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7 Of The Best Bars In Moscow

Like most big European cities, Moscow features plenty of different bars that draw different crowds. Vodka is obviously big in Russia but they also have great wine and beer bars in Moscow too.

Here are the very best bars in Moscow.

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1. Kamchatka

Kamchatka is a beer bar in Moscow that provides a cafeteria like feel to it with its vintage Soviet decor. As for the beers, the prices are reasonable and the beers are always flowing here at Kamchatka.

Come to this hip bar for some cheap beers and conversations (in broken English) with some of the locals.

Kamchatka Moscow

2. I Like Wine

If you like wine, then come to the appropriately-named, I Like Wine bar. The atmosphere here is snug and the wines that here are from around the world. This wine bar also has a few cocktails on the menu but let’s face it, you came here for some wine.

Wine enthusiasts should come to I Like Wine and enjoy a few glasses here at very affordable prices.

I Like Wine Moscow

3. Strelka

Strelka is one of the hippest bars in Moscow and is where all the hipsters, students, and yuppies congregate for a few beverages. Inside the bar, you’ll find some vintage designs from the 1970’s to go with a cocktail list that includes some interesting concoctions.

Try a few different cocktails here and then take in the views of the Moscow River right outside this bar.

Strelka Bar

4. City Space Bar and Lounge

City Space Bar and Lounge is on top of the Swissotel Hotel and was once one of the Top 10 Bars in the World. In this chic and upscale bar, check out the gorgeous panoramic views of Moscow as you some on your tasty cocktail.

Fair warning though, the drinks while quite delicious are also quite expensive as well. But with an ambiance and a view like that, it’s not hard to see why.

City Space Bar and Lounge Montreal

5. Noor

Noor is a comfortable spot for cocktails and their list of drinks is extensively long. At Noor, you’ll also be treated to knowledgeable bartenders and live music that is not obnoxiously loud.

One of their flavoured martinis would be an excellent drink choice here at Noor.

Noor Bar Moscow

6. Mendeleev Bar

Mendeleev Bar might be a tad bit tricky to find as you’ll have to enter through a Chinese shop called the Lucky Noodle. But once through, you’ll be greeted by a dark cellar that eventually turns into the entrance of the bar. This secret bar is no longer a secret because of their wide selection of delicious beverages.

Come here for the adventure of entering a secret bar and stay for a cocktail or two as you watch a light jazz concert.

Mendeleev Bar Moscow

7. Tema

Last but not least is Tema which just might be the oldest bar in Moscow. Its reputation is still sparkling clean for its amazing repertoire of over 150 different cocktails and its round-the-clock service.

Come to Tema to experience a Moscow dive bar at its finest.

Tema Bar

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