7 Ways To Protect Your Tech While Travelling

More than 29 million phones disappear each year according to a company that insures smartphones, tablets and other electronics. And, seeing as 50% of people don’t back up their phones, a loss or theft while travelling is particularly devastating. 

Travelling isn’t as dangerous as mainstream media sometimes makes it out to be, but if you can learn how to protect your tech while travelling you’ll have a much better trip. 

From learning how to prevent the wear and tear of gadgets like cameras and drones to ensuring nobody can access your data while you’re on the road, here are seven great ways for you to protect your tech and pack for a better trip.

How To Protect Your Tech While Travelling

1. Invest in Anti-Theft Gear

Investing in anti-theft backpacks and wallets is a great idea when travelling. You don’t even have to have packed an expensive gadget to get good use out of an anti-theft backpack. If you’re riding a city’s packed metro or are in a crowded area, you’ll likely notice that simply having an anti-theft backpack makes you less susceptible to any pickpockets.

2. Use a Wallet with RFID-Blocking Capabilities

Wallets with RFID blocking capabilities are a part of protecting your tech while travelling. After all, data protection is one of the most important aspects of safety while abroad or even at home. Usually, these wallets come complete with other safety features, giving you peace of mind as you’re out and about.

How to Protect Your Tech While Travelling

3. Prepare for the Weather

Waterproof cases are especially important for phones and cameras that you’ll be taking out on boats, hikes, or into snowy areas. Basically, if you’re planning on being outside while travelling, which is the majority of people, you’re going to want to invest in a waterproof carrying case.

How to Protect Your Tech While Travelling

4. Carry An Extra Small Bag

This tip for protecting your tech while travelling goes hand in hand with preparing for the elements. If you have an extra bag on hand, like a little drawstring backpack, you can always wrap your gadgets up if inclement weather comes fast and unexpectedly.  And, if you don’t need the bag, it’s a great way to collect trash as you walk down a beach or remote stretch of road to later recycle.

5. Go Incognito

You don’t even have to invest in special gear to protect your tech while travelling. Part of protecting your gadgets is also protecting that data that’s stored inside of them. So, when browsing the internet abroad, especially on open, public WiFi networks, you’ll want to go incognito. These networks can sometimes be used as a way for hackers to enter and steal data or harm your hardware. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6. Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight

One of the most common ways it seems that travellers have their gadgets stolen while travelling is by leaving them where you’d pretty much expect them to be. So, when you’re at the beach, for example, playing in the waves. Put your phone and keys in a large, empty sunblock bottle or a big water canteen.

7. Always Be Vigilant

Traveling is a great way to see the world and experience new cultures. The world is actually a safe place with really great people eager to show you where they’re from. However, having the proper equipment to store your stuff in and being vigilant of your gear and surroundings can help a lot. As long as you’re aware of where you are and what’s going on around you, you’ll be fine.

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