Las Vegas Restaurant Serves A

Daily Drool #4: Double Carbs? Las Vegas Restaurant Serves A Pasta Stuffed Sandwich

Look, you already know that going to Las Vegas is usually all about indulgence and making the most out of life. That could be gambling, partying or many of the other vices on offer in the city that is effectively an adult’s playground.

That’s what makes Sin City so goddamn great though.

One thing you’ll certainly be doing while you’re here is eating, so why not go all out and be totally gluttonous? We have just the dish for you to really pig out on. Behold: the pasta-stuffed sandwich.

Yep – we’re officially carb-loading.

The “Fat Baby” is a half baguette hollowed out and stuffed with your choice of cheesy pasta. That’s right: double carbs with cheese on top!

What exactly is a Fat Baby?  It’s a hot hero stuffed with your choice of meat (chicken parm, veal parm, meatballs) and then stuffed with your choice of sauce and pasta, like fettuccine alfredo or penne ala vodka. Needless to say, both are loaded up with extra cheese to make things even more delicious…

We’re not exactly sure how you would go about tackling this “sandwich”, but they do provide a spoon. Considering how huge this it we’re guessing it would probably come in handy…

Image: @baileyzeats/Instagram

You’ll find this insane pasta-stuffed sandwich at Amano restaurant – the good news is it will only set you back $12.95 and they also deliver.

Sounds like exactly the sort of thing you would want delivered to your Las Vegas hotel room after a heavy night of partying. Imagine waking up with the hangover from hell and seeing this beautifully cheesy Fat Baby by your bed? Bliss.

Just LOOK at that double carb pasta-stuffed sandwich goodness one more time. The dish of all our dreams…

Pasta stuffed sandwich

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It’s fair to say you may need to go a diet after eating these dishes but life is for living right?

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