The World’s 50 Most Instagrammable Desserts

If a picture’s worth a thousand calories then you’re about to undo your whole diet just by looking at this list of the world’s 50 most Instagrammable desserts.

We scoured the world in search of sweet, scrumptious desserts that deliver both on flavour and in looks. These are the desserts that are impossible not to at least upload to an Insta Story, but we’re pretty sure you’ll love them so much they’ll be up on your actual feed.

In order to rank the world’s most Instagrammable desserts, we looked at a few things:

Ready to dive into something delectably sweet? Just make sure you take a pic for the ‘gram first. Here are the 50 most Instagrammable desserts in the world right now.

World’s Most Instagrammable DessertsHow do these rankings work?

50th. Dragon Balls at N2 Lab – Madrid, Spain

Dragon balls, or bolas de dragon as you’ll see them on the menu here, are nothing new in the world of desserts. Made from liquid nitrogen, these little balls let out a stream of smoke, making it look as if you’re breathing fire. Anything nitrogen-related is incredibly Instagrammable, especially for a video, making these a great way to impress followers on your feed.

Dragon Ball Nitrogen Ice Cream Dessert

49th. Volcano Bingsoo at U:Dessert Story – San Francisco, USA

U:Dessert Story’s concept is actually intriguing and creative. They offer exceptional desserts influenced by Korean, Japanese, and Thai cuisine, but with a twist. Their Volcano Bingsoo takes guests on a whimsical journey of smoke and flavour. You’re definitely going to want to ‘gram this one.

Most Instagrammable Desserts in San Francisco

48th. Character Custard Buns at Yum Cha – Hong Kong

What’s more Instagrammable than cute, fluffy little custard buns? The buns at Yum Cha in Hong Kong are expertly crafted into adorable little characters, such as their famous pigs and orange googly eyes. If you’re in Hong Kong around the holidays, make sure to stop by Yum Cha as they create custard buns and other treats for Halloween and Christmas.

Instagrammable Desserts in Hong Kong

47th. Shaka Boom at Kokoro Cafe – Honolulu, USA

Wanna throw some shakas around while you’re in Hawaii? Get creative and upload a photo of the Shaka Boom at Kokoro Cafe. Deliciously sweet, cool soft-serve sits atop a cone that’s shaped in the form of a surfer shaka. It’s pretty gnarly, bro, and in the best way possible.

Shaka Boom Hawaii Dessert

46th. Puffle at Hvala Waffle Bar – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Bubble waffles might be slowly going out of style, but at the Hvala Waffle Bar in Phnom Penh, you’ll find a unique take on the traditional waffle. Order a Black Puffle, which is a black bubble waffle drizzled in rainbow sprinkles. Choose some of your favourite toppings to throw inside and you’ve got yourself one incredibly delicious and Instagrammable dessert.

45th. Stroopwafels at Van Wonderen Stroopwafels – Amsterdam, Netherlands

You can’t travel to the Netherlands and not sample one of their famous stroopwafels. Head to Van Wonderen Stroopwafels and order one of their photogenic, delightfully delicious stroopwafels. Pose in front of one of Amsterdam’s charming canals for a great photo memory of your dessert journey.

Instagrammable Desserts in Europe

44th. Rainbow Pancakes at Estrella Athens – Athens, Greece

At Estrella Athens, you’ll actually find numerous items on the menu that are Instagram-worthy. However, it’s their Rainbow Pancakes that really steal the show. Covered in rainbow popcorn pieces and bursting with flavour, life, and colour, there’s nothing that doesn’t scream Instagram about these pancakes.

Instagrammable Desserts in Europe

43rd. Macaron Gelato Slider at The Sweet Box Cart – Perth, Australia

The Sweet Box Cart in Perth has truly created a work of art in their Macaron Gelato Sliders. They’ve combined creatively coloured and eccentric macarons with confetti covered ice cream. The result? A dessert so delicious that it’s going to be hard not to devour it before you get your picture.

Most Instagrammable Desserts in Australia

42nd. Cookie Dough Desserts at The Dough Dough – Dallas, USA

Cookie dough desserts are slowly gaining popularity all around the world. At this small dessert shop in Dallas, Texas, however, they’re the shining star. Dough Dough sells cookie dough by the scoops, but you can get other Insta-worthy dough desserts here too, all vibrant and cheery as the next.

