Hottest Restaurants in Tulsa 2020

The 50 Hottest Restaurants In America 2020

If you’re a hardcore foodie and are already planning out which hot new restaurants you’re going to try in 2020, then boy have we got the list for you.

These are the up and coming restaurants that we and industry experts feel are going to truly explode in the next year if they haven’t already.

On a budget? Don’t worry. When ranking the hottest restaurants for 2020, we kept you in mind. All of the restaurants on this list offer quality service and cuisine but at a fairly affordable price. You won’t walk away from these places spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Start making your reservations now, because the 50 hottest restaurants in America for 2020 are so hot we just know they’re going to fill up fast.

Hottest Restaurants In America 2020How do these rankings work?

1. Bestia – Los Angeles, California

Trendy, industrial, and teeming with hand-crafted cuisine, there’s nothing about Bestia that’s not super hot. Here, the chefs use almost entirely local and organic ingredients, which truly shines through in the end result and taste. If you’re looking for a great place to eat in Los Angeles, definitely add Bestia to your 2020 restaurants bucket list.

Hottest Restaurants in Los Angeles 2020

2. Girl & the Goat – Chicago, Illinois

The dramatic open kitchen at Girl & the Goat is enough to draw visitors into this trendy West Loop restaurant. However, critic after critic seems to be unable to stop raving about the palatable small plates that the chef serves. If you haven’t visited this Chicago restaurant, then you’re definitely going to want to make plans to do so soon.

Hottest Restaurants in Chicago 2020

3. Husk Restaurant – Charleston, South Carolina

What’s not to love about locally-sourced Southern food served in a restored Victorian-era home? Husk Restaurant is definitely one of the hottest restaurants in America for 2020, in part due to the ambience and in part due to the delectable dishes they serve. If you’re in town and are looking to taste the local flavour, there’s no better place than Husk.

Hottest Restaurants in Charleston 2020

4. Henry’s Louisiana Grill – Acworth, Georgia

With a population that doesn’t even crack 30,000, it might seem surprising that one of the hottest restaurants in America would be found in Acworth, Georgia. However, trust us on this one; you have to visit Henry’s Louisiana Grill.  From their famous Saturday brunch to weekday dinners, they serve some of the most delicious Cajun food in the country.

Hottest Restaurants in Georgia 2020

5. Departure – Portland, Oregon

Upscale Asian-fusion food meets stunning skyline views to form the experience that has made Departure so popular. Walking into this chic space feels as though you’ve just boarded a space ship, and that’s not even mentioning how impressive the bathrooms are. Departure proves that restaurants can mix style and savoury flavours to take guests on a unique journey. This is the future of quality dining.

Hottest Restaurants in Portland 2020

6. GW Fins – New Orleans, Louisiana

GW Fins is helmed by one of America’s foremost seafood experts, ensuring that every catch is as fresh and well-prepared as the next. This high-end French Quarter restaurant deserves a spot on any great American restaurant list, as the creative fish dishes are more works of art than food. We suggest the seafood gumbo, but really anything here is worth a try.

Best Restaurants New Orleans 2020

7. Pig Ate My Pizza – Robbinsdale, Minnesota

Imaginative pizzas and ice-cold beers are what you can expect from a visit to Pig Ate My Pizza, perhaps one of the most creative pizza joints we’ve seen in quite a while. Here, their craft pizzas take centre stage, with their famous Madame Piggy pizza, a unique take on a croque madame, winning over the hearts of locals and travellers alike. This is one place you’ll absolutely need to pencil in for a visit in 2020.

Hottest Pizza Restaurants of 2020

8. The Slanted Door – San Francisco, California

Wall-to-wall Bay views set the stage for an enchanting evening at The Slanted Door, one of San Francisco’s hottest restaurants. Here, they serve contemporary Vietnamese dishes using fresh California-grown ingredients. While the restaurant exudes a true fine dining vibe, there’s no pretence when it comes to the dishes themselves; they taste as if they’re straight out of a Vietnamese family’s cookbook.

Best Restaurants in San Francisco 2020

9. Fleetwood’s on Front St. – Lahaina, Hawaii

Rock and roll icon Mick Fleetwood owns this casual yet upscale restaurant in Hawaii. Exquisite food and an exceptional wine list melt together to create a truly impeccable dining experience that you’ll want to be sure not to miss. Fine drinks complement the views from the rooftop bar, which you can enjoy after dining in one of the hottest American restaurants of 2020.

