How To Get From Phuket To Bangkok

Heading from Phuket to Bangkok? Bangkok is Thailand’s main international airport, so many people tend to make their way back there after their getaway on the tropical island of Phuket. Or, you might be stopping off in Thailand’s capital to take in the capital’s temples, eclectic nightlife, cultural landmarks, and buzzing street life. Either way, this is a route well travelled, so there are some straightforward modes of transport that get you from A to B. Whether you’re on a budget or not, you’ll find a route that suits you. Here are the best ways to get from Phuket to Bangkok.

Getting from Phuket to Bangkok


If you want to get to Bangkok as fast as possible, then travelling by plane is your best option. It’s a quick and direct flight, taking up to 1 hour and 30 minutes, so you’ll be in the capital city in no time. Be sure to take into account that Phuket Airport is located just over 20 miles away from Phuket Town, so depending on where you are and the traffic, it can take up to an hour.

The most convenient way to get to the airport is by taxi, but if you’re a solo traveller or with one other person, these prices can really rack up. Fortunately, there are loads of shuttle buses that go to the airport from the main tourist destinations on the island. However, bare in mind that there might not be air conditioning and you will probably have to pick people up on the way, adding to the travelling time.

Phuket Airport flies to two Bangkok Airports – Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Don Muang Airport, which is the domestic airport. Generally, isn’t much difference in flight time or cost, more airlines go to the international airport than they do the domestic one, so they actually tend to be cheaper. But sometimes the domestic airport has incredible offers, particularly during the low season, so be sure to check.


from chiang mai to bangkok

The most affordable way to get from Phuket to Bangkok is by bus. The main drawback is that it can be up to a 17-hour journey, which cuts into a lot of sightseeing time. Most travellers opt for the night bus, so you don’t have to miss a whole day. Because these buses are so popular, they tend up to fill up quickly, so be sure to book in advance. If you don’t fancy the night bus, you can get a day but instead. There are two benefits to this – the price is lower and you get insane views of the countryside. It’s a glimpse into a side of Thailand that you might not have seen. However, a day bus doesn’t usually get you to Bangkok in the early hours of the morning, but in the city, you won’t have trouble finding a ride to your next destination.

There are two types of buses to consider. There’s a first-class bus and a second-class bus. A first-class bus (or VIP bus) has more legroom and reclining seats, as well as single-row seats, so you don’t have to sit next to someone if you don’t want to. The first-class buses are more expensive than second-class, but when you’re travelling for up to 17 hours, comfort is key.

The leaves from Phuket Bus Terminal 2, about a ten-minute drive from Phuket Town. You can buy tickets online or at the station. You have a choice of going to either Bangkok’s Southern Terminal or Mo Chit Northern Bus Terminal. Mo Chit Bus Terminal is closer to the international airport, so it’s more convenient if that’s your destination. The driver will stop halfway for a chance to stretch your legs, maybe grab a coffee and some food.

Train & Bus

While there isn’t a direct train from Phuket to Bangkok, you can take a train and a bus. Trains tend to be more environmentally friendly, so for those that like to travel slowly and/or like to see more of the country at once, this is a viable option for you.

Firstly, you get a bus from Phuket Bus Terminal 1 to Surat Thani Bus Terminal. It can take up to 5 hours, but you get beautiful views and cooling air conditioning. Prices for these buses vary depending on the time and date you want to go, so be sure to check out prices online beforehand. Alternatively, you can buy a ticket at the Phuket bus station. Once you’re there, why not take some time to have a look around? Surat Thani is a quiet but lovely coastal city, full of traditional temples and markets. It’s seen as the gateway to other places in Thailand, so there aren’t many tourists around, but it’s a great way to experience a taste of how Thai people truly live.

From there, you can hop on the train to Bangkok’s Hualamphong Station. The journey takes between 8.75 and 12 hours, but it’s a sleeper train, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the views. A regular train has second and first-class sections. A first-class ticket will get you a private two-person cabin, while a second-class ticket will mean sharing a carriage with other passengers. There are benefits to both – we love how trains are an insight into the lives of locals, but a first-class ticket would be more comfortable. Either way, you get air conditioning, wonderful countryside views, and surprisingly good food.

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