Most Romantic Restaurants In The United States

The 50 Most Romantic Restaurants In The United States

As we move into the holiday season, the next few months are filled with plenty of holidays and magical moments you’ll want to share with a partner.

We’ve got Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day all within the span of about two months, and you know what that means: scrambling to find a romantic restaurant where you can celebrate. After all, what’s more romantic than treating bae to an evening of candlelit dining and quality food?

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a simple intimate dinner or are looking for the perfect place to pop the question, here are the 50 most romantic restaurants in the United States to help you plan your evening.

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1. Cotton Row Restaurant – Huntsville, Alabama

There’s something undeniably charming about the Cotton Row Restaurant in historic downtown Huntsville. The European bistro-style setting mixed with the upscale, fresh American cuisine and quality Southern hospitality work to make dining here a quality experience. For an especially romantic evening, dine out on the second-floor balcony and enjoy the sunset. Or, opt for the mysterious and enchanting wine cellar.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Alabama

2. Seven Glaciers Restaurant – Girdwood, Alaska

With views as stunning as this, the only hiccup in the evening might be spending too long marvelling at the snow-capped mountains instead of your date. Everything is delightfully romantic here, from the absolutely breathtaking views to the outstanding wine list and even the locally-sourced food itself. Take your love to new heights and start with a bottle of wine; Seven Glaciers was voted as America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants, so they’re ready to offer suggestions if you need any.

Most Romantic Restaurants in the United States

3. Different Pointe of View – Phoenix, Arizona

Perched atop a mountain, Different Pointe of View offers couples the chance to experience dramatic panoramas of the entire valley. Head here just before dusk to enjoy the jaw-dropping Arizona sunset that floods through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Then, indulge in some of the most inventive dishes you’ll find in all of Greater Phoenix. It’ll be a magical evening you’ll never forget.

4. Luna Bella – Hot Springs, Arkansas

What guests seems to rave about at the Italian-American restaurant Luna Bella is the superb service. Attention to detail, finely-prepared food, and unique wines also work to make this one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States, and one of the absolute most romantic in Arkansas. Enjoy a quiet candlelit meal as you sip on one of their inventive martinis or sumptuous glasses of wine. It’s enchanting and divine.

Image: T. Payne Photography

5. Waterbar – San Francisco, California

Stunning water views are standard fare at the appropriately-named Waterbar. This premier restaurant is situated perfectly along the shores of one of the most impressive bays in the world. Cosy up to your partner as you indulge in some sustainably-sourced fish and well-crated dishes. Floor-to-ceiling aquariums add to the romantic feel, that is if you can pull yourself away from the jaw-dropping views for a second.

Anniversary Restaurants in San Francisco

6. The Penrose Room at The Broadmoor – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pulling up to The Broadmoor feels as if you’re arriving to an enchanting European castle. It’s perched atop a hill, providing some of the most stunning scenery in all of Colorado. Then, upon entering The Penrose Room, your romantic evening begins as. An magnificent chandelier welcomes you into the dining room where you can enjoy sweeping mountain views or cosy up into a private, plush booth.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Colorado

7. Millwright’s Tavern – Simsbury, Connecticut

Millwright’s Tavern is an enchanting delight of an experience, in terms of the cuisine, wine, and ambiance. They serve everything from traditional tavern fare to a seven course Chef’s Tasting menu in an warm, inviting farmhouse-like atmosphere. They’ve won numerous awards for their superb wine list. Do you really need any more reason to spend a romantic evening here? We think not.

8. Eden – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

A dazzling display of hanging lights brightens up the romantic dining room at Eden, by far one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States. The restaurant oozes of a certain laid back elegance while the kitchen churns out bold American cuisine. Cosy into a private booth tucked away behind flowing curtains. Let the wine flow and treat your date to an elegant evening of tasting the chef’s three-course prix fixe dinner.

9. Matador Room – Miami Florida

Traditional Latin cuisine sets the stage for an evening of romance and intrigue at the Matador Room. This restaurant oozes of midcentury glamour and decor while offering guests multiple different areas to dine in and enjoy. Lay back against the deep plush couches and sip wine amongst the matador-covered walls. Or, head to the main dining area for even more opulence and elegance.

