Instagrammable train station

The 7 Most Instagrammable Train Stations In The World

You might pass through the station every morning on your daily commute, but how often do you look around? While your local transport hub might not be the most exciting, there’s some seriously beautiful train stations around the world. These Instagrammable train stations feature glorious architecture, stunning artwork and intricate interior design.

The stations below are the most ‘Instagrammed’ in the world – we can see why! From colourful modern design to Jules Verne-esque vibes, these stations make train travel a real joy.

Most Instagrammable Train Stations in the World

1. Grand Central Station – New York, USA

When travelling through New York’s Grand Central station, you can find many examples of exciting, intricate architecture and interior design including the famous four faced opal clock, a huge mural and vaulted ceilings. Other famous sights include the station’s gustavo tiles, as well as statues from Greek myth, including Mercury, Hercules & Minverva.

2. Prospekt Mira Station – Moscow, Russia

As with many of Moscow’s metro stations, Prospekt Mira is specifically designed with a classical style. The station includes many staples of Russian Imperial architecture including chandeliers, floral ceramic bas-relief friezes and chequered flooring. Moscow has plenty of other beautiful stations, but this one really stands out.

Image: @streets_by_li/Instagram

3. St Pancras International – London, UK

This station is well known for its impressive Neo-gothic architecture, but you should also look out for other ‘hidden’ features. This includes its historic drinking fountain which was one of the first in London to provide fresh water to the public. Fans of interior design can’t miss the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Image: @daniilvnoutchkov/Instagram

4. Arts et Metiers – Paris, France

Arts et Metiers station was actually designed by a French comic book artist, who wanted it to resemble the interior of a submarine. As a result the décor is mostly full of copper-looking plating, with the occasional porthole. It’s unusual, and easily one of the most Instagrammable train stations in the world.

Image: @vuitor/Instagram

5. Kanazawa Station – Kanazawa, Japan

Kanazawa station is an impressive sight from the inside and outside. The first thing you will notice the glass roof, which is made up of 3,019 pieces of glass! When travelling through the station, commuters will also spot the ‘Welcome Gate’ or ‘Sacred Gate’. This is one of twelve gates in the station, and is a nod to the design of Buddhist shrines.

Instagrammable train station
Image: @cyber_punk_city_kanazawa/Instagram

6. Stockholm Metro Stations (Various) – Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has 100 metro stations, of which 90 have amazing designs. The stations are all carved directly into rock faces, with each one having a different vibrant design. Popular stops on the metro include Stadion Station for its iconic rainbow mural, and T-Centralen Station for its traditional blue & white patterning. You’ll discover a new photo op with every stop!

Instagrammable train station
Image: @chera_travel/Instagram

7. Union Station – Denver, USA

When travelling through Denver’s Union Station you will instantly notice the building’s stunning floral arch work. But, you might not know that there are over 2,300 individually carved Columbine flowers in the station’s interior. The station’s iconic slogan “Travel by Train” is a throwback to the 1960’s, when American rail companies were under threat from the rise in domestic air travel.

Instagrammable train station

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