Best Restaurants in Hawaii 2020

10. Dubrovnik – New York City, New York

There’s a reason why Dubrovnik earned a Michelin Bib Gourmand award for 2020. Really, there are quite a few reasons. Traditional Croatian delicacies are served here in an old-world atmosphere that transports guests to the shores of the Southern Croatian town of Dubrovnik. It’s clear that the owners pull from magical childhood memories and recipes to craft the wonderful dishes here, and that’s what makes it so intriguing. Well worth a visit, or two.

Where to Eat in NYC 2020

11. Linger – Denver, Colorado

Anti-entree, vegetable-focused, affordable small plates are pretty up-and-coming in the restaurant industry, and Linger knows just how to deliver. Here, you can enjoy riffs on urban street food staples with flavours from the Americas, Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Asia and India. It’s the combination of popular global cuisines in a scaled-back, non-pretentious setting that truly makes Linger one of the best restaurants in America. All of the flavour with none of the fluff.

Best Colorado Restaurants for 2020

12. The Hidden House – Chandler, Arizona

Unique dining experiences are going to be all the rage in 2020, and if you’re looking for a truly delectable journey, then you’re going to want to make sure to visit The Hidden House. The restaurant itself is located inside of a quaint 1939 cottage, which immediately sets the stage for a fine dining experience full of elegance and rich history. Dishes are just as rich and flavoursome, as they’re some of the most intriguing creations you’ll find in Arizona.

13. Elements – Princeton, New Jersey

Exclusive dining has never looked and felt so good. Elements is a restaurant you’re absolutely going to want to plan a visit to for 2020, where you’ll be able to savour the exclusivity of sitting at one of just nine tables, all within view of the open kitchen. The intimacy of the dining experience here is going to be something that numerous other restaurants try to imitate in 2020, but Elements will always be the original.

Hottest Restaurants in America 2020

14. Ulele – Tampa, Florida

The multicultural influences are strong at Ulele, one of the hottest restaurants in America for 2020. Here, fine dining fuses with global cuisine to form a truly enlightening food experience. From the unique mezzanine seating to the laidback yet elegant vibes, it’s this kind of intriguing fusion of style, flavour, and flare that make Ulele so tantalising.

15. Le Jardinier – Miami, Florida

Le Jardinier is very appropriately named, as walking into this restaurant feels as if you’ve just entered a lush greenhouse. Green-marble walls and floors invite you in to the space and beckon you to relish in the atmosphere. A vegetable accented-driven menu ties the theme together nicely, with food feeling as airy and delectable as the restaurant’s decor itself.  This Miami Arts District restaurant is slated to be even more popular in 2020, but you can visit the trendy Midtown New York location as well.

Hottest Restaurants in Miami 2020

16. Poor Calvin’s – Atlanta, Georgia

While you might not expect to find outstanding Asian-fusion food in Atlanta, Poor Calvin’s is turning the Georgia dining scene on its head by serving up some of the most tempting, tasty dishes in the country. Here, you’ll find everything from fried chicken to pad thai. It’s that uniquely designed menu that’s what diners are truly looking for in 2020, and Poor Calvin’s is going to be reeling them in like fish.

17. Heim BBQ – Fort Worth, Texas

Texas barbecue has never tasted so good, and that’s not even considering that this place serves over 150 whiskeys to pair it with. Quality meats are cooked low and slow, just as they should be, and form a sensational fusion of flavours that you really can’t find anywhere else but in Texas. Heim BBQ is one of the hottest restaurants in America, and it’s only going to get hotter in 2020.

Best Restaurants in Fort Worth 2020

18. Mustards Grill – Yountville, California

Travelling to Napa Valley? You’ll definitely want to plan a visit to Mustards Grill, one of the most iconic restaurants in the area. A non-pretentious and inviting setting welcomes you into the restaurant where you’ll get the chance to enjoy some of the most well-crafted dishes in all of California. Expect Californian-New American fare but done to the highest of standards.

19. The Lucky Well – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There’s really nothing about The Lucky Well that’s not trendy and tantalising. From live-music nights and quality craft cocktails to the timeless taste of the barbecue they serve, this spot’s hot for locals and travellers alike. The chic decor perfectly contrasts the unique, hometown flavours of the Memphis-style barbecue to create a fusion of elements that guests seem to truly love.

20. etta – Chicago, Illinois

One look at the trendy Chicago restaurant etta and you’d never guess that the food that they serve here is wood-fired and temptingly delicious. etta, which is, in fact, spelt with an under case “e,” is quite trendy and chic, creating a casually-elegant atmosphere that suits nearly any style and taste. As for the food, it’s perfectly on-trend for what diners are looking for in 2020. Head here fast before it becomes booked up for the entire year.

