New Jersey ribs

The 7 Best Places For Ribs In New Jersey

No one likes to see people lose control of themselves, but when you’re tucking into the best ribs that New Jersey can offer, we suppose you have to make allowances! In fairness, you can’t blame anyone: the racks are stacked high and are so ridiculously tasty you’ll be licking your fingers without a care in the world.

There is only one thing for it: investigate our list of some of the top places to eat first-rate New Jersey ribs, avoid the food cravings until you sit at the table, and then tuck in.


Best Ribs in New JerseyHow do these rankings work?

1. Hamilton Pork – Jersey City

We’re not the only publication that thinks Hamilton Pork serves up some of the best-tasting BBQ in the state. They’ve been featured in numerous other write-ups and review sites, and they’re well-loved by locals. Dig into a giant beef rib for a proper feed, or pig out on their tender and smokey pork ribs.

2. Woodchucks BBQ – Point Pleasant

The baby back ribs at Woodchucks BBQ are rubbed and marinated for 24 hours. then smoked with real hickory wood chips and finished on the piping hot grill where Woodchuck’s original BBQ sauce caramelizes them for the perfect fall-off-the-bone texture.

So, you know that when you order a rack you’re about to devour quality ribs smoked to absolute perfection.

3. Red White & Que Smokehouse – Keanry

Red White & Que is a multi-award-winning restaurant that is known for their outstanding slow-smoked barbecue meats, homemade side dishes and uncompromising commitment to service. The perfect BBQ combo! Their St Louis ribs come with a thick char, and wonderfully tasty glaze that finishes them to absolute perfection.

4. Cubby’s BBQ – Hackensack

Cubby’s BBQ has been serving up droolworthy BBQ in Bergen County for more than 35 years at this stage, so you can be sure the folk here know what they’re doing. You’ll find steak, sausages, pulled pork and chicken, but trust us and make a play for the ribs. It’s a decision you will never regret.

The ribs are juicy, come in huge portion sizes and will leave you licking your fingers with joy.

New Jersey ribs

5. Local Smoke BBQ – Neptune City

The pitmasters behind Local Smoke BBQ were part of a competition barbecue team before they decided to open their own restaurant (now with three locations). Their outstanding BBQ has earned then five NJ State BBQ Championships and numerous other awards all over the country. And, after one bite into their tender ribs, you’ll understand why.

New Jersey ribs

6. Big Ed’s Barbecue – Matawan

Make your way to Matawan and plop straight down at Big Ed’s for a hearty feed. The ribs here are all-you-can-eat, which is good because you’re going to literally want to eat them all.  The meat is meticulously hand-rubbed, cured and slow-smoked.

Choose baby back or spare ribs, both equally as delicious.

New Jersey ribs

7. Fink’s BBQ Smokehouse – Cookstown

Fink’s is home to quite an array of scrumptious barbecue treats. It’s their meats that really seal the deal for most guests, as they’re all slow-smoked in a jumbo southern pride smoker until perfectly tender.

The Pitmaster here sure knows how to select only the finest of meats and smoke them until perfectly palatable. These are some of the best ribs in New Jersey for sure, and we won’t listen to anybody tell us differently.

New Jersey ribs

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