Healthiest cuisines world

7 Of The Healthiest Cuisines In The World

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, especially when there’s so many amazing styles of cooking from around the globe. If you can’t travel right now, you can still enjoy making dishes from some of the healthiest cuisines in the world. From Japanese fare that’s rich in seafood and nutrients to the fresh vegetables and produce of Italy, these cuisines will transport you to a new destination with one bite. And, they’re good for you too!

Healthiest Cuisines in the World

1. Japanese

The cuisine in Japan is traditionally based on rice with miso soup and other dishes, a culture known as washoku. From the traditional dishes of Kaiseki cuisine, sashimi, sushi and more that were developed over thousands of years, Japan has one of the most revered cuisines in the world. A diet rich in seafood makes this super healthy.

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2. Italian

One of the many reasons people visit Italy is for its unbelievably good food.  This is the heartland for rich tasty cooking and hearty food that will delight you with every mouthful.  While you might think it’s carb heavy with pastas and bread, Italian cuisine has a huge focus on organic and artisan produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables, local meats and small producers make the food here surprisingly healthy.

3. South Korean

There are some incredible Korean dishes to try, from tangy, spicy kimchi to tender braised beef. A low-fat diet is the majority here, with locals mainly eating tofu, noodles, eggs, fish and rice. Kimchi – a probiotic fermented vegetable dish – is packed full of goodness!

Korean food

4. Greek

The beating heart of the Mediterranean cuisine is in Greece. Known for being healthy, hearty and utterly delicious, Greek cuisine includes a lot fresh vegetables, legumes, grains and fish. There’s very little saturated fats eaten here, with just a small amount of natural yoghurt or cheese.

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5. Lebanese

Lebanese food is some of the tastiest – and healthiest – food there is, highlighting all the best flavours of the Middle East. Dishes are fresh and fragrant, with meat kebabs, grilled, marinated seafood, salads, hummus, bread and grains making up the mainframe of the cuisine.

Lebanese Dishes

6. Vietnamese

Vietnamese cuisine is fragrant and light, with a lot of soup, rice and noodle dishes. While dishes vary across the country, herbs and spices are always used with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. With a French influence in many of the dishes here, the food is fragrant and full of flavour.

Healthiest cuisines world

7. Swedish

The food in Sweden features fresh, local ingredients; as a Scandinavian country with four distinct seasons, Sweden’s food culture has been shaped by its climate. Swedish cuisine today centres on healthy, locally sourced produce. Pickled and fermented foods are popular, as are smoked fish.

Healthiest cuisines world

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