Instagrammable Desserts in Texas

41st. Charcoal Ice Cream with Edible Gold at Scoopi Cafe – Dubai, UAE

Black food is taking the world by storm, and it’s definitely become a key component of Instagrammable desserts. In Dubai, you can indulge in some charcoal ice cream at Scoopi Cafe where they sprinkle it with edible gold. This is the perfect dessert for Instagrammers who have more neutral, modern feeds.

Charcoal Ice Cream

40th. Nitrogen Ice Cream Shake at Papacream – Mumbai, India

No place does nitrogen ice cream quite like Mumbai, which means that you won’t be strapped for choice in terms of Instagrammable ice cream parlours. However, Papacream delivers both in terms of show and taste. Their ice cream shakes are downright delicious and with the smoke of the nitrogen in the background, it’ll look as though your shake’s on a movie set.

Nitrogen Ice Cream in Mumbai

39th. Unicorn Bubble Tea at On Cloud Nine – Chiang Mai, Thailand

In terms of cafes, On Cloud Nine is without a doubt one of the most Instagrammalbe cafes in the world. This Chiang Mai dessert cafe serves up cotton candy-filled delights and magical cakes, but it’s their Unicorn Bubble Tea that’s the most Instagrammable item on the menu. Unicorn ears filled with sprinkles? It’s hard to beat that aesthetic.

Best Dessert Cafes in Chiang Mai

38th. Taiyaki Ice Cream at Taiyaki NYC – New York City, USA

Taiyaki ice cream is just now beginning to gain momentum in terms of popular desserts around the world. This Japanese fish-shaped cake tastes a bit like a pancake, and when topped with ice cream, creates a tantalising treat that’s hard to resist. At Taiyaki NYC they know just how to craft their cones in a way that’ll have your followers feeling serious FOMO.

37th. Roti Hotcakes at The Glass Den – Melbourne, Australia

Everything at The Glass Den in Melbourne is Instagrammable, straight down to the restaurant itself. Equal parts fine dining and eccentric cafe, The Glass Den excels at serving creative dishes with colourful touches. Case in point? Their Roti Hotcakes, which they top with green ice cream and douse in pink candy floss. You’ll want to be sure to get a few good snaps of this one.

36th. Japanese Souflee Pancakes at Hong Kong – Hong Kong

Remember a few years back when those perfectly round and fluffy Japanese pancakes were all the rage? They still are, and now one place in Hong Kong is smothering them in sauces. As if Japanese Souflee Pancakes weren’t already Instagrammable enough, at Hong Kong you can have them covered in various toppings that’ll make your photo and taste buds pop even more.

Instagrammable Desserts in Hong Kong

35th. Monster Desserts from Kawaii Monster Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

If you’re looking for Instagrammable food then Tokyo is the place for you. There’s no shortage of crazy cuisine here, and the Kawaii Monster Cafe is one of the best places to go in order to sample the most inventive sweets in Japan. Order any one of their monster desserts and you’ll have more than enough Insta material to tide you over for a while.

Instagrammable Desserts

34th. Sunnies Funfetti at Sunnies Cafe – Manila, Phillippines

Despite the simple nature of this cheery funfetti treat, more than a few followers mentioned just how Insta-worthy it is. Sunnies Cafe is well-known for having one of the best brunches in Manila, which is perhaps what draws so many Instagrammers in for a look. The Sunniest Funfetti dessert looks great in any photo, especially when contrasted against the cafe’s modern interior.

33rd. Hot Chocolate at Rim Cafe – Philadelphia, USA

It’s hard to describe how Instagrammable the hot chocolate at Rim Cafe is without showing you a video. This dessert is well-crafted with care and enthusiasm by locals who love slinging chocolate-filled treats to guests. Make sure you have your phone set to record for this delightful treat, as you’re definitely going to want to catch them in the act of preparing your hot chocolate.

32nd. Gourmet Birthday Cake Milkshake at Peace Treats – Toronto, Canada

Peace Treats is a gourmet milkshake bar that serves quality shakes and other sweet treats to visitors in Toronto. While you could argue that everything on their menu is worthy of a bright, colourful Insta photo, it’s their Birthday Cake Milkshake that truly steals the spotlight. It’s overflowing with sprinkles and topped with an actual full slice of birthday cake. Does it get any more extravagant and Instagrammable?

