Best French fries in America

The 50 Best Places For French Fries In America

With so many to choose from, finding the best French fries in America is no easy task, but we wanted to pick the most delicious winner from each state.

From loaded fries covered in toppings to fries cooked in duck fat and even entire restaurants dedicated to the humble french fry – there is something here for everybody. We can promise you that you will be drooling as soon as you see these pictures.

In recent months, we have picked the best hamburgers, pizzas, doughnuts and steaks that the USA has to offer. We though it was about time we shared the best French fries in America. Is there a more important and more widely eaten snack?

Prepare to jump into the car and go on a fry-hunt. These all look absolutely unreal…

The Best French Fries In AmericaHow do these rankings work?

1. Good Ole Boys BBQ – Pell City, Alabama

It’s all about the Southern BBQ flavours here.. Every morning they load their smokers with ribs, chicken, and pork butts to ensure the meats they serve are super fresh.

Their fries – which are loaded with meat of your choosing and then topped with cheese – are insanely good. Food doesn’t really get much better than this.

2. Kriner’s Burgers & Pies – Anchorage, Alaska

Their burgers are absolutely massive and are 100% Certified Angus beef. it’s the fries and sauces that they serve with them that really complete the entire meal though.

Golden and perfectly fried ’til crispy. As soon as you eat here just once, you will be addicted for life.

3. Brat Haus – Phoenix, Arizona

The big draw here is one of Arizona’s most welcoming beer gardens with 28 craft beers on tap.

The menu features made-from-scratch cuisine inspired by European food craftsmen, offering a wide variety of brats and burgers. The French fries tie everything together though, and come with the most wonderful dipping sauces.

4. Big Orange – Little Rock, Arkansas

Not only do they have over 100 beers on offer and some amazing comfort food like burgers, they also do the absolute best fries in the state.

Wonderfully crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy in the middle, they are just made for dunking into the gorgeous sauces.

5. Taco Spot – Los Angeles, California

It’s all about the world-class flavours here, from their dark mole sauce to the rojo, verde and ranchero sauces, as well as fresh avocado.

It’s not an understatement to say that these might just be the best loaded fries that you will ever taste in your life. How could you resist these?

French fries in America

6. Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen – Denver, Colorado

It might be the beer that first attracts you to this spot, but the food will be what keeps you coming back.

Great dishes from around the world including house made sausages, po’ boys, poutine and schnitzels. Once paired up with their fries and an ice cold beer, you are going to be in a seriously happy place.

7. Hoodoo Brown – Ridgefield, Connecticut

Hoodoo Brown has been open since 2015 and serve up the perfect blend of great BBQ, craft beers and of course, absolutely world-class fries.

Their Texas poutine fries (pictured below) are so good that people would drive for miles just to get their hands on them. World class cooking at its very best.

8. Stone Balloon Ale House – Newark, Delaware

Stone Balloon Ale House are all about a great selection of craft beer and serving up some superb comfort food along with it. Their fries are an absolute must to order as a side, especially if having the dogs or the tacos.

They also have loaded fries and some of the best sweet potato fries you will ever taste.

9. Blue Collar – Miami, Florida

Blue Collar is a small but super cosy and popular restaurant located in the historic MIMO district of Miami.

They serve a daily rotation of braised dishes, parmesans, ribs and an unprecedented variety of vegetables. Whatever it is you choose, make sure you have the fries on the side, because they are simple divine.

10. Yumbii – Atlanta, Georgia

What started off as Atlanta’s first food truck now has a permanent home. They offer Korean BBQ and Mexican fusion food that will leave your taste buds absolutely delighted.

Their fries are insanely crispy and come with a huge selection of sauces, including a melted cheese version which is superb. *drools*

11. South Shore Grill – Honolulu, Hawaii

A little but chunky and a whole lot delicious is how we’d describe these flavoursome fries from South Shore Grill. The family-owned restaurant has plenty of tasty dishes on the menu but the fries are a highlight. Our picks? Order the Cajun rub or garlic butter variety.

12. Boise Fry Company – Boise, Idaho

When somewhere has the words ‘fry company’ in their name, you know they’re going to make excellent ones. The fluffy and golden fries here are fried in sunflower oil and you can add on any of the great house-made seasonings and dipping sauces.

13. Au Cheval – Chicago, Illinois

Au Cheval might be famous for its burger, but the fries deserve a large portion of the spotlight. They’re thin cut with *just* the right amount of skin left on for the perfect crispy skin. Easily the best fries in the state, and high among the best French fries in America.

14. Brugge Brasserie – Indianapolis, Indiana

Brugges is a Belgian-focused restaurant which of course means that “frites” have pride of place on the menu. Perfect on their own, as a side dish or dunked into some of the wholesome main courses they serve.