Most Romantic Restaurants in America

10. Canoe – Atlanta, Georgia

Canoe is the ultimate Southern experience, offering a delightful charm that’s unique to this part of the United States. The picturesque views here are enough to make you want to take endless photos with bae. But, the modern American menu offers delightful treats as well. Here, they use fresh, seasonal ingredients to whip up elevated, world-class dishes. The atmosphere is relaxing and intimate, creating the perfect ambience in which to enjoy a quiet meal for two.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Atlanta

11. Haleiwa Joe’s – Kaneohe, Hawaii

Dive into heaping portions of Hawaiian culture and cuisine at Haleiwa Joe’s. The restaurant’s surroundings ooze of mysterious charm and romantic passion. Lush greenery surrounds the space at either location – the iconic Oahu North Shore location and at Kaneohe’s lush Haiku Gardens. Sip on tasty tropical cocktails and enjoy relaxing Hawaiian sunset views. It doesn’t get much more romantic than this.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Hawaii

12. Capitol Cellars – Boise, Idaho

Make your way deep down in the mysterious and romantic cellar at Capitol Cellars. It’s regarded as one of the most romantic spots in the entire city. And, the dark and romantic atmosphere is perfect for celebrating someone special. Order any one of their fantastic wines and relax into your surroundings for a quality, very romantic date night.

13. Geja’s Cafe – Chicago, Illinois

This has been a popular date night spot for more than 50 years. It feels like a cosy wine cellar, with curtained booths, candlelit tables, and a live flamenco guitarist. Everything is cooked in a sizzling fondue pot right at your table, from the creamy Swiss gruyère cheese appetiser to the velvety Belgian chocolate dessert. It’s the perfect spot for a first date, special occasion, or even a proposal (Geja’s has seen more than 16,000 engagements over the years).

Most Romantic Restaurants in Illinois

14. C3 – Bloomington, Indiana

Upscale Italian cuisine paints the perfect picture of a cosy and intimate evening at this Bloomington hotspot. The ever-changing menu ensures there’ll be something to tantalise your tastebuds, and their live music evenings will set the stage for an even more romantic evening dining in with the one you love. Make sure to check out their daily drink specials to add a little extra fun to your evening.

15. Popoli Ristorante & Sullivan’s Bar – Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Popoli Ristorante offers an intimate setting in which loved-up couples can enjoy creative Italian cuisine. As it’s located inside of the historic old bank building, the location alone is enough to make your knees weak in awe. Dine inside of a real vault or enjoy the main dining area; it’s all romantic and charming regardless of where you sit.

Romantic US Restaurants

16. Reserve – Kansas City, Kansas

Prepare to pamper your palate and your partner at Reserve, one of the best date night restaurants in Kansas City for couples who love to indulge. Discover and delight in the romantic ambience here as you indulge in exquisite food. The sumptuous decor delivers truly romantic vibes, while the ever-changing menu ensures that you’ll always have something new to sample.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Kansas

17. The Miller House – Owensboro, Kentucky

Few things scream romance as much as dining inside of a luxurious Victorian-era romance. Looking to truly impress? Head here and enjoy the faint sounds of  amniotic music and truly high-quality cooking. Slowly work your way through a delectable grilled rack of lamb with blue cheese risotto as you sip on wine and gaze into your partner’s eyes. It’ll be a date night you’re not soon to forget.

18. La Truffe Sauvage – Lake Charles, Louisiana

Often regarded as one of Louisiana’s best-kept secrets in terms of fine dining, after one visit to La Truffe Sauvage you’ll understand why it’s one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States. The staff and kitchen are uncompromising when it comes to quality, ensuring a seamless dining experience from beginning to end. Private tables provide space for an intimate evening as well. All that’s missing is you.

19. Five Fifty-Five – Portland, Maine

Inventive comfort food might be the culinary showstopper at this Portland, Maine restaurant. But, it’s the dimly lit dining room, superb service, and elegant atmosphere that make this easily one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States. Book a small table on the second-floor balcony of this old 19th-century firehouse and prepare for an evening of total romance and delightful memories.

20. Sotto Sopra – Baltimore, Maryland

Transport you and your date all the way to a contemporary, trendy Italian villa at Sotto Sopra. If your idea of romance includes live opera music, candlelit tables and a few glasses of superb wine, then this is the place for you. Lush, velvety curtains and oversized pieces of artwork set the stage as opera singers serenade guests on a monthly basis. Simply put, the entire restaurant is dripping with romantic touches.

