The 50 Most Haunted Houses In Each State

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It’s officially spooky season, which means only one thing: millennials around the world are starting to look for numerous ways to scare themselves and their friends. Finding the most haunted house in your state is a good place to start! We’ve rounded up the 50 spookiest haunted houses in America.

From the horrifying haunted house movies on Netflix to the sometimes horrendously terrifying haunted houses you can find littered all over rural America, there are a thousand and one ways to get your thrills around Halloween. 

We thought we’d help, which is why we’ve made you a list of the 50 scariest haunted houses in each state. Gather ‘round the laptop screen and warm yourself up with some pumpkin spice lattes because things are about to get really spooky. From Washington to New York and all the way down to Alabama, here’s the most haunted house in each state in the US.

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1. The Drish House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Officially named as the most haunted house in Alabama, the story behind The Drish House is one of love and obsession. The former owner, John R. Drish died after falling down the stairs of the home one drunken night. 

His grief-stricken widow Sarah, became so obsessed with his death and funeral that she kept the candles they lit at his vigil in order to use them at her own. Upon her death, her family couldn’t find the candles, which angered Sarah so much that she came back and began to haunt the house. Visit and you might see her start a fire.

Most Haunted House in Alabama

2. Jesse Lee Home for Children in Seward, Alaska

While Alaska is home to a lot of haunted hotels, when it comes to the most haunted house, there are fewer places that are as creepy as the old Jesse Lee Home for Children.

In 1964, the orphanage suffered severe damage due to a major earthquake that struck the city.  Several of the children who lived there died due to the damage that occurred, and it’s said that the spirits of those children now roam the halls. Visitors report hearing lots of giggling as well as the sound of bouncy balls and jump ropes.

Haunted House

3. Brunckow’s Cabin in Tombstone, Arizona

Phoenix is home to some of the country’s scariest haunted houses, but if you want to visit a real haunted house in Arizona then you’ll want to make your way to Tombstone. What’s known as the bloodiest cabin in Arizona history, Brunckow’s Cabin’s rich history is tortured and gruesome.

In the late 1800s, more than twenty people were killed at this old adobe home.  The first death is thought to be that of Frederick Brunckow, who was also the original owner. His employees stabbed him in the stomach and then threw him down the mine shaft. No wonder the place is haunted.

50 Spooky Houses: The Most Haunted House In Each State

4. McCollum-Chidester House in Camden, Arkansas

The Crescent Hotel in Arkansas is said to be the most haunted hotel in America. But, we’re here to talk about haunted homes, not hotels. And, McCollum-Chidester House is at least one of the most haunted houses in Arkansas.

The house, which is now a museum, once served as the home of John Chidester, who worked as a spy during the Civil War. You can still see bullet holes in the walls, and visitors have heard the voice of a man scream “GET OUT” before.  Some people even report seeing a Union general in full uniform.

Spooky Houses In Each State

5. The Whaley House in San Diego, California

The Whaley House is one of the most haunted homes in California, in part due to its tragic history. The family’s daughter, Violet, committed suicide here, and there were numerous reported hangings on the property for years before it was even a home.

Now, visitors hear heavy footsteps and see floating apparitions. A few people have also even said they see Thomas Whaley himself at the top of the stairs. Spooky, right? If you’re up in San Jose, we recommend also checking out the mystifying Winchester House.

Whaley House Haunted San Diego
Image: Alik Griffin/Flickr

6. Molly Brown House in Denver, Colorado

This lavish house was once home to Progression-era reformist and Titanic survivor Molly Brown. Now, it’s the most haunted house in Colorado. Guests who’ve toured the museum have reported that they’ve seen light bulbs unscrew themselves. Employees have claimed that the door from the dining room to the kitchen opens and closes by itself.

Many people believe the ghost haunting the home is Molly Brown herself. Or, it could be one of the many wayward girls she welcomed into her home during her years as an activist.

The Most Haunted House In Each State

7. New London Ledge Lighthouse in Groton, Connecticut

If you’ve seen The Haunting in Connecticut then you might be eager to make your way to the state just to spend the evening searching for ghosts that Ed and Lorraine Warren hunted. However, there’s little to no evidence that backs up the claims they make in the movie about the house itself.

The most haunted house in Connecticut is actually the New London Ledge Lighthouse in Groton. The spirit here, named Ernie, loves to cause chaos. You’ll likely find him knocking on anything in sight and loves to rip the sheets off beds.

