The 7 Best Spots For Chicken Wings In Nashville

Spending time in the city and want to find the best Nashville chicken wings? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ve reviewed the top spots for the city’s famous hot chicken, but today it’s all about traditional wings.

If there’s one dish that brings pleasure to the masses, it has to be a humble portion of chicken wings. Something so simple, yet with so many varieties that never fails to deliver happiness. The fact that you usually wash them down with some beer is just an added bonus…

Nashville has some great spots for wings, so we wanted the find the best of the best. You know, the kind of chicken wings that are so good you’d travel all the way across the city for them…

Best Chicken Wings In NashvilleHow do these rankings work?

1. Germantown Pub

In town on Game Day? Head to Germantown Pub, which is a brilliant spot that offers a great happy hour and NFL Sunday deals. To wash down your wings, they’ve got some wonderful beers on tap. While most people visit for the vibes and the brews, it’s the wings that rightly steal the show. Sticky, plump and perfect.

Nashville Chicken Wings

2. Knock Out Wings

Head on over to Jefferson Street to indulge in what are truly some of the best Nashville chicken wings. The spot is super casual, and the no-frills attitude allows you to fully focus on just the wings. Order then by baskets of 8, 12, 16 or 24 and choose from super saucy or dry flavours. Pair it with a honey biscuit and you’ll be in foodie heaven.

Nashville Chicken Wings

3. Moe’s Original BBQ

You’ll find a few Moe’s Original BBQ locations peppered throughout various Southern states. And, while the Franklin location isn’t technically in Nashville, the short drive down is well worth the few extra minutes just to taste their mouthwatering wings. The wings are jumbo and smoked wings, fried then lightly coated in a house-made wing sauce. They’ll even give you Alabama-style white BBQ sauce for dipping.

Nashville BBQ Chicken

4. Smokin Thighs

Wall-to-wall TVs and out-of-this-world wings make Smokin Thighs one quality spot for any foodie in Nashville. They grill their wings and serve them with a variety of delectable sides. However, you’ll be so busy savouring the tastes of their seven unique sauces and rubs that we don’t think you’ll even get around to sampling the sides. Yes, they’re that good.

5. Martin’s BBQ Joint

Martin’s BBQ Joint is a must for any visitor interested in sampling some of the city’s finest BBQ. And, while we definitely suggest stopping by for some BBQ ribs, we’re here to talk about the irresistible wings. Get them tossed, naked or smothered in a tasty dry rub. They’re smoky and perfectly tender. Dip ’em in Alabama white sauce for added flavour.

Best Chicken Wings in Nashville

6. Ghot Wingz

Ghot Wingz is a family-owned and operated local restaurant truly committed to delivering quality on every front. They make their wings fresh to order, ensuring full flavour and ultimate quality every time you visit. “Flavorz” are bountiful and include everything from Asian Heat and Spicy Jerk to Honey BBQ and Honey Bourbon.

7. Brother Z’s Wang Shack

Finally, it’s impossible to write any list about Nashville chicken wings and not mention Brother Z’s Wang Shack. This is about as local as it gets. So, if you’re the kind of foodie who loves authentic experiences, this is the spot for you. Try the Garlic Pepper or Honey BBQ. Or, if you’re really daring, opt for the sweet and spicy “mystery flavour.”

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