21. Top of the Hub – Boston, Massachusetts

If dining 52 stories above the beautiful Back Bay doesn’t get your blood boiling enough to light a fire in your romance then we’re not sure what will. It’s easy to see why locals even think Top of the Hub is one of the most romantic restaurants in Boston. Awe-inspiring views, superb service, and some of the finest food in the city? Date night’s never been so perfect.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Boston

22. Iridescence – Baltimore, Michigan

Fancy an evening of romantic dining on the 16th floor of one of Baltimore’s finest buildings? Iridescence has just the spot for you. Enjoy soaring views of the city’s skyline as you browse the impressive wine menu. Then, treat yourselves to a delectable dinner of dishes ranging from lobster tails to lamb. It’s all glitz and glamour without the pretense, and that’s about as romantic as it gets in our book.

Romantic Restaurants in the US

23. Cafe & Bar Lurcat – Minneapolis, Minnesota

One glance at Cafe & Bar Lurcat and it’s easy to see why so many people deem it one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States. Here, it’s all about setting the stage for an evening of passion and mystery. Their tasting menu titled Voyage takes you on a culinary journey through dishes prepared from fresh, local, artisanal ingredients. Elegantly-prepared food perfectly accompanies the environment, which is overflowing with flowers and fancy details.

United States Romantic Restaurants

24. Parlor Market – Jackson, Mississippi

Expect nothing short of romantic and upscale here, both in terms of cuisine and setting. Reserve a spot early to dine in this elegant 1898 building. Exposed brick walls and flickering lamps create a warm, romantic setting for couples looking to enjoy a distinctive evening of historic charm and world-class food. First, however, you’ll want to make sure you visit the luxurious marble-covered bar. You can’t start your special evening off without one of their irresistible cocktails.

Most Romantic Restaurants United States

25. Bar Les Frères – Clayton, Missouri

Passionate red walls, elegant decor, and a low-lit charm typical of any French bistro you’d find in Paris all make Bar Les Frères one of the absolute most romantic restaurants in the United States. Here, you’ll be surrounded by classical French painting as you dive into delectable food such as their world-famous Gruyère Soufflé.  First, take in the undeniably charming surroundings. Then, enjoy a truly unforgettable evening.

26. Walkers Grill – Bozeman, Montana

Expert mixologists craft delectable cocktails for eager couples to enjoy before a romantic dining experience here. Upscale yet laid-back, barbed-wire chandeliers bounce light off the walls as golden hour light floods in from the windows. Graze your way through some tasty tapas. Then, enjoy a delightful dessert with bae in one of the most romantic restaurants you’ll ever enter.

Most Romantic American Restaurants

27. Carmela’s Bistro – Lincoln, Nebraska

Enjoy relaxed, contemporary surroundings at one of Nebraska’s most romantic restaurants. Sumptuous, quality wine flows freely here as diners enjoy intimate tables and quiet hidden corners in which to sample traditional American fare and a special date night menu on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings. All in all, it’s the perfect spot for anything special, from an anniversary to a proposal.

28. Le Cirque – Las Vegas, Nevada

There are about a thousand and one places to spend a romantic evening in Las Vegas, making it incredibly difficult to choose just one spot. However, Le Cirque offers romantic diners everything all in one. First, there’s the timeless, opulent decor. Then, there’s the transcendent experience that is the fine French food. And, finally, to finish it all off, you’ll get dine in the elegant, world-famous Bellagio hotel. Fine dining in Vegas has never looked or felt to decadent.

29. Sugar Hill Inn – Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

This one doubles as one of the most romantic restaurants and one of the most romantic hotels in America. Sweep your partner off their feet and whisk them away to the charming Sugar Hill Inn. Then, treat them to a candlelit four-course meal beside a crackling fire. After dinner, indulge in a full evening of passion and romance by booking a night in one of the inn’s luxurious suites. Things get particularly enchanting around the holidays when snow-covered landscapes sparkle under the morning sun.

Anniversary Restaurants in USA

30. Cafe Matisse – Rutherford, New Jersey

This Henri Matisse inspired dining room is dripping with an opulence and elegance similar to that of a truly authentic French bistro. The imaginative prix-fixe menu is a great place to start the evening. However, working your way through a decadent night out as you sip on wine and enjoy a tranquil, charming setting is romantic regardless of what you order. After dinner, be sure to stroll around the back garden hand-in-hand with your date.