Instagrammable Desserts in Canada

31st. Unicorn Donut Milkshake at Mr. Funk – Budapest, Hungary

If you’re not too distracted by the cheerful, eccentric interior of Mr. Funk, then go ahead and order one of their famous unicorn shakes. This local creamery in Budapest specialises in doughnuts, as you might have guessed, so their shakes come topped with adorable, expertly-crafted doughnuts that only add to the Instagrammable nature of the dessert.

30th. Sno-Bliz at Hansen’s Sno-Bliz – New Orleans, USA

Tired of all the freak shakes and decked out doughnuts you see online nowadays? Dare to be different and try snapping a photo of the wonderfully delicious Snow-Bliz they serve at Hansen’s Sno-Bliz in New Orleans. These cool, colourful treats will add a pop of colour to any feed. Try ordering one that’s topped with bananas foster for an ultra New Orleans-style photo.

29th. Nutella Pancakes at Northern Perk Cafe – Brunswick, Australia

Northern Perk Cafe, which is modelled after the Central Perk Cafe of Friends fame, specialises in what they call a Breakfast Tower. These delightfully photogenic dishes feature main courses at the bottom and over-the-top, sugary sweet pancakes on top. Fluffy pancakes serve as the canvas for a chocolate-covered, toppings-filled art piece. The result? Something so tempting that you’ll need to get the photo fast before you dive in.

28th.  Galaxy Glow Ice Cream at Whisk Creamery – Perh, Australia

When you’ve uploaded too many stuffed cookies and unicorn-themed treats to your feed, head to Whisk Creamery in Perth to indulge in a different kind of dessert. The Galaxy Glow Ice Cream here is so unique that you won’t find it anywhere else in the world. It’s bright, vibrant, and glows in the dark. The photo’s going to be so good you’ll probably make it your profile picture.

27th. Freakshakes at The Sum of Us – Dubai, UAE

The Sum of Us in Dubai is home to freak shakes that top all freak shakes. The restaurant, which is actually more of an upscale brunch spot than a dessert cafe, is filled with quality dishes and some of the best coffee in all of Dubai. Their freak shakes, however, are what keep guests coming back for more. Order the Fruit Loops freak shake for a lighter photo or the Peanut Butter Nutter for darker hues.

Freakshakes Monster Shakes in Dubai

26th. Chimney Cakes at GOOD FOOD – Prague, Czech Republic

If you’re travelling to Prague and want to take the most Instagrammable foodie photo of all time then you’ll need to get a good chimney cake to do so. And, GOOD FOOD is where you’ll find the most impressively crafted chimney cakes in the Czech Republic and beyond. We suggest the red chimney cake, which contrasts nicely against any exterior building in the city for a photo.

Best Chimney Cakes in Prague

25th. 22 Scoop Sundae at Mo & Moshi – Bangkok, Thailand

Mo & Moshi serves the biggest serving of ice cream in the world. Literally, their ice cream comes in what looks like fishbowls and include 22 scoops in varying flavours, all mixed with mini waffles, pocky sticks, whipped cream, and more. Instagrammable? Very. Delicious? You bet.

Biggest Ice Cream Dessert Thailand

24th. Thunderbomb at REMICONE – Seoul, South Korea

This adorable little dessert truly looks like a little ball of thunder. Topped with tiny little lightning bolts and sweets that look like colourful little raindrops, the Thunderbomb at REMICONE is one of the most Instagrammable desserts in Asia for sure. It’s especially great on a rainy day in Seoul.

23rd.  Ice Cream-Filled Chimney Cakes at Eva’s Original Chimneys – Toronto, Canada 

Caramel and chocolate ooze over the sides and down the delectable chimney cakes at Eva’s Original Chimneys. While this sweet treat might have originated in Europe, Toronto is home to the most Instagrammable version. Get it topped with pretzels, chocolates, or even plain old ice cream, it looks and tastes just as delicious any way you order it.

Best Desserts in Toronto

22nd. Chocolate Piñata at Uncle Julio’s – Nashville, USA

If your aim is to delight and dazzle your followers with a bit of a dessert show, then look no further than Uncle Julio’s. Their famous Chocolate Piñata is just as delicious as it is enticing to watch. A chocolate piñata dangles over a plate, and upon cracking it open, out falls mini churros, fruits, and other sweets. It’s so Instagrammable that you’re likely to inspire more than a few visits to this place.