8. Woodburn Mansion in Dover, Delaware

The most haunted houses in Delaware is the ever-famous Woodburn Mansion, which dates all the way back to 1790. From one chilling incident to the next, there are more than a few reasons why there are so many ghosts haunting this house.

The first ghost began haunting Woodburn back in the early 1800s. A slave raider tried to enter the home and was chased away by the owner. He eventually slipped as he was trying to climb away on a tree and fell to his death, hanging himself in a knot. You can still hear his screams. The dining room, however, is also haunted, and people have reportedly seen the ghost of a little girl wandering the premises.

Most Haunted Houses in America

9. Riddle House in West Palm Beach, Florida

Where do we even begin with the most haunted house in Florida? It started out as a funeral parlour, which is creepy enough. Then, a servant of the home’s owner hung himself in the attic.

The man, who goes by the name of Joseph, is reportedly the main ghost that haunts the Riddle House. And, at this haunted house, things can get aggressive. Joseph seems to be particularly hateful towards men, as he’s attacked more than a few male visitors who stop by the house.

One ghost hunter even said Joseph ran towards him screaming and grabbing his throat. Yeah, no thanks.

10. Hay House in Macon, Georgia

Georgia seems to be one of the most haunted states in America. From Savannah’s haunted ghost tours to Atlanta’s horrid houses, there’s a lot to visit here if you love everything scary. However, the most haunted house in Georgia is the Hay House.

This opulent estate was home to various families before being turned into a museum where visitors can now experience the ghosts’ shenanigans themselves. Most people report heating wailing noises in the master bedroom. Or, they say they’ve been tapped on the shoulder.

Most Haunted House in Georgia

11. Iolani Palace in Oahu, Hawaii

Iolani Palace was home to Hawaii’s last ruling royalty, and it’s often the opulence of the home that gives it such an eerie feeling. However, the scary sounds and visions of a woman in the window all make it creepy, too.

Queen Liliuokalani was imprisoned in her bedroom after they overthrew the monarchy, so many visitors and paranormal experts believe that she’s the woman they see in the windows.

Haunted Hawaii

12. The Murder House in Boise, Idaho

Even though a brutal murder took place here in 1987, the Murder House operated as a local frat house in the 2000s. The incidents were so brutal that some people even refer to the house as the Chop Chop House.

What’s so creepy about it? In 1987, a man was shot in the shoulder and ran up to the house for help. The home’s owner didn’t help, but he did call the police. The next morning, he found blood smeared all over his door and a dismembered body. Today, people believe the house is haunted, or that it at least feels creepy to stand on the property.


13. H.H. Holmes’ Murder Castle in Chicago, Illinois

Despite being one of the most haunted houses in America, it’s not currently a site you can still visit in its original form.  Back when H.H. Holmes terrorised Chicago, he built an eerie castle in the Englewood neighbourhood, contracting various different people to carry out small portions of the building process.

Why? He didn’t want anybody to know the real floor plan, even though there weren’t much of a plan. The house featured lots of dead ends, odd angles, and windowless rooms. This was to disorient his victims, of which historians believe there were at least 200.

Today, workers at the current building often note how uneasy they feel when they visit the basement.

14. Nicholson-Rand House, Indianapolis, Indiana

This beautiful Gothic mansion is home to few things beautiful. With numerous people reporting that they’ve seen blood pour from the ceilings, it’s definitely one of the most haunted houses in America.

The house itself was thought to be a stop for slaves making their way through the Underground Railroad, which accounts for the moaning and wailing some guests have heard. Many believe slaves burned to death underground, which only adds to the house’s hair-raising past.

Most Haunted Home in United States

15. Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa

In 1912, eight people were found murdered here, six of whom were children. They’d been bludgeoned with an axe, and nobody ever found the killer. The murders remain a mystery to this day,  which explains why so many people have reported various sightings and encounters with ghosts.

Now, you can stay at the house around Halloween, but seeing as it’s the most haunted house in Iowa, we’d only recommend that for those who don’t scare easily. In 2014, a ghost hunter stabbed himself in the chest after spending the night here.

Image: Jennifer Kirkland/Flickr

16. The Sallie House in Atchinson, Kansas

People who visit the infamous Sallie House have been scratched, bitten, and screamed at. It was so much for one couple who previously stayed here that they even wrote a book detailing just how haunted the home was.

Many believe that the spirit terrorising inhabitants is that of one little girl, aptly named Sallie. Not only does she viciously attack people, but she’s also been known to start fires in and around the house.

17. Liberty Hall in Frankfort, Kentucky

You’ll find the famous Sleepy Hollow Road in Kentucky, but what’s even more frightening are the three spirits who reportedly haunt Liberty Hall in Frankfort.

