The 7 Best Los Angeles Ice Cream

The 7 Best Ice Cream Parlours In Los Angeles

The world seems to be full of contradicting and divisive views at the moment, but one thing we can all agree on is our love for ice cream. How could you not love it? Los Angeles ice cream is as good as it gets, so we set out to find the very best the city had to offer.

Forget about the gym, grab a friend and just enjoy every single mouthful of these wonderful ice cream parlours.

Pick a warm day, feel the sun on your back and check out these Los Angeles ice cream parlours.

Best ice cream in Los AngelesHow do these rankings work?

1. Saffron & Rose Ice Cream

This is Persian-style ice cream with the recipes first brought to the USA in the 1920s by founder Ali Kashani – Rafye.

Stunning freshness, inventiveness and an all-round superb product that has to be tasted to be believed.

Los Angeles Ice Cream

2. Fosselman’s Ice Cream Co.

Any company that has been making ice cream for over 91 years has to be doing something right.

Their customers are super loyal and love the fact there are no preservatives in the ice cream. Quite simply delicious.

Fosselman's Ice Cream Co.

3. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

You can buy these ice creams in stores to take home with you, or visit one of their delightful and fun-filled locations to taste it at source.

The ice cream uses the very best raw ingredients which result in a creamy, rich and utterly sumptuous texture.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

4. Wanderlust Creamery

They say that they make ice cream that takes you back to memories of different times growing up. One taste and you’ll agree.

Everything from the cone to the store through to their range of flavours is inventive, fun and exciting.

Wanderlust Creamery in Los Angeles

5. The Coolhaus Shop

From ice cream sandwiches to dairy-free options and every type of ice cream in between, there is something here for everybody.

You can’t help but leave one of their stores or eat a tub of their ice cream and not have a smile on your face.

The Coolhaus Shop in Los Angeles

6. Magpies Softserve

They make their soft serve mix and all toppings in house. They also wanted to expand the flavours of typical soft serve ice cream from the traditional vanilla and chocolate and have a huge range of exciting options.

This is like a magical land for kids (and adults!) to walk into.

Magpies Softserve in Los Angeles

7. Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream

A Los Angeles favourite with locals and tourists alike – once you get a taste for it once you’ll be a fan for life.

Traditional flavours that are done perfectly and served up in super generous portions.

Mashti Malone's Ice Cream


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