How To Get From Da Nang To Hue

How To Get From Da Nang To Hue

Travelling around Vietnam? A stop-off in the charming historical city of Hue is a must. It’s just  a few hours from Da Nang, making it an ideal place to spend a few days.  Once you’ve had your fill of the city beach vibe, make your way to the ancient town of Hue for beautiful temples and a storied history. If you’re wondering how to get from Da Nang to Hue you’ve a few easy options…

You can easily do it as a day trip too, if you leave early and return in the evening.

How To Get From Da Nang To Hue

1. Take the Train

This is by far the most scenic option, with amazing views as the train passes through Hai Van pass. It takes between 2.5 – 3 hours, with tickets costing as little as $3 USD. The first train departs from Da Nang station at 2.23am and the last one departs at 11.04pm in the evening.

How To Get From Da Nang To Hue

2. Hop on a Bus

Taking the bus from Da Nang to Hue is an easy option, with several tour companies (such as Hoang Long tour company or The Sinh Tourist) running buses all throughout the day. The journey takes just over three hours, however buses usually go through a tunnel in the mountains so you won’t get the same views as you would on the train.

3. Book in Advance with Bookaway

Use Bookaway to reserve your tickets in advance for a number of transport options, including standard buses, trains, and VIP buses. Not only can you be assured that you have a guaranteed ticket, you can also make use of the handy filters for finding the best transport option.

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4. Rent a Motorbike

This is a good option if you’re a solo traveller with just a backpack, but keep in mind you will likely have to either leave a cash deposit or your passport as security for the bike, and unless the company has another location in Hue, you will need to return to Da Nang to collect it and leave back the bike. You can rent a motorbike from many places in Da Nang city and the drive from here to Hue is just a few hours away on the bike.

How To Get From Da Nang To Hue

5. Take a Minivan

If you’re with a group of friends (about 10 people), then renting a minivan for your whole group is a safe, affordable option. Often, they end up being just about the same price as a standard bus ticket. But, you’ve got the advantage of only being with people you know.


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