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7 Los Angeles Museums You Can Explore Virtually

Being in self-isolation or quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, lots of museums are offering virtual tours of their galleries and other digital perks. The City of Angels, in fact, home to some of the best contemporary art in the nation, has lots to choose from. Here are seven Los Angeles museums you can explore virtually.

Los Angeles Museums You Can Explore Virtually

1. The Getty

The Getty is easily one of Los Angeles’ best museums and has graced us with a variety of online experiences. Take your pick from an online tour of the Bauhaus and then grab some printable watercolour activities. With an afternoon “wandering” The Getty, you’ll forget all about being at home.
virtual museum los angeles

2. Natural History Museum

Indulge your inner child by exploring the dinos at the Natural History Museum. In addition to being home to the tiniest dinosaur ever discovered it also boasts a plethora of archaeological and historical finds. You’ll have plenty to keep you entertained on a virtual tour.

3. Institute of Contemporary Art

Fans of local art need to look no further than LA’s Institute of Contemporary Art. Home to a wide variety of sculpture pieces, the ICA prides itself on the collection of international artists in addition to local LA-based artists.

4. The Broad

This psychedelic contemporary art museum is the perfect way to pass the time at home. Browse the endless expanse of whimsical, otherworldy exhibits all from your couch with a digital tour of The Broad. Take in the museum’s seriously impressive online collection and then binge their youtube playlists.

5. The GRAMMY Museum

Looking for some exhibits based around showbiz? Take an online interactive tour of The GRAMMY. This educational entertainment museum will teach you all there is to know about the Grammy awards and their winners.

virtual museum los angeles

6. Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art has endless entertainment opportunities in store for you. “Stroll” through art galleries, binge their youtube series and then join their online book club – either way, they’ve got something for you.
virtual museum los angeles

7. California Science Center

Who doesn’t love a good ol nature and science museum? A virtual experience with the California Science Center will give you all that and more. Log on any weekday at 10 AM for self-isolation science projects to keep you occupied and curious.
virtual museum los angeles

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