New Zealand Dishes

7 New Zealand Dishes You Have To Try

Although you may not be able to travel there right now, these New Zealand dishes will transport your tastebuds to this majestic country. With an abundance of amazing produce , the cooking here is wholesome and not over complicated. They keep things simple and just do it well.

We’ve gathered together some great dishes; they aren’t just any old recipes. They come from the world’s best food bloggers who have put a New Zealand spin on their cooking. Make sure you bookmark these recipes and follow their blogs for more great cooking tips!

All you have to do now is jump into the kitchen and start cooking some of these great New Zealand dishes.

The Best New Zealand Dishes

1. NZ Mussels Steamed In Wine And Garlic

The large succulent mussels that live around New Zealand’s shores are truly delicious. Steaming the New Zealand mussels in white wine and garlic is certainly one of the best ways to prepare them.

Recipe created by Steve.

2. Healthy Anzac Biscuits

ANZAC biscuits, or cookies as you would say in the USA, are a tradition in Australia and New Zealand. Back in the day, women used to bake these biscuits and ship them off to soldiers fighting in the wars overseas. The biscuits traveled well, tasted good, gave the soldiers a lot of energy and reminded them of home.

Recipe created by Renata.

3. Smoked Grilled New Zealand Lamb Lollipops

New Zealand lamb is famous all over the world because it is super tender, flavourful and has only a very slight lamb gaminess (think goat or mutton aromas).

Recipe created by Soo.

4. New Zealand Clam Chowder

New Zealand littleneck clams, also called cockle clams are harvested in the clear unpolluted waters of New Zealand’s Southern Pacific Ocean. This chowder is best eaten with a big spoon and a couple of slices of buttered bread.

Recipe created by Mary.

New Zealand Dishes

5. Baby Kiwi Parfait

Baby Kiwi are also known as Kiwi Berries. This Parfait recipe is delicious, healthy, and a lovely way to show off the beautiful fruit. Kiwi recipes can make for a great breakfast, lunch or snack.

Recipe created by Valentina.

New Zealand Dishes

6. Spiced Feijoa And Pear Muffins

These muffins are mixed with natural, unsweetened yoghurt so they are soft and tender and have a little mixed spice in, to jazz them up a little.

Recipe created by Tania.

New Zealand Dishes

7. New Zealand Almond and Fig Bread

This loaf has a wonderful flavour, and it uses yeast and sponge. It is simple to do, but it takes some time, so plan ahead. It also keeps for several days so is ideal for making in advance.

Recipe created by Yelena.

New Zealand Dishes

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