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Hanoi Train Street – Should You Visit During Day Or Night?

Visiting Hanoi train street? Whether you go during daylight or dusk, it’s an experience not to be missed.

The bright blue train passes through the street as it heads South to Hue and Hoi An, and this once local secret has become a popular sight for tourists. Instagrammers get their cameras ready to shoot, locals move their tables back in to their front door and the train snakes past just inches or so from your nose as you push yourself tight against the wall.

There’s plenty of places along the tracks to stop and enjoy the thrilling view, but the most popular spot is at Ngo 224 Le Duan. There’s cute cafe and bars here that you can sit at while you wait for the train to speed by.  We’ve got the pros and cons of seeing it by day and night.

Hanoi train street schedule 2019:

  • Monday – Friday: 7pm; 7.45pm; 8.30pm; 10pm.
  • Weekend: 6am; 9am ; 11.20am; 3.20pm; 5.30pm; 6pm; 7pm; 7.45pm; 8.30pm; 9pm ; 11pm.

So, what’s so good about seeing the train in daylight?

The most popular time to see the train is 3.20pm, but this does mean it gets busy. Like, super busy. There’s a good vibe here at this time, as tourists flock to grab a coffee at one of the many cafes along the tracks.

The light is much better for taking photographs at this time, so it’s ideal for those Insta snaps. Just be aware that you’ll have to wait your turn for photos.

hanoi train street

What about Hanoi train street at nighttime?

It’s a lot more chill in the evening, as most people come here during the day. While Hanoi train street is known for just being a place to watch the train go by, take some photos and be on your way, it’s actually a lovely street. As dusk falls, families go about their daily lives and chat.

Sipping a beer here with the fairylights of the cafes twinkling beats any overpriced bar in the Old Quarter.


Our advice? If you’re just doing it for photos, then daytime is best. But, if you want to just soak up the experience, come at night.

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