Romantic Restaurants in New Jersey

31. D.H. Lescombes Winery & Bistro – Las Cruces, New Mexico

What’s more romantic than dining at an actual winery? Wine and dine your date as this contemporary, laid-back winery and bistro in Las Cruces. Start with their signature nosh and pair it with a bottle of delicious Cabernet Sauvignon. Or, opt for sampling their Limited Release Petit Verdot as you gaze into your partner’s eyes and wonder how you got so lucky to end up in such a charming place with them.

32. Pane Vino on the River – Rochester, New York

New York City is brimming with numerous romantic restaurants. However,  none of them quite capture the hometown charm that Pane Vino on the River does. Make your way to Rochester in order to enjoy sweeping views of the beautiful Genesee River. Tables are private and intimate, and the cuisine is going to add such a delectable touch to the evening that you might even have to take some leftovers home in order to recreate the experience later.

33. Zambra – Asheville, North Carolina

Waltz on into Zambra and you’re immediately transported to a magical world full of Spanish and Moorish accents. Globally-sourced wines set the tone for a truly passionate evening. Then, you’ll move on to the Iberian tapas that are so tempting and tasty you’re going to have to order a second bottle of wine. Marvel at the decor before settling into a cosy, private table where you can gaze lovingly into the eyes of your partner. Exotic doesn’t even begin to describe the evening you’re about to have here.

Where are the Most Romantic Restaurants in the United States
Image: John Warner

34. Mezzaluna – Fargo, North Dakota

It’s easy to see why even the locals view Mezzaluna as one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States. It’s elegantly upscale and features delicate romantic touches everywhere you turn. Treat your beloved to an enchanting evening of elevated American fare as you settle into a secluded booth that envelops you in a warm embrace. However, even if you can’t snag a booth, any seat in the house is special and romantic.

35. Barcelona – Columbus, Ohio

According to the restaurant, the decor here is inspired by seaside sangria and a walk on Las Ramblas. Undeniably romantic and charming, the cuisine here is a culinary fusion of metropolitan chic and Old World European charm. Velvety red curtains drape from the ceilings and frame the private tables as flamenco music wafts throughout the entire dining room. Enchanting, romantic, and passionate indeed.

Most Romantic Restaurant in Ohio

36. Castle Falls – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you’ve never taken bae to a romantic castle for a charming European-inspired dinner, then you’re about to win boyfriend or girlfriend of the year. Castle Falls features garden dining alongside cosy indoor seating, all in an intimate and charming castle setting. Lanterns and linens line the halls of the dining areas here, only adding to the luxurious nature of the restaurant itself.

Anniversary Dinner in Oklahoma City

37. Departure – Portland, Oregon

We recently ranked Departure as one of the 50 Hottest Restaurants in America for 2020. And, that’s precisely what makes it one of the most romantic restaurants as well. The upscale Asian-fusion food and stunning skyline views combine to create an ultra-luxurious setting. If you’re looking to impress, this is the place to book. The incredibly impressive decor is irresistibly enchanting and the food, well, we’ll let you taste for yourself.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Portland Oregon

38. Ocean 235 – Easton, Pennsylvania

Once you’re seated at Ocean 235 you’ll want to gaze up at the ceiling, which makes you feel as if you’re swimming under an ocean of tranquility. The quiet, candlelit ambiance and flavourful dishes ensure you’ll have nothing but great things to discuss with your date. Make sure to save room for dessert, however, as your date’s going to want to enjoy something sweeter than just you. The Vanilla Pudding Cake is a fan favourite.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Pennsylvania

39. CAV Restaurant – Providence, Rhode Island

An upscale environment dazzles couples who visit here looking for something spectacular and unique. Indulge in a global menu after sipping a cocktail or two at the historic bar. Or, plan on visiting on the weekend when they’ve got live music that’ll help you serenade your lover well into the dark of the night. All in all, this is one trendy, charming place for a first date or even a proposal.

