This Map Shows Where In The World You Can Travel To Right Now

As some countries begin to open their borders, travel dreams are starting to seem less far away. Flight routes are coming back, visa regulations are easing up and we’re all thinking about when we can travel again… And where to! One handy tool to bookmark is this new interactive Covid travel map by Tripsguard.

Using data from hundreds of sources, the ingenious map shows up-to-date travel information on countries around the world. Info includes border rules, social distancing, public transport and whether restaurants are open. You’ll also see the country’s current Covid-19 statistics.

You can scan the map to choose a particular country, or filter by travel status.

You can see which countries are closed for visitors…

Tripsguard map easily displays places where international visitors still cannot visit, such as Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand and a lot more. You can also see the quarantine restrictions for each country.

Which countries are partially open (to certain countries/air travel only)

‘Partially open’ means that the country might be open to visitors from certain countries only, or that you can only enter at certain airports or borders. The Covid travel map public transport data also shows how easy it is to travel within the country once you arrive.

And which countries are fully open – no visa restrictions or quarantine required!

While some countries are fully open (or may have never officially closed their borders), it’s also a good idea to check what the local rules are. For example, Mexico is ‘open’ for tourists, but there are strict lockdowns in place.

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