Best Chicken Wings In Norway

The 7 Best Spots For Chicken Wings In Norway

We wanted to find the best chicken wings in Europe, so we bravely (and greedily!) set out to find the best spots in each country that serve some seriously finger-licking good wings. Today, we’re diving into all of the best spots in Norway.

From the BBQ joints to the hot wing specialists, right through to the sports bars serving them with ice-cold beer, there is something on this list for everybody.

All you have to do is grab a couple of friends and get ready for a seriously tasty meal. Time to start working your way through the seven best spots for Norway chicken wings.

Best Chicken Wings In NorwayHow do these rankings work?

1. Way Down South – Oslo

American-style BBQ doesn’t get more authentic than this, outside of the USA itself. At Way Down South, they cook everything from whole chickens to superb brisket and loaded nachos and fries. In short, it is the sort of place you come to treat yourself. There are several different types of wings are on the menu and they are all utterly divine.

Best Chicken Wings In Norway

2. Røyk BBQ – Bergen

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a local who doesn’t think that this spot serves up the best BBQ in Bergen. From their tasty craft brews to the smoky flavour of their meats, everything here is dripping with authenticity and flavour. That’s particularly true for their Spicy Chicken Wings. Order more than one plate; you’ll want seconds for sure.

Norway Chicken Wings

3. Royal Gastropub – Oslo

Hot buffalo wings are one of the hottest selling items at the Royal Gastropub in Oslo. Aside from serving up pretty quality vibes and lots of strong drinks, the food here is absolutely unmissable. The meat is always juicy and tender and it’s grilled but not deep-fried to a crisp. They’ll smother it in a light buffalo sauce, too.

Norway Chicken Wings

4. Egon – Trondheim

Egon is a cosy, friendly restaurant where locals and travellers alike stop by for some of the best comfort food in Norway. The menu is quite extensive, so we suggest heading here hungry. However, you’ll want to start with their chicken wings. They’ve got an Asian-style glaze that’s unique and incredibly mouthwatering. Dip each wing into their tasty garlic dip for added flavour.

5. Far East – Stavanger

Fancy more of an Eastern flavour for your wings? Your best bet in Norway is going to be to check out Far East in Stavanger. Numerous locals rave about the full flavour of their wings. They’re always fresh, crisp, and spicy, with just a dash of chilli flakes to render them irresistible.

6. Døgnvill Burger – Oslo

We know, a place well-known for its thick, mouthwatering burgers might not be where you’d initially think to find some of the best chicken wings in Norway. But, trust us on this one. They’ve got two styles of wings. The first is glazed in BBQ sauce and served with chipotle mayonnaise. The second is glazed with chilli and Korean BBQ-sauce. Both are equally delicious.

7. Lucky Bird – Oslo

You didn’t think we’d forget about one of the best of the best, did you? Not a chance. Lucky Bird is a delightfully authentic American diner and gastropub in the heart of Oslo. By using high-quality Norwegian ingredients, they craft American dishes with unique flavours. Their chicken wings are a prime example. They get the BBQ glaze just right.

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