The most haunting of them all? The young soldier who reportedly peers into the windows. Imagine looking out the window to see the ghost of a young, bloodied soldier looking back at you.

18. LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is widely regarded as one of the most haunted cities in America. So, when it comes to the most haunted house in Louisiana, you bet it’s in the Big Easy. LaLaurie Mansion was home to Madame Delphine LaLaurie, who later became known as the Cruel Mistress of the Haunted House.

Her first two husbands died of strange causes and during her third marriage, the mansion was set ablaze. The cause? A slave reportedly started the fire after being chained up in the kitchen, just to make people aware of what was going on. Two centuries of poltergeist activity have followed.

19. The Footless Ghost of Benton Falls in Benton, Maine 

There’s almost too much going on here to believe that a home so seemingly haunted could still be inhabited today. Yet, it is. The house on Falls Road was once home to so much activity that a family could bank on something odd happening on a daily basis.

The main occurrence was the sound of a ghost walking and dragging one foot on the ground. Once, a woman entered a room, heard a sigh, and then heard the ghost drag its foot all the way out the door and into the hallway. If that weren’t scary enough, investigators also found a small shrivelled food in between the floorboards years later.

Maine Haunted House
Image: Portland Press Herald

20. Dr. Samuel A. Mudd House in Waldorf, Maryland

After John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln, he fled to the home of Samuel A. Mudd in order to hideout for three days. Even though Wilkes Booth didn’t die in the house, visitors of the museum have repeatedly noted that that get intense chills and can feel someone tugging on their clothes as they walk through the house.

Furthermore, some people believe they can see the spirit of Wilkes Booth sitting on the bed where he stayed after the assassination. The presence is so strong that it even makes an impression on the bed.

Haunted House of John Wilkes Booth

21. Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in Fall River, Massachusetts

If you’re not familiar with the story of Lizzie Borden, then now’s a great time to read the ghastly tale of how a young woman axed her entire family to death. However, a similar murder occurred at the same house long before the Borden family moved in.

Paranormal investigators believe that there’s likely a demonic spirit who possesses inhabitants, therefore causing such horrible events. Nowadays, however, visitors simply claim to hear the spirits of children or report that someone pulls the sheets off their bed.

Image: Travel Channel

22. Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo, Michigan

This historic home is now an upscale inn which, to be fair, is actually very beautiful and elegant-looking from the outside. If you had no idea that it’s one of the most haunted houses in Michigan, you’d never suspect a thing.

However, numerous people have reported different kinds of ghost sightings and incidents here. There seem to be more than a few spirits wandering the halls of this old castle. The creepiest part? They try to communicate with the living through unplugged radios. While this might not be true, the inn does host a haunted dinner that seems to spook guests.

23. Griggs Mansion in St. Paul, Minnesota

It almost hurts to say that the Griggs Mansion is the most haunted house in Minnesota because it’s such a beautiful estate that it seems like such a shame it’s filled with so many spirits.

The mansion was home to former grocery-store entrepreneur Chauncey Griggs. However, because the family was never home, their young maid became so depressed that she hung herself. Now, she’s one of the seven entities that haunt the entire mansion.

Most Haunted House in St. Paul Minnesota

24. McRaven House in Vicksburg, Mississippi

It makes sense that a home that sits atop a Civil War burial site might be the most haunted house in Mississippi. The house itself served as a field hospital during the gruesome war.  However, many other people have curiously died in the McRaven house, meaning that there’s more than a few spirits from different time periods.

Visitors believe the most active spirit to be that of Mary Elizabeth Howard, who died during childbirth. One former owner of the house was killed on-site, which on fuels further speculation that this house actually is very haunted.

Most Haunted House in Mississippi

25. Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri

The Lemp family seemed to live through various different periods of living hell during the 18th and 19th centuries. Four different members of their family committed suicide at the Lemp Mansion, making it one of the most sombre houses in all of Missouri history.

It’s now a restaurant that you can visit, which is highly recommended if you want to see your first ghost. Guests have reportedly heard a piano play a single, low note all night long. They’ve also felt strange vibrations.

26. Bonanza Inn in Virginia City, Montana

The most haunted house in Montana is in the spooky town of Virginia City. One night here and you’ll undoubtedly feel the poking and prodding of the ghosts who like to play with the guests.

You can book a night in Room 1, which is said to be the most active room in the entire house. In fact, guests report that each night the spirit enters the room and takes form as a spectral nun. So, pack an extra pair of undies, because you’re going to need them.

