Learn Thai Cooking in Thailand schools

The 7 Best Places To Learn Thai Cooking In Thailand

You could just visit this beautiful country and eat the amazing food, but wouldn’t it be great to learn Thai cooking techniques while you’re here? The good news is that the country is dotted with amazing places to learn how to cook Thai food. The even better news is we have the very best places.

People want experiences from their vacations these days – not just to sit on the beach for two weeks. When you learn Thai cooking tips, you’ll be able to bring them home with you to wow your friends. Better than any souvenir you can buy on the beach, right?

Get your apron on, sharpen your knife and head to one of these great places to learn to cook Thai food… And don’t worry, beginners are more than welcome.

Best Thai Cookery Schools in ThailandHow do these rankings work?

1. Silom Thai Cooking School – Bangkok

Small classes (a maximum of 9-10 people) are conducted in a traditional open kitchen, and led by certified Thai cooks, making for a highly engaging and rewarding experience.

The highlight is learning to make a Thai curry paste from scratch, which gives you an appreciation for the herbs and spices used.

Learn thai cooking in Bangkok

2. Thai Cooking Class by VJ – Phuket

The classes here start off in the morning with a visit to a bustling local market, to gather ingredients and learn about the culture.

Their classes are small groups and always have a friendly atmosphere, meaning you will meet other like minded travellers.

3. InFusion – Koh Samui

InFusion teaches you to cook traditional and vegan food, and the added bonus is you will be on the paradise island of Koh Samui.

They offer more than 180 dishes on the menu, with a team of professional chefs who will help you learn Thai cooking techniques you will never forget. The best part is sitting down to eat your own work at the end!

4. Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School – Chiang Mai

Asia Scenic Thai Cooking is more than just a school, it’s rather an extension of a home, and an opportunity to share Thai cooking and culture.

They take you back to the source of the food like showing you how the vegetables and herbs are grown. You’ll leave with a cook book of recipes you have created and memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn Thai Cooking in Thailand schools

5. Sompong Thai Cooking School – Bangkok

The perfect spot for beginners to come and learn some of the classic Thai dishes. You’ll be walked through the ingredients like spices, herbs and vegetables before creating your own masterpieces.

The perfect spot to learn Thai green curry, Pad Thai and chicken with cashew nuts.

6. Ya’s Cookery School – Krabi

Their classes are in the most beautiful settings and are ideal for both groups and individuals. You’ll be given hands on advice from local chefs and be surprised at just how quickly you learn and cook up some great Thai dishes.

They also have a restaurant, rooms to stay in and a pool to relax by.

Learn Thai Cooking

7. Chef LeeZ

The amazing thing with this class is that you will get to learn 12 dishes in one single session. Everything is made from scratch, so you get to learn Thai cooking techniques in their purest form.

Classes are no bigger than eight people. There is always hands on help and advice if you run into any issues along the way.

Thai cooking schools

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