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The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Omaha

From trucks, shacks to diners to much-loved BBQ joints, there is something for everybody on our list of the best Omaha ribs. Visitors to the city might be surprised, however, at the sheer number of racks on the plates (a clue: lots!). What isn’t surprising? The tastebud tingles of the sweet’n’cheeky, hot’n’spicy sauces.

Excuse me? Is it hog time already?! Read through our list of some of the top places to eat the best Omaha ribs – you won’t be disappointed.


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1. Smoking Jay’s BBQ

Fill your belly and warm your heart with some of the finest barbecue ribs in America. At Smoking Jay’s they combine their love of smoking meat with only the finest ingredients to create a near fine dining experience.

The meat practically falls off of the bones as it oozes delectably with flavour and perhaps the most delicious BBQ sauce in the States.

2. Smokin Barrel BBQ

Smokin Barrel BBQ is a veteran-owned and operated food truck that serves up proper old school barbecue and Southern sides.

The Pitmaster here sure knows how to select only the finest of meats and smoke them until perfectly palatable. These are some of the best ribs in Omaha for sure, and we won’t listen to anybody tell us differently.

3. Wayne’s New Skoo BBQ

There’s not much in the way of seating at this small smoke shack, so grab your order of perfectly smoked meats to go and tuck into them from the comfort of your own home. The meat on the rack of ribs at Wayne’s is super succulent and literally will drop off the bone as you pick them up. You can’t beat it. Best enjoyed with a large portion of their delicious fries.

4. Tired Texan BBQ

Tired Texan BBQ is home to quite an array of scrumptious barbecue treats. It’s their meats that really seal the deal for most guests, as they’re all slow-smoked until perfectly tender.

The St Louis ribs are dry rubbed by hand and slow smoked until the meat is wonderfully tender, falling off the bone with a gentle tug. Wash it down with a refreshingly boozy Moonshine slushie.

5. Hog Wild Pit BBQ

The melt in your mouth ribs at Hog Wild Pit BBQ are so outstanding that you’ll feel as if you’re tearing into the freshest meat in all of the country. The smoky smell of their ribs wafts into the taste, creating an unforgettable explosion of flavours upon first bite.

You’ll be licking the last bit of flavour off of each bone for sure.

6. Hartland Bar-B-Que

This locally-owned barbecue joint is all about time honoured recipes that have stood the test of time. Why fix something that ain’t broken? BBQ chicken, Angus beef brisket, and smoked sausage are just a few of the hottest items here. But, they also serve some of the best ribs in Omaha, and that’s really what we’re here for.

They’re meaty and smoked over hardwood for an authentic taste.

7. Swine Dining BBQ

Consistently delivering the perfect ribs takes time, dedication, and the constant pursuit of perfection, but Swine Dining BBQ nail it on a daily basis. Their baby back pork ribs are an incredibly tender and succulent dish with proper char.

When it comes to the must-eat ribs in the area, these bad boys will be up there every single time.

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