40. Circa 1886 – Charleston, South Carolina

Tucked away behind the charming and historic Wentworth Mansion is where you’ll find Circa 1886. You’ll need no helping turning up the romance factor here, as every corner, nook, and cranny is filled with delightfully romantic details. From the service to the food and even the incredible wine list, this restaurant screams of passion and romance.  Go ahead and dine out on the patio; you won’t regret a night as unforgettable as this.

50 Most Romantic Restaurants in USA

41. Minervas – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Expect nothing less than upscale American dining at this dark, oaky-hued fine dining restaurant. White tablecloths set the stage on which delightful cuisine is the main player. But, you’ll find that your surroundings completely disappear when you get the chance to sample a fine glass of high-quality imported wine and gaze into the eyes of your date. You’re going to fall in love all over again.

42. Boathouse Rotisserie & Raw Bar – Chattanooga, Tennessee

Waterfront views will have you falling under a romantic spell the moment you’re seated here. However, the passionate journey doesn’t stop there. Start the evening with a classic cocktail or glass of wine. Then, move onto the oyster bar as you watch the sunset on an elegant evening in one of the most romantic restaurants in America.

43. St. Martin’s Wine Bar – Dallas, Texas

Often regarded as the most romantic restaurant in Dallas, St. Martin’s Wine Bistro creates the perfect ambience for an intimate evening. Live piano music sets the stage on which the delicious cuisine acts as the main player. Intimate booths provide couples with a cosy alcove from which to enjoy the sounds of the piano wafting in as they sip on sumptuous glasses of wine. This place will light your fire for sure.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Dallas

44. The Blue Boar Inn & Restaurant – Midway, Utah

Looking to extend your romantic evening into an entire evening getaway? Take your lover to The Blue Boar Inn. The entire inn feels as if you’ve just entered a luxurious European chalet. And, the dining room evokes a sense of Old World charm that makes it impossible not to cosy up to your special someone. Let the flames burn bright over dinner and then retreat to your suite for an evening of total relaxation.

America's 50 Most Romantic Restaurants

45. Simon Pearce – Quechee, Vermont

Head to this restored 19th-century mill decadence. To begin with, you’ll be enchanted by waterfall views. Tables peer out over the water’s edge. Then, you and your special someone can indulge in refined American fare. When paired with a high-end glass of stellar wine, it’s going to create such a whirlwind of flavours that it’ll be impossible not to fall in love all over again.

46. L’Auberge Chez Francois – Great Falls, Virginia

A garden patio and farmhouse-style setting create a cosy atmosphere for eager couples looking to enjoy a romantic evening of fine French food. Similarly, the interior is just as charming as the exterior. It’s easy to fall in love, first with your partner and then with the fine food, here. All in all, this is easily one of the best places to celebrate your romance.

47. The Herbfarm – Woodinville, Washington

Treat your special someone to something just as special as they are. At The Herbfarm, you can enjoy world-famous fixed-price, nine-course menus paired with local wine. However, while the tasting menus might be responsible for a slice of the romance, it’s the incredible, opulent atmosphere here that truly makes it one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States. The decor is elegant and bursting with charm.

48. Fazios – Charleston, West Virginia

Tantalise your taste buds as you treat you and your date to the most authentic Italian food in the state of West Virginia. Fazios is owned by renowned restauranteur Danny Fazio. And, he sure knows how to craft an intimate setting for romantic couples looking to dine in style. Everything from the artful lighting and the luxurious furniture straight through to the soft Italian music in the background is so well-crafted. Dining here feels as if you’re dining in a quiet Italian villa.

49. L’Etoile – Madison, Wisconsin

Soaring windows reach all the way to the ceiling at L’Etoile to allow for ample starlight to shine through in the late evenings. Serving up stunning views of the city, you’ll find that the farm-to-restaurant ethic carries throughout everything they do here. Really, it shines through not only the flavours but also in the superb service and attention to detail. Settle into a table by the window and let the flavourful dishes whisk you and your partner away to paradise.

50. Snake River Grill – Jackson, Wyoming

Rustic, elegant dining is on the bill at Snake River Grill. And, while the restaurant’s name might not sound too romantic, we can ensure you that every corner of this restaurant is bursting with a magical, rustic charm that’s typical of Wyoming.  Not only is each and every dish prepared to perfection, but the log cabin walls and perfectly-lit tables create the ultimate recipe for a delightful dining experience that’s so intimate you’ll wonder why you didn’t book a table sooner.

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