How To Get From Bangkok to Phuket

How To Get From Bangkok To Phuket

With endless beaches, plenty of sunshine and friendly locals, as well as great nightlife, there really are few few places on this planet as exciting as Phuket. A popular place for backpackers, couples and families, this is an island well worth visiting. Wondering how to get from Bangkok to Phuket? You’ve a few options.

What you choose depends on a number of factors, including your budget and how much time you have to spare. You’ll be in paradise in no time…

How To Get From Bangkok to Phuket

1. Fly From Bangkok to Phuket

Unless you’re on a super tight budget, then to get from Bangkok to Phuket this really is the best option. The flight is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long, and will cost you around $40USD round-trip. Check prices from local airlines like Nok Air, Thai Airways and Thai Lion Air to try get a decent deal.

How To Get From Bangkok to Phuket

2. Catch a Bus

If you’re on a budget, then getting the bus can be a good option to save money. Just keep in mind that it’s a 16-hour long journey, so try book a bus with air conditioning and toilets on board. We suggest using an online booking service and to try avoid buying your ticket in touristy areas in Bangkok, such as Khao San Road, because you could be scammed.

3. Book Tickets in Advance on Bookaway

Use Bookaway to reserve your tickets in advance for a number of transport options, including standard buses and VIP buses. Not only can you be assured that you have a guaranteed ticket, you can also make use of the handy filters for finding the best transport option.

Can’t live without air conditioning for 15 hours? Check. Absolutely need to have a toilet on board? You can choose the exact features you need your transport option to have.

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4. Take a Train and Transfer to the Bus

There are no direct trains to Phuket, but you can hop on night sleeper trains going from Bangkok to Singapore and get off at Phun Phin railway station. Phuket is another five hours by bus from Phun Phin, which is in the Surat Thani Province of Thailand. It’s possible to buy a combination ticket too, and it’s a comfy journey.

5. Rent a Minivan With Your Friends

If you’re still trying to figure out how to get from Bangkok to Phuket and you’re with a group of friends (about 10-15 people), then renting a minivan for your whole group is a safe, affordable option. Often, they end up being just about the same price as a standard bus ticket, but you’ve got the advantage of only being with people you know.

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