250.

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Mindspace Co-Working  In Europe


20th. ALA/34 – Rome, Italy

ALA/34 is a funky coworking and business accelerator for emerging startups and innovative PMI in the heart of Rome. As well as promoting the sharing of experiences and entrepreneurial projects, they also have a shared drone and green screen equipment.

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Europe Coworking

19th. Rainmaking Loft – Copenhagen, Denmark

Rainmaking Loft is the largest Nordic hub for tech startups, with a cool barista cafe and tasty lunch options available on site. They also put on regular events where entrepreneurs come together with angels and VCs at pitch battles.

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Rainmaking Loft Co-Working Spots

18th. TSH Collab – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This innovative coworking space in The Student Hotel offers flexi-desk space, dedicated offices and mini classrooms as well as access to an Olympic-size lap pool (SwimGym). Did we mention there’s also a world-class gym, an auditorium, restaurant, constant connectivity, endless inspiration and excellent coffee?

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TSH Collab Co-Working Spots In Europe

17th. Belgium – The Library

This is easily the most stylish option for CoWorking In Brussels and with 3 addresses across the capital you can mix up where you work each day using the one membership. How can you not be inspired working somewhere this incredible…

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Belgium Co-Working Spots In Europe

16th. Poligon – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Poligon Creative Centre is a Ljubljana based co-working space that’s home to several intertwined creative communities. Alongside the offices, there’s a creative product development lab, a bar for hanging out, a store with selected designer goods, a library and large event space.

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Poligon Co-Working Spots

15th. The Castle – Stockholm, Sweden

The Castle is all about a work-life balance. They offer memberships for everyone: you can grab a fixed desk, a flexible desk full time, a flexible desk 2 days per week, a low-income full time membership or a low-income 2 days weekly desk.

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The Castle Co-Working Spots

14th. MOB – Barcelona, Spain

The community here is very creative, and as a result the calendar rarely lacks interesting new events at MOB. Members also get 30 minutes of free legal services a month from the in-house legal team, which is a nice bonus.

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MOB Co-Working Spots

13th. Nana Bianca – Florence, Italy

Nana Bianca is a startup studio and coworking space located in the centre of Florence. People that use the space are super approachable and generally speak both Italian and English, so it’s a great option for digital nomads.

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Nana Bianca Co-Working Spots In Europe

12th. Makerversity – London, UK

The perfect space for creatives, Makerversity have a range of workshop facilities, spaces and equipment. You’ll have access to manual workshops, textile studios, photography studios, digital workshops and way more.

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Makerversity Co-Working Spots In Europe

11th. A Lab – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A massive 5000 m2 space which has 40 lab spaces and can house up to 300 people at any one time. The must-try place on the list if you company is starting to prosper and you want that little bit of privacy yet still want the coworking vibes. Its gorgeous design? Just another big bonus.

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A Lab Co-Working Spots

10th. Village Underground – Lisbon, Portugal

Village Underground’s unique architectural structure is made from shipping containers and double decker buses, recycled into office spaces, a restaurant and conference room. Jam packed with a cool and creative community, there’s a great vibe here.

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Village Underground Co-Working Spots

9th. ATWORK – Cannes, France

Located near the Botanical Gardens, ATWORK is a charming space to get the head down and do some work. As well as private work rooms, meeting rooms, and coworking spaces, there’s also a lovely tearoom and outdoor areas.

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ATWORK Co-Working Spots

8th. WERK1 – Munich, Germany

WERK1 serves an incubator for digital entrepreneurships. It provides facilities and an environment that support founders and innovators to grow and succeed with their ideas. Residents benefit from valuable events, free of charge workshops and flexible contracts.

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WERK1 Co-Working Spots

7th. Brain Embassy – Warsaw, Poland

The Brain Embasy is a modern and large coworking space, perfect for freelancers, starting entrepreneurs or independent professionals. With 250 coworking spaces, you’re sure to find inspiration here.

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Brain Embassy Co-Working Spots

6th. Iconic Offices – Dublin, Ireland

Iconic Office have several locations around the Irish capital – which is fast becoming a tech hub, with giants like Facebook and Google basing themselves in Dublin. The offices have a big focus on design and making sure there is plenty of community activity.

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Iconic Offices Co-Working Spots

5th. Betahaus – Barcelona, Spain

Betahaus has plenty of perks, including access to software throughout the group at discounted prices and a very tech focused and engaged community. The rooftop overlooking Barcelona is a main selling point though.

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4th. Huckletree – London, UK

With three sites across London – in Clerkenwell, Shoreditch and White City, Huckletree is a stellar place to network. Fun workshops and interesting talks will keep you on your toes.

They also have a fantastic three month accelerator programme: The Alpha Programme for tech and digital lifestyle startups.

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 Huckletree Co-Working Place

3rd. Unicorn – Berlin, Germany

A high-end coworking space/cafe, Unicorn is a lovely spot that has its own healthy cafe in its Mitte location (there’s several locations in Berlin).

You can enjoy special events including yoga, language exchanges and meetups. Plus, it’s pet friendly. Half day passes are available for just €10.

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Unicorn Co-Working Place

2nd. WeWork – London,  England

With locations all over the world, WeWork defines the very essence of what coworking is. Several locations around the capital offer members a flexi working solution. Big focus on their community, an app and creating a work / life balance too.

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WeWork In Europe

1st. B. Amsterdam – The Netherlands

An amazing place with 40.000 square meters and three buildings that’s now the biggest start up eco-system in Europe. They have their own restaurant, start up school and every type of coworking solution you could ever want.

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B. Amsterdam In Europe

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March 7, 2019 1:32 pm

Great to see indigenous Dublin based Iconic Offices featured. They are definitely the ‘go-to’ coworking & flexible workspace providers in Dublin City.
With over 14 unique, design-led locations there is a location to suit everyone.
Congrats to all included in the Top 50 🙂

March 11, 2019 9:18 pm

How could you miss Coworking Bansko in this list?

Liat Paz
Liat Paz
March 12, 2019 6:47 pm

True, Brain Embassy in Warsaw is the best place in the city!
Professional, good service, friendly, vibrant and intimate at the same time, spoiling and beautiful design.

Matthias N
March 13, 2019 12:14 pm

Hey, check out the “MietWerk” in Potsdam just outside Berlin, Germany. 2 locations, 5 meeting rooms, 3 roof terraces with beautiful view over Potsdam and always centrally located!

Ania Saw
Ania Saw
March 13, 2019 7:34 pm

O4 coworking in Gdansk is the best place! Really!

Sumit Yadav
July 13, 2019 8:21 am

We’ve actually been using a co-working arrangement at my office for several years. We have a variety of employees that work in our office and telecommute. It has been interesting to see how people are actually more productive when they have the option to work some from home. Yet they still need an office space to return to. We tried to have everyone primarily telecommute and it actually decreased their productivity. It has seemed for us that a balance between the two has kept our employees most productive.

Marta Rakovska
August 19, 2019 9:15 am

There are really a lot of great places to work in Europe. I have been working as a freelancer for 2 years. I have tried to work in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I can suggest that place, it is good enough

Ava Sal
September 4, 2019 11:52 am

I am happy to find my country – Italy – on this great list! Now I know where to work when I will abroad and looking for coworking spaces

Coworking Lausanne
September 9, 2019 12:31 pm

Very interesting article 🙂

Coworking Lausanne
September 25, 2019 2:20 pm


March 3, 2020 10:58 am

We would love to be considered as the newest CoWork and only CoLiving located in Tbilisi Georgia! @LokalTbilisi is more than just a cowork…it’s a community!

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