Hottest Chicago Restaurants 2020

21. The Tropicale – Palm Springs, California

The interior of The Tropicale is unmistakably Palm Springs, and diners are going crazy for this trendy California hotspot. A neon-lit exterior and retro tropical interior are exactly what you might expect out of a hot desert eatery. But, it’s their eclectic menu that has critics drooling all over the place. We recommend the Tomahawk pork chop, but really anything here is divine.

Palm Springs Best Restaurant 2020

22. The Frog and the Peach – New Brunswick, New Jersey

Once voted the Most Romantic Restaurant in New Jersey, The Frog and the Peach is no stranger to accolades, all of which are very well-deserved. Their coveted garden room is what upscale, unique dining experiences are all about, and their ever-changing menu ensures that each visit procures something new for guests. They change both the a la carte and prix fixe seasonally to showcase the freshest locally sourced meat, seafood, and produce.

23. JuneBaby – Seattle, Washington

At this classic Southern restaurant, expect nothing less than the finest of flavours, all constructed using heirloom and a lot of care. JuneBaby isn’t what you’d expect out of the hipster city of Seattle, but it works surprisingly well. Eater voted JuneBaby as the Best New Restaurant back in 2017, but we’re predicting an even steeper rise to fame in 2020. After all, there’s really nothing better than elevated Southern fare in a laidback, trendy setting.

24. Honey Salt – Las Vegas, Nevada

Fresh ingredients combine with a fresh setting to create a relaxed dining experience at Honey Salt, one of the hottest restaurants in Las Vegas at the moment. When you’re tired off all the flashy bars and celebrity restaurants, make your way to Honey Salt in order to sample some of the finest New American cuisines in the country. Draft beers flow from the taps and their varied menu features dishes that range from poke bowls to caramelised sea scallops. What more could you ask for?

25. Nonna Beppa – New York City, New York

Nonna Beppa serves time-honoured family recipes with a focus on pasta, which seems like nothing new in New York City until you try it. Forget about all the other pasta places in the world and book a trip to the Big Apple just to try the wonderfully-crafted dishes at Nonna Beppa. All of the pasta is made in-house, and the difference in taste can be felt, smelt, and even tasted. There’s no better place for pasta in 2020.

26. Virtue Restaurant – Chicago, Illinois

Virtue Restaurant hasn’t even been open for a year. It became a big hit once it opened in November of 2018, and 2019 has been a promising year for this trendy Southern eatery in Hyde Park. The open kitchen is perfectly on-trend for 2020, with diners loving the fact that Virtue feels equal parts chic and welcoming. Soul-satisfying dishes are great any day of the week, but you’ll definitely want to make time to check out this place’s weekend brunch menu, too.

Best Chicago Eateries 2020

27. Salt & Time – Austin, Texas

One of the country’s hottest restaurants is disguised at a butcher shop in Austin, Texas. We’re talking about Salt & Time, both of which the owners clearly put a lot into when crafting the delectable dishes here. While Salt & Time is a full-service butcher shop and salumeria, the restaurant’s menu features fresh cut meats from sustainable Texas ranches. The locale is rustic and down-to-earth but the menu is finely crafted to showcase the butcher’s cuts and odd bits.

28. Papi Steak – Miami, Florida

This sexy steakhouse oozes of Miami flavour and charm. Papi Steak is one of America’s hottest restaurants for 2020, and it’s exactly what you’d expect out of a vibrant, hip Miami steakhouse. Loud crowds, plush red seating, and floral wallpaper create an energetic environment while the menu is just as enticing. And, don’t even get us started on Papi’s signature sauce. It’s going to send some people into overdrive and push this place to stardom for sure.

Papi Steak Hot New Miami Restaurant

29. Federalist Pig – Washington, DC

There are few things more classically American than quality barbecue, and Federalist Pig is putting all of its competitors to shame. The pitmaster here serves wood-smoked barbecue in large sandwiches and tasty platters, all in a cosy shack-like setting. Diners love the laidback vibes here, and apparently so does Netflix. The barbecue was featured on the hit show House of Cards once.  Barbecue critics all over the country give this place a thumbs up and we’re sure you will too.

30. Talula’s Garden – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The owners at Talula’s Garden will tell you that they prepare their dishes in unbreakable harmony with the season, and honestly, there’s no better way to describe the cuisine here. Perfectly prepared using fresh, seasonal ingredients, Talula’s Garden provides diners with a unique experience that’s far from cookie-cutter. The chic farmhouse setting further adds to the overall environment, which is something you absolutely can’t miss out on in 2020.

