Los Angeles Lock Down Photos

Los Angeles Lockdown Photos Paint Startling Picture Of Coronavirus Effects

As the whole state of California retreats to their homes from midnight on Thursday, the streets of Los Angeles are empty. These city lockdown photos make for startling viewing.

For anybody who has ever visited this iconic city – or who lives there – the traffic, bustle and sheer energy of the place is what captures your mind. With the coronavirus bringing panic, the mayor has ordered the state’s 40 million residents to stay home except for essential trips beginning tonight.

With a population of 4 million, the City of Angels has changed overnight. You can see for yourself just how drastic the change is through the lockdown photos and videos of LA that are starting to emerge….

One of the world’s most exclusive streets, Rodeo Drive is like a ghost town…

The normally packed freeways that often grind to a halt are quickly emptying, as people grab last minute supplies. Gridlock is a thing of the past for now…

Even the super iconic Venice Beach has been completely deserted. Now, it looks like something out of a Grand Theft Auto video game…

With people sheltering in their houses and less traffic. it looks like wildlife are making the most of the experience.

At least the quiet streets mean that all essential workers like first responders and medical staff will be able to get around the city. This empty interstate is one of the ‘defining’ Los Angeles lockdown photos…


And the famous LA pollution has all but vanished, as automobiles disappear from the streets.

Wherever you are in LA, the next few days are going to be eerily quiet. It looks like a totally new city.


See photos of San Francisco on lockdown here, as millions stay home…

Big 7 Travel Team
Big 7 Travel Team
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