15. Django – Des Moines, Iowa

This French brasserie-style restaurant has classic Steak Frites on the menu, and it’s those glorious frites that are some of the best French fries in America. The duck fat fried beauties come with béarnaise, harissa aioli, and curry ketchup.

16. The Burger Stand – Lawrence, Kansas

Where do we even begin with the range of fries on offer here? The Burger Stand serves up regular fries (which are far from regular), truffle fries, duck fat fries, polenta fries, cajun fries, smoked tofu fries and more. And each type is out-of-this-world good.

17. Hammerheads – Louisville, Kentucky

This gastropub/smokehouse has a meaty menu full of grilled meats and tacos, with a side portion of loaded fries that’s simply delicious. Go for truffle fries, get ’em cooked in duck fat or loaded with burnt ends and melted cheese.

18. The Delachaise Wine Bar – New Orleans, Louisiana

French fries are the perfect snack to go with a glass or two of wine, and it’s even better that these are some of the best French fries in America. Their famous goose-fat fried fries are served with house made peanut satay & malt vinegar aioli.

19. Duckfat – Portland, Maine

Hand-cut, Belgian-inspired fries are the name of the game at Duckfat and come with with a huge range of sauces. The only problem is that once you taste their fries is you won’t want them from anywhere else ever again.

20. Thrasher’s French Fries – Ocean City, Maryland

Thrasher’s French Fries has been a boardwalk staple in Ocean City ever since 1929, famous for its fries that are fried peanut oil, then salted and served with vinegar. The line for these bad boys might be long, but it’s worth the wait.

Thrashers French fries

21. Saus – Boston, Massachusetts

As the name suggests, Saus is serious about its sauces and has over 15 unique sauces on their menu, including homemade mayo, ketchup, hot saus, and gravy. Even better is the fries to dip into them: hand-cut and twice fried.

22. HopCat – Detroit, Michigan

The burgers and beer are their calling card, but the fries are what will keep you coming back in a regular basis. They source the best potatoes and the end product is perfectly crispy and utterly delicious.

23. Barbette – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Barbette is simply good food, all day and night – the epitome of a good French brasserie. One bite of these crispy frites and you can picture yourself in a tiny bistro in Paris. The saffron aioli on the side is the perfect dipping sauce.

24. Blue Canoe – Tupelo, Mississippi

Allow us to introduce you to your new favourite breakfast dish: the French Toast Breakfast Sandwich. This is a beautiful beast all on its own, but those fluffy fries make it really shine. Thin, crispy and irresistible.

25. Black Sheep – Springfield, Missouri

As well as their very own hickory smoked fries, Black Sheep’s truffle ‘n’ parmesan fries are some of the best French fries in America. The crispy fries are tossed with truffle oil, parsley, garlic, parmesan and smoky garlic mayonnaise. Perfection.

26. The Greek Pastry Shop – Missoula, Montana

All of the dishes on the menu at this wildly popular Greek gyros joint are superb, but their loaded fries steal the show. Big enough to fill you as a main course, they have feta cheese, tzatziki and the perfect sprinkle of seasoning on top.

27. Block 16 – Omaha, Nebraska

Block 16’s French fries are consistently named as the best French fries in America, and there’s no doubt about it: they’re fantastic. Creative dishes include the Dragon Fries with spicy dragon sauce, cheese curds, scallion and a crushed fortune cookie.

28. Buldogis – Las Vegas, Nevada

Known for serving up the best gourmet hot dogs in Las Vegas, Buldogis also serves up some of the best French fries in America. These are no ordinary fries… Their Carne Asado Fries come loaded with beef bulgogi, caramelised onions, pico de gallo, 4-cheese sauce and chipotle aioli.

29. Stark House Tavern – Weare, New Hampshire

There’s nine different varieties of fries to choose from at this local steakhouse, but you’ll find it hard to pick just one. Drool over Seoul-style fries with Korean vinaigrette and sweet chili mayo,  buffalo fries with bleu cheese crumbles or truffle fries, to name a few.

30. Just Beclaws – Jersey City, New Jersey

Keep your plain ol’ French fries – these crab fries at Just Beclaws will be your new saviour. The signature JB fries come piled high with fresh, juicy crab meat and lemon aioli. Add on some cheese to really kick things up a notch, but the fries themselves stand on their own.

31. Big D’s Downtown Dive – Roswell, New Mexico

Big D’s Downtown Dive is a neighbourhood hotspot that dishes out insanely good Monster Fries: they come with green chile, cheese, pecan smoked bacon, and their classic sauce. The Thanksgiving Fries of sweet potato fries with cinnamon, maple and bacon are also beyond tasty.

32. Pommes Frites – New York

This is a specialty shop serving authentic Belgian fries, or as the Belgians call them, “pommes frites.” As in Belgium, the sauce is just as important as the fries themselves. The best bit? You can sample as many of the sauces as you like in order to find the perfect one to go with your fluffy fries.