31. Proximo – Fort Wayne, Indiana

Looking for an amazing Latin dining experience in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne? Proximo is the place for you. The open and vibrant space feels equal parts warm, inviting, and trendy. The menu is inspired and creative, with standard Latin American dishes served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This kind of elegant yet laidback experience is exactly what you can expect out of a lot of the hottest restaurants in America in 2020.

32. P.S. Steak – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stepping inside the wonderfully luxurious P.S. Steak in Minneapolis immediately transports you to a rich world of grandeur and opulence. Dark mahogany and deep reds set the tone for a truly intimate evening here, where you can delight in the tantalisin tastes of some of the most well-prepared meat in the country. If you haven’t already visited P.S. Steak, then make it a point to do so in 2020. It’s well worth a full trip to Minneapolis just to relish in the delightful setting and dishes.

33. Peppervine – Charlotte, North Carolina

Peppervine is unmistakbly independent, as the restaurant shows no signs of cookie-cutter eatery gimmicks. Perfectly mirroring the eatery’s setting in Charlotte, you’ll find seasonal products, wild seafood, and pasture-raised meats on the menu. The open space is enhanced by unique architectural details, all of which work to make Peppervine one of the hottest restaurants in America, both now and in 2020.

34. Mariposa – Sedona, Arizona

Unparalleled views are what makes Mariposa locally famous. However, stunning architecture and unique menu of South American-inspired cuisine delivers an entirely new fine dining experience that diners are absolutely craving. You’ll also find that the dramatic glass-enclosed wine vaults cater to well-refined tastes, only adding to the rich experience that is spending an evening at this stunning Sedona restaurant.

Best Restaurants US 2020

35. Bubba’s – Frisco, Texas

Get ready to drool as you dream of the finely-crafted fried chicken and hometown mashed potates you can try if you visit Bubba’s. Mashed potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls, black-eyed peas and fried chicken are all standard fare here, which isn’t anything new in Southern USA. What is new, however, is the wonderful fusion of flavours in each dish. Perfectly paired with just the right amount of seasoning and bursting with flavour, there’s nothing here that’s not going to take you straight to foodie heaven.

Hottest Restaurants in Dallas 2020

36. Grandma Bob’s – Detroit, Michigan

Serving perfect pizzas, ice cream, and craft cocktails, Grandma Bob’s is the pizza you always want and truly deserve. Lights swing from the rafters here where professional chefs sling handmade pizzas with the utmost care. It’s all in the crust, which is undeniably some of the best in the country. Thick, thin, tantalising, and truly superb, the pizza here should be on any foodie’s must-visit list for 2020.

37. Chug’s – Miami, Florida

Cuban diners are going to pump up in popularity in 2020, with the trendy Coconut Grove Chug’s topping the list of fabulous eateries to visit. Whether you’re new to Cuban food or have long been a fan of this Latin cuisine, you’re going to want to make sure to visit Chug’s as soon as possible. Serving, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and delicious pastires, this casual eatery is a great place to take your first dive into Cuban cuisine.

38. La Josie – Chicago, Illinois

It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing that makes La Josie so great, as it’s home to a variety of unique details that all make it one of the hottest restaurants in America. For one, you’ll find three different bars here, one on the rooftop. However, that doesn’t stop it from feeling super intimate, as classic dishes from Jalisco, Mexico transform into fine dining dishes without the pretence and with all of the flavour. Looking to spend summer in Chicago? This is definitely going to be your new hotspot.

Where to Find Hottest Restaurants of America 2020

39. Big Bad Breakfast – Nashville, Tennesse

Breakfast food for lunch and dinner is pretty hot right now. That’s part of why Big Bad Breakfast has become so famous around the country. And, you’ll find locations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, just to name a few. Here, expect to find truly creative breakfast dishes alongside the staple faourites. Delight in delicious house-cured Tabasco and brown sugar bacon. Or, sample their homemade grits. There’s nothing here that’s not tantalising and tasty.

40. Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s Funkytown Fermatorium – Dallas, Texas

The Deep Ellum Brewing company truly kickedstarted the craft beer craze in North Texas. Now, they’ve created an offset funky fermatorium that takes things to a whole new level. The elevated brewpup serves all of the traditional craft beers you’d expect alongside funky artwork and a menu that pairs perfectly with the brews. The creative restaurant slash craft beer bar is something to behold, and it’s something that we feel is going to truly revolutionse restaurantsin 2020, at least in North Texas.