21st. Loaded Doughnut Fries at The Doughnut Bar – Brisbane, Australia

Doughnut fries? Say no more! At The Doughtnut Bar in Brisbane, there’s literally nothing on the menu that isn’t sticky, sweet and Insta-worthy. However, their Loaded Doughnut Fries come topped with enough scrumptious, sinful treats that it’ll almost be too hard to fit it all into just one picture.

20th. Mermaid Drinks from Sweet Daze Dessert Bar – Richardson, Texas

The Sweet Daze Dessert Bar has got so many different kinds of desserts to offer that there’s something here for any kind of Insta aesthetic. Their drinks serve as the base, which come in both lemonade and iced tea flavours. Depending on the colour profile you’re looking for, they’ll also top them with the cake of your choosing. The Mermaid Drinks are Instagrammable, but really, they’re so creative here that everything they publish on their own Insta feed is a hit.

19th. Cookie Nachos at Insomnia Cookies – New York, USA

You only have to hear the words cookie nachos to know that this is one of the most Instagrammable desserts in the world. Insomnia Cookies, a well-known brand in the United States, wows customers with their inventive desserts. While everything is delightfull delicious, their cookies nachos are so creative that there’s no way you won’t get more than a few likes by uploading a photo of the dessert.

Cookie Nachos

18th. Brownie S’Mores Stack at Black Milk – Manchester, UK

Black Milk is another sweet cafe that’s full of Instagrammable desserts. You can close your eyes and blind order anything here and it’ll turn out super ‘gram worthy. However, readers let us know that their waffles are especially photogenic. And, if you tag then in your Insta photo and they share it, you win a free Black Milk dessert!

17th. InstaShakes at Hudson’s – Cape Town, South Africa

Looking for the most Instagrammable desserts in South Africa? Head to Hudson’s Burger Joint. Despite being super delicious, we suggest skipping the burgers and going straight for dessert. Their InstaShakes obviously cater to Insta-hungry guests and come in flavours such as Strawberry Candyfloss and Salted Caramel Pocorn.

16th. Make Your Own Dessert at DYCE – London, UK

If you can’t seem to find the right kind of dessert that fits your Instagram aesthetic, then why not go somewhere where you can create your own dessert exactly as you want it? DYCE is revolutionising the dessert industry, especially in the age of Instagram. Here, you can create your own sweet treat any way you want it. It doesn’t get more Instagrammable than that.

Instagrammable Desserts DIY in London

15th. “Hit Me” Chocolate Cake at Catch NYC – New York City, USA

Any dessert with its own built-in hashtag is guaranteed to be good for the ‘gram. The “Hit Me” Chocolate Cake is a four-tiered dessert that’s going to tempt and tantalise any chocolate love. Make sure to press record before you dive in as you’ll have to hit the top layer to break it open and let the ice cream cascade down onto the cakes.

14th. Watermelon Soft Serve at Dominique Ansel Bakery – London, UK

Not a fan of chocolate-filled treats and super sweet ice cream? No problem! At Dominiqe Ansel Bakery in London they serve one of the most Insta-famous desserts in the world – their Watermelon Soft Serve. Real watermelon slices act as a fruity cone in which they sandwich bright-coloured soft serve. This is the perfect Instagram dessert for summer vibes or spring afternoons.

13th. Dessert Tacos at Sweet Rolled Tacos – Garden Grove, USA

Sweet Rolled Tacos combines two Instagram foodie crazes in one. Rolled ice cream fills their vibrantly-coloured dessert tacos, creating one of the most Instagrammable desserts in the world. Choose your favourite colour and throw all the toppings to match and you’ve got yourself the perfect photo.

12th. Marie Antoinette’s Head at Barton G. – Miami, USA

Let them eat cake! No, really, it’s the name of the dessert at Barton G. Order this tantalising dessert and watch as they bring a full bust of Marie Antoinette to your table, rocking sky-high cotton candy hair. Eat the cake first, or her hair, it’s really up to you. Just make sure you get a picture of this fantastically creative treat first before diving in.

11th. Giant Stuffed Cannolis at Gelso and Grand – New York City, USA

Who’d have thought that a cannoli could tell a story? That’s exactly what the giant stuffed cannolis at Gelso and Grand do. The warm and inviting restaurant is a pretty unassuming spot for Instagrammable dessert, but the cannolis are too cute to resist. Order a seaside smashable cannoli or opt for the Lego-themed one – they’re all equally worthy of a photo.

