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7 Must-See Museums In Moscow

Russia is a country with a rich history, from Imperial Russia to the Soviet era and beyond, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to learn more about The Romanov family or the Cold War, the nation’s capital will not leave you wanting for galleries and museums to explore. Here’s our roundup of must-visit museums in Moscow.

The Must-See Museums In Moscow

1. Tretyakov Gallery

The Tretyakov Gallery is known as the “national treasury” for Russian fine art. It boasts nearly 200,000 pieces by Russian artists from the primitive years to the 20th century. A few must-see pieces are The Apotheosis of War, The Unequal Marriage and Beauty.

2. The Kremlin

The Kremlin needs little introduction as its sprawling red walls and ruby stars are recognised worldwide. A little known fact is that the Kremlin is a complex of several museums, the most famous of which is The Armoury. It showcases wonderful antiques and carriages from Catherine The Great’s reign and the famous Faberge eggs.

3. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

Pushkin houses the best collection of European masterpieces from eras such as The Dutch Golden Age and the Italian Renaissance. Along with a great variety of European art, it also has an impressive sculpture collection. While there, be sure to check out Relief From a Tomb dated to 1333 BC and Hercules And Omphale.

4. Museum of Cosmonautics

It’s no secret that Russia’s strides in space exploration are unmatched. The Museum of Cosmonautics is a must for anyone wanting an in-depth look at the history of the Soviet space program. Russian heroes such as Yuri Gagarin and space dogs Strelka and Belka are honoured here as pioneers in Russian astronautics.

Be sure to see the taxidermy Belka and Strelka display, CCCP suits and try some astronaut food!

5. State Historical Museum

Moscow’s State Historical Museum is easily one of Red Square’s most recognisable buildings. This museum offers everything from the Stone Age to current history and is well worth a visit. Practically, you’d need several days to experience it entirely, but if you only have a few hours, here’s what you have to see: the excavated longboat from Volga River, Psalter Manuscripts and the Tsar period collection.

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6. Izmailovo Kremlin

Izmailovo Kremlin is an open-air ethnographic museum modelling Old Muscovite Russia and boy is it pretty. Spend the afternoon wandering the picturesque fortress and grab pelmeni at one of the many cafes. Over a dozen small museums lie within Izamailovo, but our favourite is the Vodka Museum.

This quaint and interesting museum tells the complete story of vodka, and its role in Russian history.

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7. The Romanov Boyars

Last but not least, is the Romanov Boyars. Without a doubt, one of Russia’s most famous bunch of royals is The Romanovs. With over three centuries of a reign that ended with a coup and the birth of the Soviet Union, it’s no wonder why tourists can’t get enough of this family.

The Romanov Boyars was the official family estate of the Romanovs from the 15th-17th century. Furthermore, It is one of the few Imperial structures that managed to survive the revolution making it a must-see when in Moscow.

museums Moscow

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