27. The Bailey House Museum in Brownsville, Nebraska

Doors open at random here and there’s the lingering sound of a piano that creeps many people out. Yep, it’s definitely the most haunted house in Nebraska. The spirit that haunts this house is thought to be that of former Civil War Capitan Benson Bailey, who was poisoned by a neighbour. No wonder he still haunts the place.

28. Mackay Mansion in Virginia City, Nevada

This lavish mansion is so steeped in history that its former guests want to stick around to enjoy it for a while. Employees have reported hearing a young girl playing upstairs when there aren’t any guests inside. As well, some people have seen a colonel walking about in the kitchen. While the spirit has never been aggressive, it’s enough to make people believe that it’s definitely the most haunted house in Nevada.

29. Amos J. Blake House Museum in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire

This house-turned-museum is reportedly home to eleven different spirits and one ghost cat. Staff at the museum have reported that they’ve even seen ectoplasm, which is pretty creepy by itself. However, add disembodied screams and weird footsteps on top of that and you’ve got yourself one of the most haunted houses in New Hampshire.

Image: Frank Grace/Flickr

30. Spy House in Port Monmouth, New Jersey

You don’t even have to look up “haunted houses near me” if you’re in New Jersey. Anybody you ask will know about the Spy House. Considering it was built back in 1663, it makes sense that it’s home to lots of paranormal activity.

It’s called the Spy House because, during the American Revolutionary War, the owners would listen to conversations between British soldiers and tell their secrets to patriots. That caused a lot of bad blood, and it seems like the soldiers are still haunting the grounds today.

31. Luna Mansion in Los Lunas, New Mexico

Ask any major publication, ghost hunter, or medium where the most haunted house in New Mexico is and they’ll tell you that it’s the Luna Mansion. Josefita is the spirit you’re most likely to see, as she was particularly attached to the building and renovation of the home.

It’s said that you can still see the matriarch of the family roaming the property or sitting in her favourite rocking chair. We get it; if we invested that much money we’d want to stick around for awhile, too.

32. The Amityville House in Long Island, New York

What’s the most haunted house in America? It’s up for debate. Now, what’s the most well-known haunted house in America? The Amityville House in Long Island, which was made famous by the movie of the same name. In the 70s, a ghost reportedly convinced a man to shoot six of his family members. The same demonic spirit came back when the next family moved in.

If you’re in NYC, check out the House of Death, residents have reported sightings of the once owner Mark Twain!

33. The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina

The Biltmore Estate is another one of those houses that pretty much everyone agrees on is the most haunted house in North Carolina. The love between George and Edith Vanderbilt seems to have been so strong that they wanted to stay together in their massive mansion even in the afterlife.

Numerous people report that they can hear George and Edith laughing together in certain rooms. Edith also likes to call out to George, which is both incredibly romantic and heartbreakingly sad.

34. Fort Abraham Lincoln Custer House in Mandan, North Dakota

If you’re a history buff, then you’ll definitely enjoy visiting the old home of General Custer. But, you might want to be on the lookout for his wife.

Her spirit is dressed in black mourning clothes as she wanders the house looking for General Custer, who never made it home from Little Big Horn. EVP recordings at the house have heard a voice whisper “I love you” on more than one occasion.

35. Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio

Franklin Castle looks like it’s the most haunted house in Ohio, and visitors certainly believe it actually is. The 30-room estate is complete with spooky secret passageways and eerie gargoyles, but that’s not all.

When the Tiedemann family moved in, they randomly started dying. Five family members passed away in the house, which has led people to believe that it’s cursed.

36. Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma

The Stone Lion Inn’s history began as a funeral parlour, which means that it comes as no surprise that it’s now one of the most haunted homes in Oklahoma. The Victorian mansion is home to a lot of guests, two of whom live in the spirit realm.

One of the spirits is said to be that of an eight-year-old girl who likes to stroke the faces of guests while they’re sleeping. She also seems to enjoy playing with guests by moving their personal belongings from one spot to another.

37. Heceta Head Lighthouse Keeper’s Home in Florence, Oregon

A grey lady haunts the former lighthouse keeper’s home here in Florence, Oregon.  The woman, who people call Rue, loves to stomp around angrily on the floors. If you have the guts to do it, rumour also has it that she loves to make appearances when summoned by an Ouija board. So, this might be the haunted attraction you’re looking for on Halloween if you live in Oregon.