Brewpub Makes List of Hottest Restaurants in America 202

41. Herb & Wood – San Diego, California

Soft, warm lighting, lush greenery, and a genuine rustic charm combine at Herb & Wood to form one of the trendiest restaurants in San Diego. Here, you can enjoy a variey of wood-fired dishes with roots in California and the Mediterranean. The sprawling restaurant spreads out over two lounges, a dining room and patio. This seems to offer guests the kind of intimate yet trendy experience they crave. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes this place one of the hottest restaurants in America.

Hottest Restaurants in America 2020 San Diego

42. El Five – Denver, Colorado

The funky, buzzy setting of El Five pairs well with the locale, which is perched high in a top-floor penthouse. Enjoy sweeping views of the Denver skyline as you devour tapas straight from Gibraltar. Unobstructed views of the city and intimate table lighting set the stage for a dining experience unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. El Five’s intriguing take on Mediterannean food ensures it’s going to be one of the hottest restaurants in America in 2020 for sure.

43. Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar – Memphis, Tennessee

From a luxury dining hall to the more intimate wine cellar, Flight is taking the Memphis restaurant scene by storm, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Elegant tables are situated masterfully throughout the space, providing just enough privacy in which to enjoy a truly superb meal. While the lush red curtains and formal dining layout might seem intimidating, the food here is served with care and the attention is second to none. Adding Flight to your top 2020 restaurants destination list is a good idea.

Best Memphis Restaurants 2020

44. Nola’s Creole and Cocktails – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Prohibition-era cocktails are one of the most delightful things about Nola’s Creole and Cocktails. However, there are so many intriguing aspects of this fine dining restaurant that it’s hard to pull out just one.  Here, you can ejoy relaxed Cajun Creole food in a chandelier-lit setting. Old-timey photos line the walls and transport you straight to New Orleans. This restaurant is making Tulsa famous, but you’ll very soon forget you’re in Oklahoma after the first bite.

45. Antihero – Detroit, Michigan

Fancy visiting a Japanese pub in Detroit? It’s as interesting and tasty as it sounds. Antihero is home to creative cocktails, savoury sake flights, and lots of eccentric decor. Stop by here to sample traditional Japanese dishes in a unique, vibrant setting. It’s one of the best restaurants in Detroit right now, but we predict that it’ll be one of the hottest restaurants in America for years to come.

Top Detroit Restaurants 2020

46. Kamonegi – Seattle, Washington

What Kamonegi lacks in space they sure make up for in flavour. This intimate Seattle eatery serves handmade soba noodles, tempura and other Japanese specialties. However, they infuse such tantalising flavours into their dishes that it’s hard not to think that there’s something truly revolutionary going on here. They’ve bringing soba back to Seattle, and they’re doing it with style.

Best Restaurants in America 2020

47. Carmine’s Italian Restaurant – New York City, New York

We’ve saved one of the bests for last, as it’s hard to mention hot resturants without talking about Carmine’s. It’s long been a hotspot for New Yorkers looking to indulge in some of the most finely-crafted pasta in the city. But, in 2020, we think this place is going to really hit the map on a bigger scale. Plan a trip to the Big Apple just to try the wonderful dishes here. You won’t regret it.

48. Lineage – Makena, Hawaii

The menu at Lineage is representative of the feeling of dining at home alongside extended family. Here, expect to feast on family-style dishes typical of a Hawaiian luau. And, expect to indulge in some of the richest, well-balanced flavours on the island and beyond. Stay for hours sipping on fun cocktails as you work your way through sampling the entire menu.

Best Restaurants Hawaii 2020

49. Valter’s Osteria – Salt Lake City, Utah

The open kitchen at Valter’s Osteria in Salt Lake City makes it feel as if you’re dining in the home of Valter himself. The owner’s eccentricity seeps into every inch of the restaurants, creating an atmosphere that feels both exciting and familiar. Dishes here put a modern spin on traditional Tuscany fare, which is exactly the kind of creative cuisine diners crave.

Hottest Restaurants in Salt Lake City 2020

50. Juniper – Tulsa, Oklahoma

2020 is going to be all about creativity, both in terms of physical space and menu design. And, Juniper delivers on both. The creative menu changes with the seasons, as dishes rely on seasonal farm-to-table ingredients. Drinks are made with infused liquors and ingredients are beautifully prepared. All of this creates a wonderful dining experience that’s going to be hotter than ever in the coming year.

Hottest Restaurants in Tulsa 2020

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