33. Buns – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The tasty fries here are cut fresh throughout the day, using only the finest Idaho potatoes. Buns is a casual joint where they focus on creating really good burgers with the best possible ingredients. The fries are what will really impress though, as they are perfect every single time.

34. Scotty’s Drive-In – Bismarck, North Dakota

A classic drive-in spot, locals across ND will tell you that there’s no better French fries in America than the ones at Scotty’s. Order the large fry for a handy cone of golden fries that you can eat on the go.

35. Loops – Columbus, Ohio

This Chicago-inspired eatery has amazing fries that include chilli cheese with mustard and shredded cheddar, or their must-eat fetafire fries. These beauts are are tossed on the grill and loaded with spicy feta and diced tomatoes. Easily some of the best French fries in America.

36. MOB Grill – Bethany, Oklahoma

Get ready for a serious feast – these fries are huge enough to do you as a main portion. These drool-inducing loaded fries are slathered in real cheese sauce, bacon, pulled pork & grill jalapeños!  It isn’t often that chips would overshadow a whole meal, but that is how good they are here.

37. Potato Champion – Portland, Oregon

With a name like Potato Champion, you can get a good idea of how dedicated these guys are to making the best French fries in America. Serving up twice-fried Belgian frites (the best kind!) and a variety of sauces, this place always hits the spot.

38. Khyber Pass Pub – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nothing fancy, no fuss, just perfectly crispy hand-cut fries. A great menu of all the pub grub classics, but none of the dishes would be as good as they were without the fries though, which are truly exceptional. Golden and perfectly salted.

39. Red Stripe – Providence, Rhode Island

These golden hand-cut frites are Rhode Island’s favourite, and we can see why. Fluffy on the inside yet crispy on the outside, they come simply serves with aioli for dipping or truffle for a real treat. Some of the tastiest fries you will ever set your hands on.

40. Cru Cafe – Charleston, South Carolina

Cru Cafe is home to some of the best gourmet comfort food, and their fries are a prime example. Choose from classic frites or their indulgent Truffle Parmesan Fries for something seriously irresistible. Turning the simple potato into the base of a super exciting meal.

41. TapHouse 41 – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

TapHouse 41 knows that French fries are the perfect accompaniment to a pint of local beers, so expect consistently great fries here. Perfect on their own, as a side dish or dunked into some of the wholesome main courses they serve.

42. Chauhan Ale & Masala House – Nashville, Tennessee

Want something different than your usual fry order? Feast on this Tandoori Chicken Poutine – we swear you’ll be just as obsessed with it as we are. It’s a melty dish of tandoori chicken, makhani sauce, cheese curds and spicy masala fries.

43. Black Sheep Lodge . – Austin, Texas

There’s loaded fries, and then there’s these loaded fries. Black Sheep Lodge is home to some of the best French fries in America and do them justice with the range of add-ons you can choose from. Make up your own loaded plate exactly how you like it.

44. Hires Big H – Salt lake City, Utah

The fresh cut fries here are about as traditional as they come, which makes them even tastier in our eyes. They’re no-nonsense; perfectly golden on the outside and lush and wholesome on the inside. Absolutely world-class.

45. Al’s French Fries – Burlington, Vermont

Al’s French Fries is a true Burlington-area institution, and has been serving their famed fries in the exact same way since the 1940s. When something is this good, there’s no need to change it. They’re simply incredible – thin cut, crispy and lightly salted.

46. Repeal Bourbon & Burgers – Virginia Beach, Virginia

They don’t just have burgers at Repeal: check out the Poutine dish, a hearty feast of their house fries with bourbon gravy, cheese curds, a sunny side up egg and “bacon dust.” Easily some of the best fries in the US.

47. Brouwer’s Cafe – Seattle, Washington

The Belgian-inspired cuisine here naturally includes Belgian frites, those amazingly good twice-fried wonders. Choose from delicious dipping sauces such as mayo, aioli, rémoulade, Bourbon dragon sauce, chipotle mayo, or curry ketchup to perfect the whole dish.

48. Bluegrass Kitchen – Charleston, West Virginia

Bluegrass Kitchen serves proper farm-to-table comfort food, with the fries a real highlight on the menu. Their special hand-cut fries are brined in malt vinegar, served hot with bacon aioli & whiskey ketchup. The perfect treat.

49. AJ Bombers – Wisconsin

It might be the burgers here that get all the attention, but the fries are the perfect side act. Super crispy and golden No matter how many times you eat here you will never get tired of digging into them. The ‘magic seasoning’ adds the tastiest little touch.

50. Mile High Fries – Cheyenne, Wyoming

The fries here are perfectly golden every single time they serve them up. Fluffy, golden and full of flavour, they make for the key base to pile on the toppings. Add on buffalo chicken, melted cheddar cheese, ranch drizzle and green onions, or tender pulled pork, and tangy BBQ sauce.

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