10th.  Freakshakes at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer – New York City, USA

Black Tap serves some of the best craft beer and burgers in all of New York City, so it comes as no surprise that their freak shakes are just as over the top as their meals. From shakes that ooze chococlate down the sides to whimsical cotton candy-topped options, there’s nothing here that’s not truly impressive.

9th. Birthday Milkshake at Bocas House – Miami, USA

The menu at Bocas House is filled with delightful cheat day treats. But, you can orrder any one of their monstrous milkshakes if you’re looking to see what paradise tastes like. Their Birthday Milkshake, for example, is a creamy funfetti milkshake with an actual birthday cake on top. It’s aeshtetically pleasing and out of this world delicious.

Instagrammable Desserts in Miami

8th. Hotter Chocolates at BomboBar – Chicago, USA

If you’ve ever thought that what a nice cup of hot chocolate needed was an entire ice cream sundae on top, then BomboBar has got you covered. The Hotter Chocolates here are so over the top that they’re almost too beautiful to be true. Extravagant toppings include Pop-Tarts, white chocolate-dipped rice krispie treat, sour rainbow belts, and lots of creamy drizzle. It’d be a shame not to share this with your Insta followers.

7th. Cookie Monster at Salt7 – Delray Beach, USA

Delightful displays of culinary excellence are standard fare at Salt7, one of the most happening restaurants in all of Delray Beach, Florida. What you get when you order a dessert, however, is more of a show than anything else. The Cookie Monster comes with Bailey’s spiked chocolate chip cookies and is served with a few side shots of Nesquik strawberry milk. It’s so Instagrammable that you better hurry before it becomes too popular.

6th.  Cotton Candy Burrito at Creamberry – Las Vegas, USA

What’s a cotton candy burrito? Aside from being ranked as the No. 6 most Instagrammable dessert in the world, it’s made up of multiple ice cream scoops placed side-by-side on a flattened cloud of vibrantly coloured cotton candy.  Don’t go anywhere else in the world aside from Creamberry, as theirs are the best, most authentic, and most photogenic.

Cotton Candy Burrito Insta Worthy Dessert

5th. Mega Hot Chocolate at Sugar Buns Bakery – Melbourne, Australia

When it comes to the most Instagrammable freak shakes in the world, our audience thinks that you’ll find some of the best in Melbourne. However, it was the Mega Hot Chocolate at Sugar Buns Bakery that ultimately won the No. 5 spot. Temptuous and oozing with flavour, the toppings that adorn the hot chocolate here are help craft some of the most impressive treats you’ll see anywhere in the world.

Best Dessert in Australia

4th. The Milky Bun at Afters Ice Cream – California, USA

What’s not Instagrammable about a Milky Bun from the famous Afters Ice Cream? This doughy confection serves up a slick twist on the classic doughnut, where various flavours of ice cream and sweet toppings are sandwiched between two thick glazed buns. The best part about this dessert is that you choose the flavour and toppings, meaning that you ultimately control how the end result looks.

3rd. Super Shakes at Piggy Back Cafe – Brisbane, Australia

Australia is absolutely rocking it in terms of freak and monster shakes, and the Piggy Back Cafe in Brisbane is evidence of that. While they’re also known for their Insta-famous rainbow coffee, their super shakes are slowly taking over as King of the Candies. Their Unicorn Super Shake treats you to a magical shaker that’s topped with mini marshmallows, chocolate fairy floss and sprinkles.

2nd. Unicorn Waffles at Unicorn Cafe – Bangkok, Thailand

The unicoron foodie phase is here to stay, at least that’s what is seems, as the Unicorn Waffles at the famous Unicorn Cafe easily took the No. 2 spot. If you’re ever in Asia and want to pump up your Insta feed, head to Bangkok and spend the afternoon at the Unicorn Cafe. You don’t even have to order a dessert to snap a quality photo, but the Unicorn Waffles are truly a delightful sight to see and taste.

1st. Candy Floss Ice Cream Cone at Milk Train – London, UK

The most Instagrammable dessert in the world? The often gravity-defying candy floss ice cream at Milk Train in London. Cloud-like ceilings and neon signage welcome you into a space that seems specifically designed for Instagram photos. It’s that Insta cafe feel, combined with the nature of their desserts, that seem to be what people love so much. Their newly-released pot ice cream seems to be kicking off a new trend, so make sure you stop by to sample before they get flooded with food bloggers and Instagram influencers.

Most Instagrammable Dessert in London

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