Best Date Night Restaurants Dallas

The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants In Dallas

Often regarded as one of the largest cultural hubs in Texas, Dallas is home to a high concentration of high-end shops and fine dining establishments. The city itself serves up a pretty stunning skyline, meaning that it’s delightfully romantic any time of the year.

Texas is appropriately nicknamed The Friendly State. So, it comes as no surprise that the most romantic restaurants in Texas personify the same kind of charm that makes them even more intimate and inviting.

Whether you’re planning on popping the question or simply want to find a great restaurant for a regular date night, here are seven of the most romantic restaurants in Dallas.

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1. St. Martin’s Wine Bistro

Often regarded as the most romantic restaurant in Dallas, St. Martin’s Wine Bistro creates the perfect ambience for an intimate evening. Live piano music sets the stage on which the delicious cuisine acts as the main player. Intimate booths provide couples with a cosy alcove from which to enjoy the sounds of the piano wafting in as they sip on sumptuous glasses of wine. This place will light your fire for sure.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Dallas

2. SĒR Steak and Spirits

Perched atop the iconic Hilton Anatol, SĒR offers guests the chance to indulge a new wave of steakhouse dining. Expect unparalleled views of the Dallas skyline here as you enjoy the chef-driven cuisine. Delicacies range from handcrafted cocktails straight through to their famous steak, all of which is sure to evoke a sense of romance, at least from your tastebuds. The views alone here, however, are more than enough to evoke feelings of passion.

Best Date Night Restaurants Dallas

3. Town Hearth

64 crystal chandeliers light the main dining room of Town Hearth, one of the most romantic restaurants in Dallas. Here, you’ll have no problem getting into the mood as the entire restaurant experience oozes passion from start to finish. Italian upholstery will surely impress your date, with craft cocktails and a delicious raw bar continuing the experience seamlessly. Looking for a date night restaurant you’re going to want to repeat? This is it.

Dallas Romantic Restaurants

4. The French Room

One look at the opulent dining room here and you’ll understand why numerous locals rank The French Room as one of the most romantic restaurants in Dallas. They call this destination French dining, as you’re immediately transported to the streets of Paris upon stepping foot inside of this luxurious eatery. There’s nothing that’s not romantic about The French Room, from the appetising baguettes down to the gold decor accents.

Best Restaurants in Dallas for Anniversary

5. Rise Souffle

Although a bit scaled back from the other romantic restaurants on this list, Rise Souffle, or Rise No. 1, is a favourite amongst locals who are looking for a romantic date night place they can visit regularly. Charming and warmly inviting, this French restaurant serves just the right amount of style without veering into pretentious. The vibes are laidback and intimate, and the souffle is second-to-none.

Dallas Date Night

6. Felix Culpa

If eclectic interiors and vibrant decor entice you more than a luxurious dining room setting, then make reservations at Felix Culpa. Here, they cater to the wilder side of romance, offering a modern, chic space for diners looking to enjoy the bright side of things. This place is simply fun and their quality cocktails make for a great way to kick off your romantic evening.

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7. Oak Dallas

In the Design District of Dallas, you’ll find Oak, a contemporary restaurant that allows the food to do the talking. While the decor is definitely upscale and intriguing, it’s simple enough to let lovers gaze into each other’s eyes rather than stare around at the distracting decorations. The wine list here is absolutely impeccable, so if you want to treat your partner to something special, make sure to visit Oak.

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