Instagrammable Cafes In Los Angeles

The 7 Most Instagrammable Cafes In Los Angeles

There are so many Instagrammable cafes in Los Angeles that is was hard to pick just seven of the best, but hey, we’re dedicated to the valiant ‘gram cause.

From great food to colourful drinks, all combined with vibrant interiors, these spots are the sort of places that you can’t help but get a great photo.

Grab your camera or just your phone and get ready to snap some slick shots for the gram…

Most Instagrammable cafes in Los AngelesHow do these rankings work?

1. California Doughnuts

These doughnuts cause a line down the street; once you see them and taste them it isn’t hard to see why. Remembering to take a photo before stuffing them into your mouth is the only hard part.

Get a box to take out and snap away with the LA sunshine in the background.

2. Coffee for Sasquatch

Yep, as the name suggests, they take inspiration from Sasquatch for the design here. This is an oasis of calm in this busy city that instantly brings you a sense of tranquility when you walk in. It’s more like a high-end design store, but with gourmet goodies and coffee.

3. Alfred Coffee

Alfred Coffee have multiple locations but their coffee shop on Melrose Place is quintessentially Instagrammable. The floral wallpaper and ivy-covered walls are made for Instagram.

Don’t forget to add their famous “But first, coffee” tagline to your post.

4. Dot’s Cafe

They bake all their cakes and goodies every day fresh on the premises and each sweet treat is stunningly pretty.

The coffee and decor add to the whole overall experience, making this a place that you will linger for a while with friends.

5. Carrera Cafe

Everything about the place is Instagrammable. From the delicious salads and Italian subs to the fine espresso based drinks, you won’t be short of nice things to eat or drink.

The machine-driven art work on the top of the lattes and the murals outside make this a place that you can’t fail to get a great picture.

6. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

The winning combination here is some wonderfully pretty and tasty baked goods along with bright white interiors and neon signs.

If you can pull yourself away from eating their pastries (they are seriously good) you’ll get a great Instagram shot.

Instagrammable Cafes In Los Angeles

7. Midori Matcha Cafe

They make their own ready to drink Matcha drink that they sell en-masse, but it is the soft serve that really steals the show.

You’ll find them in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles and as soon as you taste their offerings and see the place you’ll know it was well worth the trip.

Easily one of the most Instagrammable Cafes In Los Angeles.

Instagrammable Cafes In Los Angeles

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