Most Haunted Lighthouse in America

38. Farnsworth House in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The haunting at Farnsworth House is actually quite endearing. The spirit of a woman is often said to accompany those who are sad or suffering. Guests have even said she’ll lay down on the bed with you. Because the house is so close to the battlefield where Gettysburg was fought, it’s thought that the other thirteen guests who roam the hall of the inn are all Union and Confederate soldiers.

39. The Conjuring House Farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island

The movie The Conjuring was based on real-life events that supposedly occurred at a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. New owners recently purchased the home and have come out and said that it’s definitely still haunted.

We’re talking, lights flashing on and off in a room that doesn’t even have a lightbulb kind of haunted. Lucky for you, the couple has set up 24/7 surveillance cameras to catch any real ghosts on camera.

40. The Battery Carriage House Inn in Charleston, South Carolina

This is definitely the most haunted house in South Carolina. Even though it used to be a private home, it’s an inn now, where you can spend the night with the likes of a headless torso or even a congregation of spirits that roam the halls together.

Most Haunted Hotels in South Carolina
Image: Ghost City Tours

41. Historic Adams House in Deadwood, South Dakota

This luxurious house was once called the “the grandest house west of the Mississippi.” When W.E. Adams purchased it in order to enjoy his later years with his wife Alice, they both fell in love with the house until her death. Adams went on to remarry, and when he died his new wife heard his spirit walking around upstairs. She immediately boarded the house and left out of respect for her late husband, not wanting to disturb him.

Deadwood South Dakota Hauntings

42. McKamey Manor, Tennessee

McKamey Manor is not haunted in the traditional sense, but it is considered a pioneer of the notion of “extreme haunts”. **Warning this is not for the faint hearted.

During the tour, employees of the Manor may physically assault patrons, waterboard them, force them to eat and drink unknown substances, have them bound and gagged, or engage in other forms of physical and psychological torture. Yikes!

Mckamey manor


43. Haunted Hill House in Mineral Wells, Texas

This house is so haunted that it’s not only ranked as the most haunted house in Texas but as one of the most haunted houses in the entire country. Various paranormal investigators have visited Haunted Hill House only to leave bruised, scratched, and even bitten.

Former owners once said that they wouldn’t even go to the house during the day, the spirits were that active. Now, you can book a reservation to stay overnight. But, you have to sign a waiver beforehand.

Most Haunted House in Texas

44. McCune Mansion in Salt Lake City, Utah

In what’s probably one of the cutest hauntings on this list, the spirit that haunts the McCune Mansion is a little girl who enjoys dancing with the guests. Because there are so many weddings here, the little girl has learned to enjoy all of the visitors. Guests often see her smiling or catch a glimpse of her in their photos.

McCune Haunted Mansion Salt Lake City

45. Hartness House Inn in Springfield, Vermont

Looking for the most haunted places in Vermont? Head to the Hartness House Inn. Strange things seem to happen here, especially in the underground tunnels that the original owner built. While they were originally used as a way for him to retreat and get work done, today they’re the site of many paranormal incidents and weird noises.

46. The Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach, Virginia

There’s no arguing that this is the most haunted house in Virginia, as there are multiple spirits who call the plantation home today. One of the ghosts loves to chat with guests, while another is believed to be the spirit of the Witch of Pungo. She’s one of the only people in the state they ever tried for witchcraft, so you can imagine she’s not as nice.

Haunted Houses in Virigina

47. Thornewood Castle Inn in Lakewood, Washington

Without a doubt, this is one of the most haunted houses in America. The sprawling estate might look elegant, but the walls hold secrets nobody will ever find the answers to. Guests report that the despair feels so intense that they’ve seen carpets move and vortexes open up in front of the main staircase. Sounds like it’s out of a horror movie, which might make some of you want to visit it that much more.

48. Berkeley Castle in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

What looks to be a real-life European castle is actually the most haunted house in West Virginia. The ghostly inhabitants? The former owner, his wife, and her lover. While we’re not sure how they died, it’s clear that the trio of lovers still roams the house.

49. Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While the owners of this bed and breakfast insist that the spirits who stay here have good intentions, it doesn’t make the incidences any less bone-chilling and creepy. If you stay here, you run the risk of having vivid dreams as you feel the presence of spirits. Reportedly, other visitors have seen blood in a clean bathtub.

Image: Ghost Hunts USA

50. Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone Park. Wyoming

There’s nothing scarier than a dead bride, except for a headless dead bride. At Old Faithful Inn, guests have reportedly seen the ghost of a headless bride who stalks the hotel looking for her unfaithful husband.

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